Military Honor Roll (Sanders - Singer)


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This page honors our family members
that proudly served our country.  
As you can see from the notes in the last column, 
some made the supreme sacrifice.

Our Men and Women in Uniform
(those with a *(page where they appear) have a photo in their military uniform)

Last name, First name

Military Branch 


How served/notes
Sanders, Ray Allen U.S. Army -
Sanders, Richard Douglas U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam
Sanders, Ronald Edward U.S. Army -
Satter, Darrell Lee U.S. Marine Corps -
Saul, James Monroe "Jim Sr Emerson 120th Infantry - U.S. Army WWIIPurple Heart
Saunders, James W  PFC, Co. O, 21st Engineers - U.S. Army WWI
Saverance, Edgar Fisher Tec 4 - U.S. Army WWII
Schaffer, Frank U.S. Army -
Schaffer, John Ferdinand Corporal - Co. C, 46th Infantry, 5th Btn; 198th Lt Inf Bde - U.S. Army Vietnam (killed in action)
Purple Heart, Bronze Star
Schaub, Edward Kay "Rusty" U.S. Army WWII
Scheuermann, Elmo M  U.S. Army -
Schiavi, Americo A U.S. Army WWII
Schinlaub, Charles J U.S. Air Force Korea
Schmidgall, Oscar Eugene "Smitty" S2C (ship's cook), CB Maintenance Unit 506 - U.S. Navy WWII (Asiatic-Pacific Theatre)
Victory Medal WWII
Schmit, Allen F U.S. Navy -
Schmit, Randall Sherman U.S. Air Force -
Schmit, Ronald Eugene U.S. Air Force -
Schneider, Maurice H Major - U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Schneider, Michael Emil U.S. Air Force -
Scholes, Standley Thatcher Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class - U.S. Navy -
Scholfield, Lester Teeter Pvt - Co. H, 4th Reg. MI Infantry Civil War
Scott, C T U.S. Navy -
Scott, Charles Edwin U.S. Navy -
Scott, Francis Paul SP4 - U.S. Army;
HM1 - U.S. Navy;
Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve
U.S. Army - Germany
Scott, Frank C U.S. Air Force -
Scott, James Sgt, Co B, 9th Militia Civil War (Union)
Scott, Jasper Paul - WWI
Scott, John James U.S. Marine Corps -
Scott, Leonard Austin U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Scott, Lloyd Emerson U.S. Army Korea
Scott, Marshall Bowman SFP3 - U.S. Navy Korea, Vietnam
Scott, Reason Miles Co B, 22nd IN Infantry Civil War (Union)
Scott, Robert Paul (Dr)  2 Lt - U.S. Army WWII
Scott, Rome Edward *(3) PFC - U.S. Army WWII (European Theatre)
Purple Heart, 5 Bronze Stars
Scott, Virgil Russell  U.S. Army -
Self, John Emmett U.S. Air Force Korea, Vietnam
Selfridge, Carl Dennis (Dr)  U.S. Army WWII
Selfridge, Merrill Collins SFC - U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Seneff, Ivan Lex *(3) U.S. Navy WWII
Seneff/Hunter, James Arthur "Chick" *(1) U.S. Air Force Vietnam
Seneff, Norman Rex "Casey" U.S. Navy WWII
Sexton, Rev Robert Lee MSGT - U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea
Shade, Kenneth G  1st Lt  Commander-Tank Destroyers - U.S. Army WWII (European Theatre - Battle of the Bulge)
Bronze Star
Shanks, James Ray CWO - U.S. Navy WWII
Shanks, Wayne "Ike" U.S. Navy WWII
Sharon, Delores Ann U.S. Women's Army Corps Korea
Sharon, John Francis *(7) PFC, 23rd INF, 2nd INF - U.S. Army WWII (European Theatre); 
Korea (killed in action); Purple Heart
Sharon, Robert Samuel *(7) S2 - U.S. Navy WWII
Sharp, John O  U.S. Army WWII
Shea, Robert Troy  U.S. Army -
Sheffey, Wayne Allen SSGT - U.S. Air Force Korea
Shelley, Barney Cecil "Barney" *(4) Sgt - U.S. Army WWII, Korea; Bronze Star and Oak Leaf Cluster
Shelley, Clifford Eugene U.S. Navy -
Shelley, Eric Brenton U.S. Army -
Shelley, Ernest Ramsey U.S. Marine Corps Korea
Shelley, Robert Garnet Jr SP5 - U.S. Army Vietnam
Shelley, Robert Garnet Sr *(4) CWO - U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Shellum, Oscar Alvin  Wagoner, Battery D, 42nd Field Artillery - U.S. Army WWI
Shepherd, Arnold Joseph - Korea
Shepherd, Joseph Max SSGT - U.S. Army WWII
Shepherd, Paul J Cpl - U.S. Army WWII; Korea (wounded) 
Shepherd, Roy E U.S. Army WWII (European Theatre)
Shipley, Mack Andis PFC - Medical Dept WWI
Shipley, Michael Louis S A - U.S. Navy -
Shirley, John Nelson Lt Col, B17 pilot, 490th Bomb Group - U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Shirley, Willie Hyatt  U.S. Army WWI
Shortt, Nathan Wayne U.S. Coast Guard -
Shutter, Earl Erwin Cpl - U.S. Army WWII
Shutter, Howard Earl TEC 5 - U.S. Army WWII
Shutter, Lester Deane PFC - U.S. Army WWII
Shutter, Theodore James "Ted" U.S. Navy Vietnam
Shutters, Carl D  Pvt - U.S. Army WWII
Shutters, David H (Dr) Pvt - Co. F, 7th IN Infantry Civil War (Union)
Shutters, Elmer Lester "Pete" *(5) Pvt - 325th F.A.; 84th Div. - 
U. S. Army
WWI (France)
Shutters, Jefferson "Sheffey" Pvt - Co D and M, 2nd Reg. of IN Cavalry Civil War (Union);
died 18 month after discharge - war related
Shutters, John T Pvt - Co F, 7th IN Infantry Civil War (Union);
wounded at Gettysburg
Shutters, Laurence Ross MM1 - U.S. Navy WWII
Shutters, Lee H U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
Shutters, Michael Robert "Mike" U.S. Air Force -
Shutters, Patrick Alan *(4) 1st Lt, Co. B, 1st Inf Div - U.S. Army Vietnam (killed in action); Purple Heart
Shutters, Richard Glenn "Dick" U.S. Army -
Shutters, William Donald TSGT - U.S. Army WWII
Shutters, William Riley Co H, 31st IN Infantry Civil War (Union)
Shutters, Winfred Glenn Lt Col - U.S. Army Air Corps WWII (India, China, Mariana Islands)
Simmons, Morris Robert "Doc" M3, U.S. Navy WWII; Purple Heart
Simmons, Richard L U.S. Air Force -
Sims, Joseph Marc U.S. Marine Corps -
Sims, Joseph Ray U.S. Army -
Sims, Starlin 1st Lt, Co C, 91st Reg, Volunteer Infantry Civil War (Union)
Singer, Cecil Wayne "Jack" Cpl - U.S. Marine Corps WWII


Our Men and Women in Uniform
(those with a *(page where they appear) have a photo in their military uniform)