Ubert - Utterback


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Last name First name Birth year Death year
Ubert Lamar * 1947 1972
Ubert Roderick * 1919 1974
Ubert unknown female living? living?
Uchiyama Glenn Shigeo living? living?
Uhl Jeffrey Leo living? living?
Uhl Jeffrey Mark living? living?
Ulbrich Deborah Lynn living? living?
Ulbrich James Albert living? living?
Ulbrich Stephen James living? living?
Uleberg Ruth Loretta unknown unknown
Ulisse Donald 1934 1934
Ulisse Ernest Louis Jr 1938 1998
Ulisse Ernesto * 1897 1981
Ulisse Flossie Mae 1924 1995
Ulisse Loranza Theadosha * 1922 1986
Ulisse Patricia living? living?
Ulisse Sylvia M * 1926 2012
Ullery Betty Jane *  1924 1987
Ulrich Gerald Ralph * living living
Ululani Carol living? living?
Umbarger Frances E * 1837 1862
Umbarger Samuel H 1811 unknown
Unaganst Julia 1925 1950
Underwood Donald Wayne living? living?
Underwood Katie Belle * 1883 1961
Underwood Leonard Andrew * 1878 1952
Underwood Travis Lee living? living?
Underwood Ulric Wayne * 1916 1969
Unthank (possibly) Sylvia Ruth c. 1840 unknown
Untiedt Haley Elizabeth living? living?
Untiedt Mason Ryan living? living?
Untiedt Spencer Ian living? living?
Upjohn unknown unknown unknown
Upton Mattie Elizabeth * 1867 1937
Usalis Minnie * 1892 1974
Utermark Ed living? living?
Utermark Lisa living? living?
Utermark Mark living? living?
Utley Doris Dean * 1932 1988
Utley Lester unknown unknown
Utterbach or Silveria Evelyn * 1918 2002
Utterback Cindy living? living?
Utterback Debra living? living?
Utterback Kenneth Dewayne * living? living?
Utterback Leonard Everett * 1899 1979
Utterback Marion Robert * 1937 2004
Utterback Melissa Sue * living? living?
Utterback Nathan S * living? living?
Utterback Randall Dean * living? living?
Utterback Richard A * living? living?