Unidentified Family Photos


The unidentified photos shown on the following pages 
are from our personal family collections 
and from people connected to the families 
on this website.  We thank all of you for sharing.

We have given as much information as possible for each of the photos. 
Photos are placed in the most likely family category or subgroup.

Here's hoping we can work together to identify these photos!

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Andis Family Photos
(includes possible Hardwick, Ritchey and/or Fortner families)
(includes possible Montgomery family)
(includes possible Fielder and Cannady families)

Bowman Family Photos
(includes one with Andis family)

Carter Family Photos

Lutes brothers

Shelley Family Photo
(or possibly Fleenor, Hobbs or Brewer of Washington Co, VA)

Sims/Holt/Bowman Family Photos

Webster Family Photos
(one possible Sipes)

Williams Family Photos
(includes Hutton, Swayze & Chesnut)

Woodruff Family Photos
(Moses and Pharsina Woodruff family)



Daviess County, IN Old Settlers (2)

Daviess County Civil War Veterans

Photo of 5 men
(including Asher Vickers)

School photo
(possibly Cornettsville or Epsom c. 1929)