Wilhelm Andis


parents: unknown


** Researchers please note: 

Some of the following information is speculative.  We feel that by including information we have seen or received, it might encourage people to step forward with documentation that proves or discredits what is shown.  Please understand that with the exception of the documentation of Wilhelm's immigration, land purchase and will, we have no first-hand proof of anything at this time.  Considering the respect we have for the named researchers, however, we do believe that much of what is presented has a factual base.  

Wilhelm's date of birth was calculated from the ship's manifest; date of death was calculated from his will; children's names only were obtained from Wilhelm's will.  It is very important to ANDIS research that other researchers step forward with documentation for Wilhelm's life.


Birth:  c. 1713  Germany (possibly 02 May 1720 in possibly Meisenheim, Germany)
Death:  05 Mar 1783  Frederick Co, MD
Burial:  Cabbage Run Cemetery, Frederick Co, MD *

Marriage #1

Elizabeth ____

unknown date; unknown place

Do we have these children placed in the correct marriage?

Mary Catherine Andis c. 1748
Andrew Andis 10 Feb 1749
Margaretha Andis 05 Mar 1750
Christina Andis c. 1756
Elizabeth Andis c. 1757
Frederick Andis c. 1758
Matthias Andis c. late 1750s - 1760
Johann Peter Andis 14 May 1766 (additional information)
John Andis c. 1768-1770
Adam Andis 14 Feb 1769
Catherina Andis 21 Feb 1771
Charity Andis

Marriage #2

Anna Maria "Mary" Mueller

c. 1782 probably Frederick Co, MD



Frederick Co, MD Courthouse and Historical Society, 
Frederick, MD
Will of Wilhelm Andis (personally viewed and copied), miscellaneous documents for Wilhelm and family
Family research Research belonging to Shade Shutters 
Family History Center, Salt Lake City, UT Records of Marriages and Burials in the Monocacy Church in Frederick County, Maryland and in the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in the City of Frederick, Maryland 1743 - 1811 (personally viewed and transcribed or copied)
Family History Center, Salt Lake City, UT Revolutionary Patriots of Frederick County, Maryland 1775 - 1783 (personally viewed and transcribed or copied)
Family History Center, Salt Lake City, UT History of Frederick County, Maryland by T J Williams (personally viewed and transcribed or copied)
Family History Center, Salt Lake City, UT Houses of Worship in Frederick County, Maryland (personally viewed and transcribed or copied)
Family History Center, Salt Lake City, UT Maryland Church Records vol 3 (personally viewed and transcribed or copied)
Family records and research Research belonging to Valerie Boman, Debra Branigan, Lois Bakewell and Cheska Wheatley 

Miscellaneous Information

1) Wilhelm emigrated to the United States in 1741 landing at the port of Philadelphia, PA on 12 Oct 1741.  He was a 28-year-old passenger on the ship "Friendship" (Rotterdam to Philadelphia) and took an oath of allegiance on 12 Oct 1741.

2) Wilhelm purchased 247 acres of land in Frederick Co, MD in 1766.  Andrew Fogle had previously been the owner of this land. It contained 247 acres and was known as "Andrew's Chance" and (later) "William's Purchase".  We also have a sketch of the boundaries of this land.

3) We have a copy of an entry in "The Revolutionary Patriots of Frederick County, Maryland".  Wilhelm was listed as an Associator in Dec 1775 and a Juror to the Oath of Allegiance in 1778.

4) Wife (1) of Wilhelm Andis: Elizabeth ____ - born c. 1710; died (___).

5) Wife (3) of Wilhelm Andis: Anna Maria "Mary" Mueller - born c. 1742; died after 1789; married (1) on 03 Aug 1762 Frederick Co, MD to Christian Schotter (Shutter, Shutters).  

6) We have a copy of the will of Wilhelm Andis, which contains a list of his heirs. 


Photos and/or signatures

Documentation and speculation...

We would appreciate confirmation, documentation or sourcing on the following pieces of information that we have gleaned from various people: 

    a) What is the exact date of birth for Wilhelm?  
    b) Where was Wilhelm born?
    c) Who are Wilhelm's parents?
    d) Where was Wilhelm from 1741-1766?

    a) We have notes referencing a possible marriage of Wilhelm Andis to Anna Maria Schmidt (born c. 1709; died c. 1728). At one time we had information that the Lutheran Church Historical Society records show they were married there.  She is likely a sister of Phillip Schmidt. This information was obtained years ago from an unknown contact, and we have no documentation or sourcing for this marriage.  We would appreciate any information on this matter.

    b) We need date, place and documentation for Wilhelm's marriage to Elizabeth _____ (surname unknown).  On 19 Sep 1764 Wilhelm Antes & wife Elizabeth were sponsors at baptism of Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Anna Margaretha Reinhard, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick County, Maryland. Is this a tentative connection to the surname Reinhard?  Do we have the correct number and names of Wilhelm and Elizabeth's children?  Do we have these children correctly placed with Elizabeth as their mother?

    c) Another of Wilhelm's marriages was to Anna Maria "Mary" (Mueller) Shutter, widow of Christian Shutter. Under Guardian Bonds, 1778-1815, Frederick County, Maryland, page 24, it shows that Wilhelm Antis declared he married Mary Shutter, Administrator of Christian Shutter, deceased, whose heirs were: John, Jacob, Christian, Catherine, Susannah, and Salomon Shutter.  This bond is dated 08 Oct 1782.  We need date, place and documentation for this marriage.  It is doubtful that Wilhelm and Mary had children together, as we believe they married c. 1782 and Wilhelm died 1783.  Anna Maria possibly married (3) Henrich Becker on 14 Nov 1784 in Frederick Co, MD.  The records state Maria Andes was a widow, and this marriage took place about 19 months after Wilhelm's death.  We would appreciate any information on this matter. 

Church affiliation: 
Wilhelm and his family were instrumental in the organization of Rocky Hill Lutheran Church 1767-1768, and teacher/leader from 1770-1780.

    b) Wilhelm and his family were active in St. Peter's Lutheran Church where Wilhelm was a member of the Board of Trustees.  We have a list of members of that congregation which include Christian Shutters (#10 on the list) and Wilhelm Andis (#14 on the list).

    c) On 14 May 1766, Wilhelm and Elizabeth's son, Johann Peter, was baptized at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Maryland. On 04 May 1769, Wilhelm and Elizabeth's son, Adam, was baptized.  Johann Peter, Adam, and Susanna Catherine are the only ones for whom Cheska Wheatley, California genealogist, has baptismal records. Where were Wilhelm's remaining children baptized?  

* Burial:
    a) Wilhelm, who died 05 Mar 1783 was reportedly buried at the Cabbage Valley Cemetery in Ceresville, a private farm cemetery on the property of Phillip and Ann Schmidt.  The town of Ceresville is just a couple of miles or so out of the town of Frederick. A road that connects up with state road 194 goes east out of the northern half of Frederick into Ceresville.  Linda Rose found a sketch of Wilhelm's stone at the Historical Society of Frederick, Maryland.


We have received the following information on more than one occasion.  Our interest is in how this may pertain to the German origins of Wilhelm. We would appreciate more information about the original sources, and we welcome correspondence with the researchers of this information.

ORIGIN OF THE ANTES FAMILY: Research by Mrs. Bakewell and Robert M. Kurtz, Largo, FL, reveals:

Niclas von BREIDENAU (c. 1450-1520), living in Meisenheim, Germany, married Katharina _____ c. 1480. Son, Johannes von BREIDENAU (c. 1480 or 1481-1543), disinherited when he left the church and married Katharina Von FUTER c. 1500.  Three sons: Niclas, Hans (Johannes) and Antonius, who became known as ANTHES (c. 1505-1552), became known as ANTHES von CALLBACH. He inherited the property of his grandparents in Meisenheim. 

All of the following generations proven in Germany by Gunther F Anthes, a German descendant, and Herr H Shueler, Germany, to Vashti Seaman, an American descendant of ANTES, BARNHART, HOLT, MILLIKEN in 1969: 

1) Hans ANTES (c. 1530 to 1536-Aug 1608) - cloth weaver - married 1560 to Engel THEIN; 1 son, 5 daughters.  

2) Johannes Konrad ANTHES (c. 1580-before 1622) - woolen weaver - married 1605 Ursula N _____; 3 sons, 2 daughters.  

3) Johann Leonard Anthes (23 Jul 1609-before 1665) - cooper - married before 1630 Katharina NEUMANN. 

Skipping 3 generations, Philip Friederich ANTES (changed name ca 1700) born 1 Sep 1675 in Breidenheim, Germany.  A John Henry ANTES - born 17 Jul 1701, Friensheim, Germany; died 20 Jul 1755; married Christina Elizabeth DEWEES (born 1702) later moved to Frederick, County Maryland; prior to move COULD have been parents of Wilhelm, but no proof.