Bertha and Richard's Children


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1) Richard Henry Zirk Jr:  
   born 25 Oct 1909 Kennydale, King, WA;
   died 07 May 1988 Auburn, King, WA; obituary
   buried Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, King, WA; tombstone photo
   Richard married (1) Thelma Hazel Shannon on 20 Jun 1936 Everett, Snohomish, WA
               (born 29 May 1908 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; petition for naturalization;
               died 03 Sep 1962 Renton, King, WA;   
               buried Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, King, WA; tombstone photo;
               Thelma married (1) James J Madlin by 1929 (09 Nov 1909 WA-26 Sep 1990 Bremerton, Kitsap, Washington) and
they had daughter Leoma June Madlin (see below)
               Thelma married (2) Earl Leroy Gray on 18 Jul 1932 King Co, WA and
                they had daughter Gloria Neoma Gray (see below)
        1) Leoma June Madlin (used Zirk as surname) - living?; married?; children?   
        2) Gloria Neoma Gray - (used Zirk as surname) - living?; married ____ Wolfe (living?); children? 
        3) Barbara Joyce Zirk - living?; 
               married Robert J Long on 31 Aug 1956 Renton, King, WA
                        (born 07 May 1923 Centerville, Turner, SD;
                        died 16 Oct 2000 Renton, King, WA; 
                        son of Anderson Long (07 Apr 1874 MO-Oct 1963) and
                        Alice M McDowell (03 Sep 1883 St Patrick, Clark, MO-08 May 1924); Anderson and Alice married
                        01 Jan 1908 St Patrick, Clark, MO (marriage recorded Lewis Co, MO)
               marriage certificate for Barbara and Robert;  
                   1) Kim Marie Long - living?; married ____ Dement (living?); children?
                   2) Mark Richard Long - living?; married?; children? 
   Richard married (2) Anne Cooper on 25 Nov 1963 King Co, WA
                   (born (___); died (___))
   marriage certificate for Richard and Anne

2) Taulbert James "Tally" Zirk:
   born 31 Mar 1912 Kennydale, King, WA;
   died 16 Mar 1987 Olympia, Thurston, WA; obituary


   married Phoebe Esther Green on 08 Sep 1933 Seattle, King, WA; 
                (born 13 May 1914 Kittitas Co, WA; 
                died 04 Jun 1993 Olympia, Thurston, WA; obituary
                daughter of Thomas James Green (08 Dec 1878 Streator, LaSalle/Livingston, IL-11 Mar 1955 Seattle, King, WA) and 
                Bertha Ella Bridge (c. 1886 IL-21 Dec 1950 Renton, King, WA)

   marriage certificate for Taulbert and Esther
       1) Gilbert James Zirk - living?; 
              married Penny K Phelps on 14 Jan 1978 King Co, WA (living?)
              marriage certificate for Gilbert and Penny
       2) Thomas R Zirk - living?; married Linda M ____ (living?);
                  1) Elizabeth Anne Zirk - living?; married?; children?
       3) Glenda Joanne Zirk - living?; married possibly Donald Fairchild (living?);
                  1) Jana Leanne Fairchild - living?; married Adalberto Lopez Alaniz (living?)
       4) Ardine C Zirk - living?; 
              Ardine married (1) John J Vasconi on 12 Jul 1957 Seattle, King, WA (living?)
              marriage certificate for Ardine and John
              Ardine married (2) George P Jones on 08 Jul 1960 Santa Barbara Co, CA (living?)
                  1) Tianne Carolyn Jones - living?; 
                            married Brian Kelly Carrigan on 16 Jun 1992 Thurston Co, WA (living?)

3) Leo Edward Zirk: 
   born 11 Jun or Aug 1919 Kennydale or Renton, King, WA; photo including Leo
   died 08 Sep 1995 Boise, Ada, ID; death notice
   U.S. Marine Corps and/or U.S. Navy; 


   Leo married (1) Violetta E Loris on 31 May 1949 Seattle, King, WA 
                   (born 13 Mar 1920 Montesano, Gray's Harbor, WA; ; 
                   died 13 Jul 1979 possibly Tacoma, Pierce, WA; obituary
                   daughter of Louis F Loris (01 Mar 1893 Hresson, Greece-02 Feb 1936 Seattle, King, WA) and
                   Elizabeth Kulion (c. 1896 IA-23 Nov 1961 Tacoma, Pierce, WA); divorced;
                   Violetta was married (1) to ____ Erickson

   marriage certificate for Leo and Violetta
   no children 
   Leo married (2) Belle E Senescu on 27 Jun 1966 Seattle, King, WA 
(born 29 Jun 1913 Canada; died 14 Jul 1975 Redmond, King, WA; obituary
                           Belle married (1) Irvin V Chelin on 08 Jan 1939 Seattle, King, WA
                           (07 Mar 1915 Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN-25 May 1984 Kirkland, King, WA); divorced
   marriage certificate for Leo and Belle         

4) Albert Robert Zirk: 
   born 14 Oct 1921 Kennydale, King, WA;
   died 09 Jun 1985 Renton, King, WA; obituary
   U.S. Army - WWII; 
   buried Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, King, WA; tombstone photo


   married Leoma June Maddelena on 14 Jul 1951 Renton, King, WA - by Rev W H Monroe 
                  (living?; letter from Leoma to Mrs Jack Andis)
   marriage certificate for Albert and Leoma
        1) Cynthia Ann Zirk - living?; 
               Cynthia married (1) Stephen Van Drongel on 30 July 1971 King Co, WA (living?)
               marriage certificate for Cynthia and Stephen
               divorced 08 Jan 1974 King Co, WA;
                   1) Keri L Van Drongel - living?; married?; children? 
               Cynthia married (2) Richard M Heinig on 21 Jul 1984 King Co, WA (living?)
               divorced 25 Oct 1990 King Co, WA;
               no children
               Cynthia married (3) ____ Foutz (living?); children?
               Cynthia married (4) Kenneth C O'Keefe on 22 Jul 2006 King Co, WA (living?);
               divorced 18 Mar 2014 King Co, WA;
               no children

5) Robert Raymond Zirk: 
   born 17 Nov 1922 Kennydale, King, WA; 
   died 08 Dec 1994 Richland, Benton, WA; obituary (includes photo);
   buried Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, King, WA; tombstone photos
   U.S. Army - WWII; 


    married Beatrice Bertine Crain on 21 Aug 1948 Elma, Grays Harbor, WA
               (born 06 Oct 1923 Elma, Gray's Harbor, WA;   
               died 01 Jan 2012 Seattle, King, WA; obituary - includes photo;
               buried Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, King, WA; tombstone photo
               daughter of Lee Crain and Margaret Weir)
   marriage certificate for Robert and Beatrice
       1) Robert Crain Zirk - living?; 
              married Vivian Lea Gillian on 13 Oct 1980 King Co, WA (living?);
              marriage certificate for Robert and Vivian;
                  1) Jessica A Zirk - living?; married?; children?
                  2) Robert Gregory Zirk - living?; married?; children?
       2) James H Zirk - living?; married?; children?