Cora Estella Andis


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1) Cora Estella Andis: 
   born 18 Nov 1877 Xenia, Clay, IL;  
   died 18 Feb 1897 Decatur, Macon, IL; obituary;
   cause of death: likely related to childbirth (her daughter was born the day before Cora died);
   buried Maroa Cemetery, Maroa, Macon, IL - unmarked;
   married Charles Washburn Wahlquist on 04 Apr 1894 Mammoth Spring, Fulton Co, AR 
               (born 21 Mar 1872 Rolla, Phelps, MO;
               died 07 Aug 1951 Nacogdoches Co, TX;
               death certificate; cause of death: cerebro-vascular accident, arteriosclerosis; 
               buried Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, Harris, TX - unmarked
               newspaper article regarding CharlesSocial Security record;  
               son of Nelson Hawkins Wahlquist (15 Feb 1827-08 Aug 1894) and 
               Catherine Shelton (10 May 1849-c. 1872 Phelps Co, MO)
               Charles married (2) Monte Robinson (22 Jul 1887 TN-09 Sep 1963 Pasadena, Harris, TX; 
               cause of death: carcinomatosis; death certificate; buried Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, Harris, TX - unmarked)
   marriage license for Cora and Charles
         1) Olive Ethel Wahlquist - born 19 or 23 Oct 1896 Maroa, Macon, IL;
                died 18 Sep 1928 Elnora, Daviess, IN; news articles regarding Ethel's death;
                death certificate; cause of death: fractured cervical vertabra (automobile accident);
                buried Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, Daviess, IN; tombstone photo
                newspaper article regarding Ethel; census records for Ethelphoto including Ethel;  
                Ethel married (1) Perry Huston Woodruff on possibly 06 Jun 1912 
                            (born 14 Jun 1891 Edwardsville, Madison, IL; 
                            died 01 Dec 1951; 
                            WWI and WWII draft registration cardsSocial Security record;
                            photo of Perry; signature:


                             Perry married (2) Reggie Biggs on 08 Mar 1920 Clay Co, IN; 
                            son of Mollie ______)
                divorced 13 Nov 1916;
                    1) Forest Holden Woodruff - born 16 Mar 1913 Edwards Co, IL; 
                            died 13 Aug 1934 Edwards Co, IL; death record and news article
                            buried Marion Cemetery, Bennington, Edwards, IL; tombstone photo 
                            census records for Forest; photo including Forest;    
                    2) Charles Washburn Woodruff - born 25 Sep 1914 West Salem, Edwards, IL;
                            died 17 Aug 1992 likely CO; death records;
                            buried Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Denver, CO; tombstone photo;
                            U.S. Navy - WWII (19 Jun 1943-); service records; draft card record;     
                            census records for Charles; Social Security record; photos including Charles;    
                            married?; children?
                Ethel married (2) Alva Lavern Farren on 07 Dec 1916 Daviess Co, IN    
                            (born 06 Sep 1896 Odon, Daviess, IN;
                            died 10 Aug 1978 Yakima Co, WA; death record;  
                            WWII draft registration card;
                            son of John Farren (13 Dec 1865-18 Apr 1945) and Cynthia Ann Stewart (02 Mar 1874-28 Mar 1935);
                            John and Cynthia buried Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, Daviess, IN; tombstone photo);
                marriage record for Ethel and Alva 
         2) Lillian Mae "Cora" Wahlquist (adopted by "Mr and Mrs Frank Vest") - born 17 Feb 1897 Maroa, Macon, IL; 
                newspaper article regarding Lillian;
                died 09 Jan 1990 Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA (no obituary found in Los Angeles Co, CA);  
                death record; cause of death: cardiac arrhythmia, arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease;
                buried Angeles Abbey Memoral Park, Compton, Los Angeles, CA;
                census records for Lillianphoto including Lillian;        
                married Samuel Logan Mayberry on 18 Feb 1913 Macon Co, IL 
                            (born 05 May 1892 Decatur, Macon, IL;
                            died 29 Aug 1973 Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA; obituary;
                            death record; cause of death: carcinomatosis, cancer of prostate, cerebral thrombosis;
                            buried Angeles Abbey Memoral Park, Compton, Los Angeles, CA; 
                            WWI and WWII draft registration cards


                             son of Samuel Isaac Mayberry (29 Nov 1865 IL-07 Dec 1947 IL) and Estella Emma Kenne (11 Sep 1866 IL-22 Jan 1946 IL);
                            Samuel and Estella buried Boiling Springs Cemetery, Decatur, Macon, IL; tombstone photos)
                     1) John Arthur Sr Mayberry - born 18 Dec 1913 IL;
                            died 06 Feb 1978 Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; obituarydeath records;
                            buried Sacramento County Veteran's Memorial Cemetery, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; tombstone photo
                            U.S. Navy - WWII (01 Mar 1944-31 Aug 1945); census records for John; photo including John;    
                            married Leota Roberta Brahy
                                       (born 01 Apr 1915 Martin Co, MN; birth record;  
                                       died 05 Nov 2000 possibly Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; death record;  
                                       Social Security record;  
                                       daughter of Joel Brahy and Lila Woolcutt)
                            City Directory listing for John and Roberta
                                 1) Joelene Verna Mayberry - born 24 Aug 1934 Decatur, Macon, IL;  
                                         died 20 Mar 2004 possibly Sacramento Co, CA; death record;
                                         Social Security record; census records for Joelene;
                                         married Raymond L Davidson on 02 Mar 1951 Ventura Co, CA (living?);
                                         marriage record for Joelene and Raymond;  
                                         divorced Dec 1966 Sacramento Co, CA; divorce record 
                                 2) John Arthur "Jack" Jr Mayberry - born 24 Feb 1936 Decatur, Macon, IL; 
                                         died 14 Mar 2003 possibly Citrus Heights, Sacramento, CA; obituary;
                                         buried Fair Oaks District Cemetery, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; tombstone photo
                                         U.S. Air Force; census records for John; Social Security record;  
                                         married Diane Delores Rieker on 25 Mar 1961 Sacramento Co, CA 
                                                      (born 08 Feb 1943 Lodi, San Joaquin, CA; birth record;
                                                      died 04 Dec 1994 Sacramento Co, CA; death record;
                                                      buried Fair Oaks District Cemetery, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; tombstone photo
                                                      Social Security record;  
                                                      daughter of John Rieker (02 May 1907-13 Nov 1985; buried
                                                      Fair Oaks District Cemetery, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; tombstone photo) and
                                                      Ida Rempher (15 Sep 1916-14 Feb 1943; buried Lodi Memorial Cemetery, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA; tombstone photo))
                                         marriage record for John and Diane;
                                             1) John A "Skip" III Mayberry - living?; 
                                                      married Kathy ____ (living?); children?
                                             2) Joel D "Doug" Sr Mayberry - living?; 
                                                      married Debbie ____ (living?); children? 
                                             3) Jacob C "Chris" Mayberry - living?; 
                                                      married Melissa ____ (living?); children?
                                 3) Robert Lyle "Bobby" Mayberry - born 19 Jul 1937 Decatur, Macon, IL;
d 20 May 2000 likely CA; death records;  
uried Plymouth Memorial Cemetery, Plymouth, Amador, CA; tombstone photo;
                                         Social Security record; census records for Robert;   
.S. Navy - WWII (21 Nov 1960-16 Nov 1964);  
Alice F Poor on 23 Nov 1966 Sacramento Co, CA (living?);
                                         marriage record for Robert and Alice;    
                                 4) Donna Mae Mayberry - born 22 Sep 1941 Decatur, Macon, IL; 
                                         died 29 Apr 2005 Sacramento, Sacramento, CA; obituary;  
                                         Social Security record 
                                         Donna married (1) Charles H Kirchner on 30 Sep 1961 Sacramento Co, CA (living?);
                                         marriage record for Donna and Charles
                                         divorced Jan 1967 Sacramento Co, CA; divorce record;  
                                         Donna married (2) Oliver Playford on 17 Feb 1973 Reno, Washoe, NV (living?);
                                         marriage record for Donna and Oliver;  
                                             1) Debbie Playford - living?; married Tim Stephan (living?); children?  
                                 5) Sally Ricarda "Rickie" Mayberry - living?;  
                                          Sally married (1) John G Moore (living?);
                                          divorced Aug 1974; divorce record
                                          Sally married (2) Craig Hodapp on 30 May 1978 Reno, Washoe, NV  (living?);
                                          marriage record for Sally and Craig 
                     2) Frank Logan Mayberry - born 04 Feb 1915 likely Decatur, Macon, IL; 
                            died 03 Feb 2009 possibly Tampa, Hillsborough, FL; death records;  
                            buried Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA; crypt photo
                            U.S. Navy (17 Sep 1935-31 Oct 1973); census records for Frankphoto including Frank 
                            married Blanche Bea Cole
                                       (born 28 Jul 1916; 
                                       died 15 Jun 2008 possibly Zephyrhills, Pasco, FL; death record;  
                                       buried Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA; crypt photo);  
                                 1) Linda Sue Mayberry - living?;   
                                             Linda married (1) unknown (living?); children?  
                                             divorced Oct 1979; 
                                             Linda married (2) Robert Dennis Pellerin on 01 Jan 1982 Virginia Beach, VA (living?);
                                             marriage record for Linda and Robert;  
                     3) Elizabeth Jewell "Lil" Mayberry - born 12 Apr 1916 Decatur, Macon, IL;
                            died 20 Apr 2002 Decatur, Macon, IL; obituary - includes photodeath record;  
                            buried Graceland Cemetery, Maroa, Macon, IL; tombstone photo;
                            census records for Elizabeth; Social Security record;  
                            Elizabeth married (1) Edward Nelson Nottingham on 05 Dec 1934 Decatur, Macon, IL  
born 03 Aug 1911 Bement, Piatt, IL; 
                                      died 29 May 1956 Decatur, Macon, IL; obituary and news article - includes photo
                                      buried Graceland Cemetery, Maroa, Macon, IL; tombstone photo;
                                      son of Charles Nottingham and Anna ____);
                                 1) Charles Logan Nottingham - living?; 
                                         married Joann ____ (living?);
                                             1) Glenn Nottingham - living?; married?; children?
                                 2) Larry Edward Nottingham - living?;  
                                         married Alicia ____ (living?); children?  
                            Elizabeth married (2) ____ Janvrin by Nov 1963
                                            (born (___); died (___))

                            Elizabeth married (3) Chuck Carlson
                                         (born (___); died by Apr 2002; 
                                         unable to determine Chuck's surname)
                     4) Richard Henry Mayberry - born 22 Aug 1919 Decatur, Macon, IL; 
                              died 15 Dec 1944 (lost at Subic Bay, Philippines)obituary/news article regarding Richard's Death;
                              memorialized Graceland Cemetery, Maroa, Macon, IL; memorial
                              memorialized Manila American Cemetery, Fort Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines; 
                              photo of the memorial in Manila;
                              U.S. Navy - WWII; POW records; census records for Richard 
                              married?; children?
                     5) Dorothy J Mayberry - living?; census records for Dorothy;  
                            Dorothy married (1) ____ Vaughn by 1944 (living?); children? 
                            Dorothy married (2) ____ Kirby by 1973 (living?); children?
                     6) Samuel Josephus Mayberry - born 16 Jan 1927 IL;
                            died 28 Jul 1974 Maywood, Los Angeles, CA; obituary;
                            death records; cause of death: Lannecs cirrhosis;
                            buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; tombstone photo
                            U.S. Navy - WWII (15 Feb 1944-26 May 1946); census records for Samuel 
                            married Betty A Betzer (living?);
                            divorced May 1974; divorce record 
                                 1) Scott Mayberry - living?; married?; children?
                                 2) David Mayberry - living?; married?; children?
                                 3) Samuel Mayberry - living?; married?; children?
                                 4) Susan Mayberry - living?; married?; children?
                                 5) Mary Lou Mayberry - livi
ng?; married?; children?