Mattie and Michael's Children


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1) Rutherford B Head:
   born 25 Sep 1909 VA; photos including Rutherford
   died 15 Oct 1991 Kettering, Montgomery, OH; 
   buried Ravenswood Cemetery, Ravenswood, Jackson WV; tombstone photo
   married Addie Pace (born 21 Sep 1910; photos including Addie
                  died 07 Jun 1997 Ravenswood, Jackson, WV; obituary;
                  buried Ravenswood Cemetery, Ravenswood, Jackson WV; tombstone photo)
      1) Rutherford James Jr Head - born 04 Apr 1933 St Charles, Lee, VA; 
              died 13 Jan 1981 Gallipolis, Gallia, OH; obituary;
              buried Ravenswood Cemetery, Ravenswood, Jackson WV; tombstone photo
               U.S. Army;     
              married Wilda Jean Lincicome (born 30 Jun 1935 Huntington, Cabell, WV; 
                            died 23 May 2001 Charleston, Kanawha, WV; obituary - includes photo;
                            buried Ravenswood Cemetery, Ravenswood, Jackson WV; tombstone photo
                            daughter of Carl Lincicome and Francis Williams);
                  1) Brenda Lee Head - living?; married John E. Higginbotham Jr (living?)
                               1) Allison Higginbotham - living?; married?;  children?
                  2) Marcia J Head - living?; married Kevin L Clauson (living?);  children?
                  3) Lisa A Head - living?; married Mark E Kennedy (living?);  children?
                  4) Rutherford James III Head - living?; married Sheron Y ____ (living?);  children?

2) Hassie Head*:
   born 25 Dec 1911 VA; photos including Hassie
   died 20 Feb 1988 Martin Co, FL; death notice
   buried Pennington Cemetery, Stone Creek, Lee, VA; tombstone photo
   married Hubert Franklin Pannell
                  (born 07 Aug 1906 Lee Co, VA;
                  died 19 Dec 1958 VA; 
                  buried Pennington Cemetery, Stone Creek, Lee, VA; tombstone photo)
       1) Jack R Pannell - born 15 Sep 1938 Pennington Gap, Lee, VA; photo of Jack
             died 11 Apr 2000 Jupiter, Palm Beach, FL; obituary
             married Betty Mary White (born 07 Jan 1939 Springton, WV;
                         died 04 Jul 2008 Palm Coast, Flagler, FL; obituary
                         daughter of William White and Dolly Jane Graham)
                1) Timothy Allen Pannell - born (___); died 2012; married unknown
                            1) Shirley B Pannell - living?; married?; children? 
                2) Melitha C Pannell - living?;
                       Melitha married (1) Rodger A McQuillen (born (___); died (___))
                            1) Eric McQuillen - living?; married?; children? 
                            2) Amber Sue McQuillen - living?; married?;
                                        1) Brooklyn Dowell - living?; married?; children? 
                       Melitha married (2) Danny D Stevenson (born (___); died Oct 2010)
                       no children
                3) Sharon Mae Pannell - living?; 
                       married Eric Scott Bottoms on 11 Jun 1988 Palm Beach Co, FL; 
                       divorced 28 Jul 1989 Palm Beach Co, FL;
                            1) Eric Bottoms - living?; married?; children? 

           * Note: There is a marriage for a Hassie Pannell and John Layton Tingle Aug 1962 in Palm Beach County, FL. 
                 Is this a second marriage?

3) Trumon Head:
   born 19 Aug 1917 St Charles, Lee, VA; 
   died 03 May 1987 Vero Beach, Indian River, FL; obituaryfuneral card;
   buried Winter Beach Cemetery, Winter Beach, Indian River, FL; tombstone photo
   photos including Trumon and Roberta
   Trumon married (1) Roberta Elizabeth Adams   
                (born 06 Apr 1914; died 07 Jan 1986 Cocoa, Brevard, FL; 
                cremated and ashes scattered; obituary);
        1) Mattie Jane Head - living?; 
                married William Starnes (living?)
                    1) William "Billy" Jr Starnes - living?; married?; children?
        2) Inez Head - living?; 
                married ____ Green (living?)
                    1) Kelli Susann Green - living?; married?; children? 
        3) James Trumon Head - born 03 Jan 1943; died 25 Jan 1943;  
                buried Maness Cemetery, Lee Co, VA; tombstone photo 
    Trumon married (2) Alice Jeanette Miller on 25 Oct 1986 Brevard Co, FL
               (living?; Alice married (1) Harold Seestedt);   

4) Orie Head:
   born 23 Jan 1920 Lee Co, VA; photos including Orie
   died 07 Mar 2000 Dayton, Montgomery, OH; obituary
   buried Forest Hills Memorial Gardens, Tipp City, Montgomery, OH; tombstone photo;
   married Frank C Dean
                     (born 10 Mar 1921; 
                     died  22 Jan 2003 Dayton, Montgomery, OH; death noticeobituary;
                     buried Forest Hills Memorial Gardens, Tipp City, Montgomery, OH; tombstone photo;
                      U.S. Army - WWII; son of Washington Dean and Pearl ____)
       1) Larry Dean - living?; married Pat Matthews (living?); children?
       2) Diane Dean - living?; married James T Hatcher (living?); children? 
       3) Billie Jean Dean - living?; married Earnest Craig (living?); children?

5) Alma Head:
   born 13 Oct 1922; 
   died 13 Oct 1922; 
   buried Maness Cemetery, Lee Co, VA; tombstone photo

6) Harrel E Head:
   born 19 Mar 1924 likely Saint Charles, Lee, VA;
   died 28 Jul 2012 Kingsport, Sullivan, TN; obituary;
   buried Oak Hill Memorial Park, Kingsport, Sullivan, TN; crypt photo;
    U.S. Army - WWII; enlistment record;
   Harrel married (1) Mable Lucille Turner
            (born 10 Oct 1921; photo of Mable;
            died 21 Jul 1991 Pennington Gap, Lee, VA; 
            buried Millers Chapel Cemetery, Jonesville, Lee, VA; tombstone photo
            Mable married (2) Wilburn Dean)
   photos including Harrel and Mable
   children: * We are unsure if we have these children placed in the correct marriage.

         1) Thomas Mike Head - living?; married?; children?
        2) Harrel James "Jim" Head - living?; married?; children?
        3) Mary Kay Head - living?; married Allen Mowell (living?);
                      1) Rick Mowell - living?; married?; children?
                      2) Chris Mowell - living?; married ____  Glotzbach (living?); children?
        4) Carolyn Ann Head - living?;
                      1) Kevin Head - living?; married?; children?
                  married Kermit Allen (living?)
                      2) Kim Allen - living?; married ____ Short (living?); children?
   Harrel married (2) Evadeane M "Eva" Mitchell (living?); children?

7) Shirley Head:
   living?; photos including Shirley
   married Albert Earl Mellons (born 04 Sep 1923 Church Hill, Hawkins, TN; 
               died 05 Jul 2006 Kingsport, Sullivan, TN; obituary - includes photo;
               buried Pennington Cemetery, Stone Creek, Lee, VA; tombstone photo;  
               son of Earl A Mellons* (16 Feb 1900 Hawkins Co, TN-18 Aug 1983 Rogersville, Hawkins, TN; buried
               Morning Star Cemetery, Carter's Valley, Hawkins, TN; tombstone photo)
               Ollie Davis (22 Jan 1899 TN-04 Jan 1985 Kingsport, Sullivan, TN));

                   * Earl A Mellons is a brother of Robert Guy Mellons, found here under (9) Mossie G Head.

        1) Donna L Mellons - born 26 Mar 1947;
                died 20 Aug 2003 Washington Co, TN; 
                buried Pennington Cemetery, Stone Creek, Lee, VA; tombstone photo
                married ____ Walker (living?);