William Shelley


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2) William Shelley: 
Note: Birth certificate states only William Shelley; draft registration states Jim Shelley; one census record states William J Shelley; one census record states William J G; marriage certificate states James William Shelley; daughter's birth certificate states James Shelley; City Directories state Jas G; death notice states James G; funeral home record states James Gasper; tombstone states James William Shelley.

      born 05 Dec 1892 Rich Valley, Washington, VA; birth certificate
     died 06 Dec 1956 Marion, Smyth, VA; funeral notice; funeral home record
     buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photo
     photos including WilliamCity Directory listings for Jim; WWI draft registration card;
     married Bertie Blanche Craighead* on 01 Jul 1914 Washington Co, VA
               (born 27 Jan 1893 Washington Co, VA; photos including Bertie
               died 07 Jun 1940 Bristol, VA; obituary
               cause of death: related to burns suffered at her home;
               buried Weaver's Cemetery, Bristol, Sullivan, TN; tombstone photo
               Bertie married (2) Oscar Cleveland Peters (13 Oct 1888 TN-28 May 1959 Sullivan Co, TN;
               buried Weavers Cemetery, Bristol, Sullivan, TN; tombstone photo)

               daughter of Robert Floyd Craighead (17 Nov 1862 Floyd Co, VA - 19 Sep 1921 Bristol, VA;
               cause of death: chronic diarrhea; buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Washington Co, VA - tombstone photo)
               Sarah E "Sallie" Tolbert* (born 04 Jul 1863 VA); Robert and Sarah possibly married 31 Dec 1885)
    marriage certificate for William and Bertie

        * Bertie is the sister of Lina Craighead found here under Hugh Matthias Brewer. 
       * Sarah E "Sallie" Tolbert is a daughter of Austin Tolbert and Rachel Dixon found here under (4) Mary Mollie "Mallie" Clark.

         1) Bernard Cecil "Barney" Shelley - born 27 Mar 1915 Bristol, VA;
                   died 19 Dec 1986 Roseville, Placer, CA; funeral cardobituary;
                   buried Mt Vernon Memorial Park, Fair Oaks, Sacramento, CA; tombstone photo
                    U.S. Army - WWII; Korea; newspaper article regarding Barney
                   1955 Pan Am Airways passenger list including Barney;  
                   City Directory listings for Barney; photos of Barney;      
                   married Theresa Frances Andrajack on 20 Nov 1940 Cook Co, IL
                            (born 08 Jul 1916 Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN;
                            died 23 Feb 2013 Citrus Heights, Sacramento, CA; obituary;
                            buried Mt Vernon Memorial Park, Fair Oaks, Sacramento, CA; tombstone photo
                            1955 Pan Am Airways passenger list including Theresa;
                            daughter of Michael Andrajack (1881-1956) and Theresa Satnik (22 Nov 1888-10 Jan 1969 Henepin Co, MN);
                            Michael and Theresa buried St Mary's Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN; tombstone photos)
                      1) Bernard Cecil "Barney" Shelley Jr - living?; 
                              Bernard married (1) Nancy J Fitch on 04 May 1968 Sacramento Co, CA 
                                   1) Eric Brenton Shelley
                                          (adopted c. 1978 by James and Rosemary (Wright) Shelley - see (2) directly below)
                                          born 01 May 1970 Carmichael, Sacramento, CA; 
                                          died 10 Feb 2001 Heber Springs, Cleburne, AR; obituaries
                                          buried Macedonia Cemetery, Drasco, Cleburne, AR; tombstone photo;
                                           U.S. Army; Social Security record;
                                          married Johnna Denise Denman on 27 May 1992 (living?);  
                                              1) Dylan Michael Shelley - living?; married?; children? 
                                              2) Brenton Thomas Shelley - living?; married?; children? 
                              divorced Sep 1976 Sacramento Co, CA; 
                              Bernard married (2) Gloria Jeanne Powers on 01 Apr 1984 Carson City, NV  
                              no children 
                      2) James Michael Shelley - living?; 
                              married Rosemary Danielle Wright on 20 Jul 1974 Sacramento Co, CA 
                                          (living?; daughter of Harry Wright)
                                    1) Eric Brenton Shelley -
                                          (adopted c. 1978 by James and Rosemary; child of 
                                          Barney and Nancy (Fitch) Shelley - see (1) directly above)
                       3) Teresa Marie Shelley - born 03 Jan 1943;
                                     died 16 May 2002 Modesto, Stanislaus, CA; obituary;
                                     Teresa married (1) Phillip A Bettencourt on 30 Jun 1962 San Benito, CA
                                         1) Andy Bettencourt - living?; married?; children?   
                                         2) Brian A Bettencourt - living?; married?; children? 
                                         3) Carolyn M. "Carrie" Bettencourt - living?; married ____ Barbosa (living?); children? 
                                         4) Darlene M "DeDe" Bettencourt - living?; married ____ Sathers (living?); children?  
                                     Teresa married (2) Donald H Kirk on 18 Feb 1984 Reno, NV (living?)
                                     Teresa married (3) Robert L Huffman on 01 Oct 1993 Reno, Washoe, NV
                       4) Mary M Shelley - living?; 
                              married Craig Stephen Reynolds on 12 Nov 1973 Sacramento Co, CA (living?);
                                   1) Shelley C Reynolds - living?; married Paul M Tompkins (living?); children? 

         2) Robert Garnet Sr Shelley - born 29 Jan 1917 Bristol, VA;
                   died 11 Dec 1973 Salinas, Monterey, CA; obituary;
                   buried Garden of Memories Memorial Park, Salinas, Monterey, CA; tombstone photo;
                    U.S. Army - WWII, Korea; photos of Robert;  
                   married Antoinette Jean Randazzo
                                   (born 30 Jun 1923 Monterey Co, CA;
                                   died 05 May 2007 Montery Co, CA; obituary;
                                   buried Garden of Memories Memorial Park, Salinas, Monterey, CA; tombstone photo
                                   photo including Jean)
                       1) Robert Garnet Jr Shelley - born 14 Apr 1943 Monterey Co, CA; 
                                died 26 Feb 1998 Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX; obituary;
                                buried Burkburnett Cemetery, Wichita Co, TX; tombstone photo
                                 U.S. Army - Vietnam;  
                                Robert married (1) Pamela C Angelo on 19 Jan 1964 Monterey Co, CA
                                divorced May 1966 Monterey Co, CA; 
                                Robert married (2) Laurel L Smith on 14 Dec 1970  
                       2) Geraldine Ann Shelley - living?; married Hossein Vafa (living?);
                       3) Helen Louise Shelley - living?; 
                                Helen married (1) George M Cominos on 27 May 1979 Monterey Co, CA (living?)
                                Helen married (2) Neal Louis Juravic on 01 Mar 1982 Clark Co, NV (living?);
                                Helen married (3) Brian Brtan (living?);

         3) James Calvin Shelley - born 05 Dec 1919 Bristol, VA; 
                   died 24 Aug 1920 Bristol, VA;
                   death certificate; cause of death: meningitis following cholera infantum; 
                   buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photos 

         4) Pearl Mamie Shelley - born 10 Jun 1921 Bristol, VA; birth certificate
                   died 03 Aug 1986; cremated; buried Coconino Forest, AZ; 
                   photos including Pearl
                   Pearl married (1) Joseph Abb "Jake" Branson on 06 Jun 1936 Sullivan Co, TN - by Rev T H Richardson
                              (born 04 Apr 1914 VA;
                              died 26 Feb 1967 Abingdon, Washington, VA; 
                              death certificate; cause of death: coronary embolism;
                              buried Knollreg Cemetery, Abingdon, Washington, VA; tombstone photo
                              photo of Joseph
                              Joseph married (2) Mary Belle Reynolds (photo including Mary))
                   marriage records for Pearl and Joseph
                   divorced 29 Mar 1941 Washington Co, VA; divorce record;   
                       1) Robert Wayne "Bobby" Branson
                              born 05 Jun 1937 Abingdon, Washington, VA;
                              died 03 Feb 2010 Lenoir, Caldwell, NC; obituary;  
                              buried Blue Ridge Memorial Park, Lenoir, Caldwell, NC; tombstone photo;
                              photos of Robert
                              married Shelby Jean Roark on 05 Jun 1957 Abingdon, Washington, VA
                                     (living?; daughter of Roby Alvin Roark (16 Mar 1893 NC-23 Jan 1974 Boone, Watauga, NC;
                                     buried Roark Cemetery, Trade, Johnson, TN)
                                     Juley Melindia Roark (04 Oct 1894 or 1895 Creston, Ashe, NC-13 Dec 1993 Watauga Co, NC))
                              marriage record for Robert and Shelby;
                              divorced 17 Jul 1985 Caldwell Co, NC; divorce record;
                                  1) Robert Joe "Bobby" Branson - living?; married?; children?
                                  2) Michael Wayne Branson - living?; married?; children?
                                  3) Julie Darlene Branson - living?;    
                                          Julie married (1) Joe Michael Dula (living?);
                                               1) Joe Michael Jr Dula - living?; married?; children?;  
                                          Julie married (2) Stanley Mark Blakely (living?);
                                  4) Rita Jane Branson - living?; married?;
                                               1) Jamie Lynn Branson - living?; married?; children? 
                                  5) Angela Charlotte Branson - living?;  
                                          married Mark A Seekamp (living?); children? 
                                  6) Marjorie Diane Branson - living?;  
                                          married Nathan Todd Honeycutt (living?); children?  
                                  7) Melody Michelle Branson - living?; married?; children?

                   Pearl married (2) Carl Ferdinand Martin Tietz on 18 May 1940 Chicago, Cook, IL; 
                              (born 09 Aug 1907 Gunlingan, Germany, 
                              died 29 Aug 1961 McHenry, Lake, IL - no obituary found in McHenry, IL;                              
                              death certificate; cause of death: coronary occlusion;
                              buried Wauconda Cemetery, Wauconda, Lake, IL; tombstone photo
                              son of Carl Tietz and Maria Nuske)
                   marriage certificate for Pearl and Carlwedding photo
                       2) Heidie Ann Tietz - living?; photos including Heidie
                                 married ____ Oliver on 08 Sep 1962 (living?)
                                     1) unknown male Oliver - living?; married?; children?
                                     2) unknown female Oliver - living?; married?; children?
                       3) Winona Esther Ruth Tietz - born 14 Feb 1941;
                                 died 15 Aug 2013 Glendale, Maricopa, AZ; photo including Winona
                                 married Richard Walter Harnish (living?)
                                     1) Stephanie Faith Harnish - living?; married?; children?
                                     2) unknown female Harnish - living?; married?; children?
                       4) Carl Martin Sr Tietz
                                 born 02 Feb 1941 Chicago, Cook, IL; birth certificate
                                 died 12 Jul 1996 Mesa, Maricopa, AZ; obituary;
                                 death certificate; cause of death: cardiopulmonary arrest, cardiomyopothy; 
                                 buried Mesa City Cemetery, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ - unmarked;  
                                 photos including Carl
                                 Carl married (1) Carol Louise Banta (born (___); died (___))
                                     1) Carl Jr Tietz - living?; married?; children?
                                     2) James Tietz - living?; married?; children?  
                                     3) Dennis Tietz - living?; married?; children? 
                                     4) Tracy Tietz - living?; married ____ Berry (living?); children?  
                                     5) Bernice Tietz - living?; married ____ McKenney (living?); children? 
                                 Carl married (2) Beverly A Thomas on 09 Sep 1995 Mesa, Maricopa, AZ 
                                             (born 14 Jun 1940; 
                                             died 04 Apr 2004; funeral card
                                             photo including Beverly; Beverly married (1) Ronald G Ritt);
                                 wedding invitation for Carl and Beverly
                                 no children

                   Pearl married (3) Robert Glen Leach on 15 Dec 1961 Bristol, VA - by Kelley Hashbarger 
                                  (born 06 Nov 1928 Louisville, Jefferson, KY; 
                                  died 18 Jul 1999 possibly Happy Jack, Coconino, AZ; 
                                  buried National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ; tombstone photo;
                                   U.S. Air Force);
                   marriage record for Pearl and Robert;
                   no children

         5) Helen Louise Shelley - born 17 May 1925 Bristol, VA; 
                   died 07 Aug 1930 Bristol, VA;
                   death certificate; cause of death: colitis; commemorative wall plaque
                   buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Washington Co, VA; tombstone photos
                   photos including Helen