Cemeteries: Indiana (Allen County - Clinton County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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 Indiana   (Bartholomew County - Clinton County)


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Allen County, IN: Covington Memorial Gardens, Fort Wayne (1)

Frances Bernice (Canady) WARD * 

Allen County, IN: Highland Park Cemetery, Fort Wayne (2)

Jacqueline Rose (Brezer) BUCHHOLZ *
Paul Jerome BUCHHOLZ * 

Allen County, IN: Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne (4)

Augustus Leroy CANNADAY *
Deborah Sue (Cannaday) HEREDIA *
Lillian Thelma (Nail) CANNADAY *
Stephen Leroy (Rev) CANNADAY * 

Bartholomew County, IN: Garland Brook Cemetery, Columbus (9)

Alberta (Shade) NENTRUP *
Elmer Ira (Rev) FAIDLEY * 
Florence Emily (Scott) WOOD * 
Forest C WOOD * 
Hubert E NENTRUP *
John Howard Ralph LAWSON *
Katherine (Shade) WAGGONER * 

Verna Mae (Rev) (Harris) FAIDLEY *

Bartholomew County, IN: Moravian Church Cemetery, Columbus (1)

Ernest Ray (Rev) HOTLE *

Bartholomew County, IN: Mt Aerie Cemetery, Greensburg (1)

Robert John GARDNER *

Bartholomew County, IN: St Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery, Columbus (1)


Bartholomew County, IN: St John's Lutheran Church Cemetery (2)
a.k.a. White Creek Cemetery

Marie Louise (Otte) BODE *
William George BODE *

Benton County, IN: Blue Ridge Cemetery, Raub (1)

Don Alan RHANOR *

Blackford County, IN: Hartford City Cemetery (2)

Ersie Dale (Boyles) COOPER *
Samuel Presten COOPER * 

Boone County, IN: Lincoln Memory Gardens, Whitestown (4)

Florence Imogene (Smith) SELF *
Lova Lucille (Osmon) SMALL *
Mervin Sylvester SMALL
Ralph Miller SELF *

Boone County, IN: Maple Lawn Cemetery, Thorntown (3)

Alma Jane (Lane) FALL *
Vera Joyce (Hayworth) MYERS *

William G FALL * 

Boone County, IN: Oak Hill Cemetery, Lebanon (2)

Hobart Elmer BURTNER *
Sabina Pearl (Reiber) BURTNER * 

Brown County, IN: Duncan Cemetery, Nashville (1)

Riley Oliver SHIPLEY * 

Brown County, IN: Weeping Willow Cemetery, Bean Blossom (8)

Ann Elmyra (Maxwell) STAPLES *
Audrey Mae (Fischer) STEPHENS *

 Claudean (Beyers) ALTOP * 
George STAPLES *

Nova Lucile (Zody) ALTOP
Ray Cecil "Junior" ALTOP *

Ray Cecil or Carl ALTOP *
Thomas Howard STEPHENS *

Carroll County, IN: Maple Lawn Cemetery, Flora (1)

Marilee Jeanette  (Jones) HORN *

Cass County, IN: Ever Rest Memorial Park, Logansport (2)

Helen May (Pierce) McKINLEY *

Cass County, IN: Galveston Cemetery, Galveston (5)

Emma L (Couk) WALKER * 
Matilda "Minnie" (Daggett) KISTLER *
Nellie (Bion) BOWLAND *

Scott Ray WALKER *

Cass County, IN: Spring Creek Cemetery, Metea (1)

Harry Irven SELLERS *

Cass County, IN: Young America Cemetery, Young America (2)

Charles Dennis McMANAMA *
Clara Alice (Wood) McMANAMA *

Clark County, IN: Crown Hill Cemetery, New Washington (2)

Anna May (Waters) HOSTETTLER *

Clark County, IN: Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville (1)

Samuel Walter Jr YEATES * 

Clay County, IN: Bee Ridge Cemetery, Brazil (1)

William Leo KIDWELL * 

Clay County, IN: Fairview Cemetery, Bowling Green (1)

Richard Lee DAYHUFF *

Clay County, IN: Friendly Grove Cemetery, Coalmont (1)

William S INMAN *

Clay County, IN: Maple Grove Cemetery, Clay City (4)

Benjamin P McFADDEN *
Clara Ettie (McFadden) LUTES *
Emerson SUTTON *
Nancy Catherine (Parr) McFADDEN *

Clay County, IN: Poland Chapel Cemetery, Poland (2)

Frances (Stevens) NAUGHGLE *

Clay County, IN: Swalley Valley Cemetery, Bowling Green (1)

Dorothy May (Sanders) LOFSTROM  

Clinton County, IN: Bunnell Cemetery (2)

Mayme G (Watson) SCOTT *

Clinton County, IN: Hopewell Cemetery, Frankfort (7)

Henderson BROWN (likely here)
Martha Jane (Thompson) BROWN (unmarked as of 2022)
Mary A (McNelly) THOMPSON *
Mary C or K (Brown) JOHNSON * 
Robert M BROWN
Samuel Brown THOMPSON *

Clinton County, IN: Oak Hill Cemetery, Kirklin (1)

Joann (Stowers) INMAN * 

Clinton County, IN: Scotland Cemetery, Kirklin (2)

Fairy "Madge" (Eaton) MINK *
William Roy MINK *



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