Cemeteries: Indiana (Hamilton County - Henry County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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 Indiana   (Hamilton County - Henry County)


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Hamilton County, IN: Carmel Cemetery, Carmel (1)

Christina Lynn ANDIS * 

Hamilton County, IN: Cicero Cemetery, Cicero (3)

Amanda Leanne O'REAR * 
Heidi Elise O'REAR *
James Marion Wills * 

Hamilton County, IN: Crown View Cemetery, Sheridan (1)

David Clark INMAN * 

Hamilton County, IN: Crownland Cemetery, Noblesville (8)

Cora Lee (Reynolds) STAPLETON *
Danny Clark INMAN *
Hazel (Hammer) RUSHTON *
Isaac E "Ira" HAMMER *
LaVonda Jean (Bond) DAVIES *
Samuel Clifford Custard STAPLETON *

Hamilton County, IN: Hamilton Memorial Park, Noblesville (2)

Savannah Whitney BEASLEY *

Hamilton County, IN: Little Eagle Creek Cemetery, Eagletown (6)

Cyntha Vallettia "Lettie" (Conrad) SHELBURNE *

Esther Frances (Scott) SHELBURNE *
John Leonard SHELBURNE * 
John Samuel SHELBURNE *

Hamilton County, IN: Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Fishers (26)

Anne Elizabeth (Walker) VAUGHN *
Barbara Margaret (McVay) DeFORD *
Blake Aaron BURLESON *

Charles Jesse TROWBRIDGE *
Clara Margaret (Walker) FEARRIN *
Claudia Emilie (Sipes) CARVER *
David Eugene ANDIS
Dorothy Lee "Dot" (Klatte) ANDIS * 
Elaine Estelle (Vaughn) BASINGER *
Eleanore Adalaide (Nemec) SHIRLEY *

Emery Joseph OLINGER *
Frankie Rae (King) CARTER
Frederick Charles STEPHAN *
Gary Michael SHIRLEY *
James E CARVER *
James Robert "J B or Jim" CARTER * 
Lloyd Herman VAUGHN *
Macel Alan WOLFE *
Mary Catherine (Linsmith) OLINGER *

Maxwell Alexander DeFORD * 
Max William OLINGER * 
Stephen Alexander DeFORD *
Vernon Lee BASINGER *
Viviana Maria (Trowbridge) MILLER *

Wanda Maria (Gallo) TROWBRIDGE *
William Lee SHIRLEY *

Hamilton County, IN:  Riverside Cemetery, Noblesville (7) 

Bonnie Andrew CAPPS *
Ethel L (Garrett) McVAY *
Joseph E McVAY *
Lucinda Jane McVAY *
Nancy (Andis) MINK *
Samuel H McVEY *
Sarah Jane (North) McVEY *

Hamilton County, IN: Stony Creek Cemetery, Clarksville (3)

Forest H GARRETT *
Susan A (Mink) GARRETT *

Hamilton County, IN: Eden Cemetery, Eden (3)

Faith Lelah Louise (Roberts) WELSH *
Joseph Alfonso ROBERTS *
Phoebe Viola (Edwards) ROBERTS *

Hamilton County, IN: Union Cemetery, Atlanta (2)

Cleo Walter LAW *
Isabelle M (Gunn) LAW *

Hancock County, IN: Mt Lebanon Cemetery, Greenfield (3)

Edward L ANDERSON (unmarked as of 2022)
Mary Alice (Rush) SCUDDER *
Tilghman Howard SCUDDER *

Hancock County, IN: Olvey (Maple Grove) Cemetery (1)

Rosanna Marie ANDIS (no discernbile marker found in 2020)

Hancock County, IN: Park Cemetery, Greenfield (74)

Ada Genevieve (Andis) McCARTER *
Alice May (Michaels) ROCKEY *
Bessie May (Andis) Murphy, MARTS * 
Charles Lee ANDIS * 
Chester Harry GEBO *
Doris Evelyn (Murphy) HALL *
Dorothy (Brewer) CATT *

Edward C "Gaitor" MARTS * 
Elizabeth Irene ANDIS *
Eliza Margaret "Maggie" (Andis) ADLER *
Elizabeth (Cauldwell) OLVEY *
Ellen Marie (Evans) ANDIS *
Ernest Hiram ROCKEY *
Ervin Lorraine "Andy" ANDIS * 
Fannie L OLVEY *
George ANDIS (infant child of George & Fannie L (Olvey) Andis)*
George M ANDIS *
Geraldine (Kinkaid) MURPHY *
Gertrude Cathelene (Catt) ANDIS * 
Helen Louise MURPHY (no tombstone, but we have a photo of the burial site)*
Helen Marie (Fuller) GEBO *
 Henry MURPHY *
Hester Catherine (Zion) ELLIS *
Hester Margaret ELLIS *
Howard Leoara MOORE (no tombstone, but we have a photo of the burial site)*
Hugh Scott FULLER
Irvin Howard YOUNG *  
Jess E EVANS *
Jesse Franklin ANDIS * 
John Earl ANDIS *
John MARTS *
John W ADLER *
Josephine "Josie" (Adler) ELLIS *

Lila Sue CHAPPLE *
Leslie A "Les" ANDIS *
Lily Mae (Anderson) EVANS *
Louisa ADLER (no tombstone, but we have a photo of the burial site)*

Lucille (Fall) ADLER * 
Lucille Katherine (Bearen) HOLDEN
Marie E (Andis) Anderson, KATHERMAN * 
Marietta Ann (Vardaman-Rutherford) ANDIS *
Marvin H McCARTER *
Mattie Estella (Kinder) YOUNG *
Michael ANDIS (no tombstone, but we have a photo of the burial site)*
Michael Lee ANDIS *
Nancy Lou (Andis) VanSITTERT *

Naomi G (Loehr) GAMBREL *
Olive May (Willis) ANDERSON
Paul Burnice HACKLEMAN (no tombstone, but we have a photo of the burial site)*
Pearl A (Phipps) FULLER *
Porter William ANDERSON *
Ralph Edward ANDIS * 
Raymond Harold MURPHY *
Raymond N ANDIS - (unmarked as of 2015, pauper's section)
Rebecca Jane (Marks) ANDIS *
Robert Earl Sr ANDIS * 
Rosa Anna (Michaels) ANDIS *
Rose Mary (Anderson) HIRTH *  
Russell CATT *
Scott Andrew FULLER *
Theresa Lynn ANDIS *
unnamed male ANDIS (child of Earl Andis and Zelda Lucille (Gambel) Andis)
unnamed male ANDIS (child of Wilbur Charles Andis and Gertrude K (Catt) Andis)
unnamed male ANDIS (child of Benjamin Franklin "Frank" & Hazel M (Rocky) Andis)
Vincent Robinson ELLIS *
Wilbur Charles ANDIS *
William Clarence GAMBREL *
William Cleo HOLDEN *
William Eugene ANDIS * 
William HALL *
Zelda Lucille (Gambrel) ANDIS *

Hancock County, IN: Reeves Cemetery, Greenfield (1)

Connie Laretta (Kingen) ANDIS * 

Hancock County, IN: Summit Lawn Cemetery, Westfield (2)

Luther Lincoln LAUDIG *
Chelsea E (Cook) LAUDIG * 

Hancock County, IN: Reeves Cemetery, Mount Comfort (2) 
(a.k.a. Mount Gilead Cemetery)

Vivian Irene (Saville) KINGEN *

Hendricks County, IN: Clayton Cemetery, Clayton (6)

Agnes Irene (Cundiff) WEBSTER *
Anna Laura (Russell) WHITT *

James Paul WEBSTER *
Ruth Margaret (Hayes) CUNDIFF *
Thomas Jefferson CUNDIFF *
William Norman WHITT

Hendricks County, IN: Danville South Cemetery, Danville (2)

Augusta (Keller) Bowman, WILLIAMS *

Hendricks County, IN: Lizton Knights of Pythias Cemetery, Lizton (7)

Betty Jeanne (Rash) SHARP *
Kathryn Diane "Kathy" (Sharp) BRUNES *
Paul Alan SHARP * 
Steven Robert BRUNES * 
Thomas Lee Wathen *
Walker Thrift SHARP *
William D THOMPSON *

Hendricks County, IN: Maple Hill Cemetery, Plainfield (2)

Etta Viola (Caldwell) PERKINS * 
Jack Camel VAUGHN *

Hendricks County, IN: Mill Creek Friends Cemetery, Danville (4)

Ada Maxine (Hadley) OSBORN *
Milford Otto HADLEY *
Willa (Hayes) HADLEY *

Hendricks County, IN: Stilesville Cemetery, Stilesville (2)

Pearl Mattie (Hurst) KIVETT *
Vernice Harding KIVETT * 

Henry County, IN: Lewisville Cemetery, Lewisville (2)

Marie F (Moore) VARDAMAN *
Ronald Francis VARDAMAN * 

Henry County, IN: Miller Cemetery, Middletown (1)

Marvin Owen WEBBER *

Henry County, IN: Moorland Cemetery, Moorland (2)

Rebecca (Myers) SHULTZ * 

Henry County, IN: South Mound Cemetery, New Castle (12)

Barbara (Andis) POMINVILLE *
Carl Lee ANDIS *
Floyd Sheridan ANDIS *
James Thomas SHAW *
Mary Ellen (Shaw) ANDIS *
Rosa May (Gray) ANDIS *
Ruth C (Burkdall) OLINGER *
Virginia (Hughes) SHAW *

William BOGGS *
William F BUSH * 
William S BUNTON *



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