Cemeteries: Kansas (Atchinson County - Graham County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
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Kansas  (Atchinson County - Graham County)


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Atchinson County, KS: Mt Vernon Cemetery (3)

Joseph Nelson HUGHES *
Josie Ethel (Hughes) ARMSTRONG (possibly here)

Sarah Matilda (Cook) HUGHES *

Barton County, KS: Claflin Cemetery, Claflin (4)

Annie (Wolfe) REIF *
Henry Ralph "Pete" BOMAN *
Joseph Frank REIF *
Theresa Johanna (Reif) BOMAN *

Bourbon County, KS: Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Scott (1)

Pauline (Bates) BOWMAN * 

Brown County, KS: Horton Cemetery, Horton (4)

Homer Dale HOBBS *
Mary Belle (Landon) HOBBS *
Mildred V HOBBS *
Wilmer Lewis HOBBS * 

Brown County, KS: Kennekuk Cemetery, Horton (2)

Elma L (Robinson) HOBBS *
Robert Lee "Lester" HOBBS *

Brown County, KS: Powhattan Cemetery, Powhattan (12)

Alice (___) JOHNSON *
Donnie Raymond Tusher JOHNSON *
Duane Robert JOHNSON *
Edith Dorothy (Hobbs) JOHNSON *
 Elizabeth Lee (Hobbs) FILLEY *
Elmer FILLEY *
Emma Ruth (Hobbs) BATES *
Geneva Geraldine HOBBS 
Grovia Ann (Moore) HOBBS * 
Leroy F BATES *
Ray Donald HOBBS 
Warren Crawford HOBBS *

 Butler County, KS: Chelsea Cemetery, Chelsea (2)

Emily J (Andis) QUALLS * 
unnamed McNEELY (male child of Arthur Bethel McNeely and Mary Catherine Qualls)

 Butler County, KS: Woodlawn Cemetery, Poplar Bluff (1)

Francis Jr "Buddy" KEGIN *

Chautauqua County, KS: Cedar Vale Cemetery, Cedar Vale (1)

Vaunetta (___) JOHNSTON (unmarked as of 2022)

Cherokee County, KS: Crocker Cemetery, Pleasant View (1)

Shellie Louise (Warner) CASS * 

Cherokee County, KS: Edgmand Cemetery, Columbus (1)

Shirley Marie (Feyerabend) WEST * 

Cherokee County, KS: Old Pleasant View Cemetery, Lawton (2)

Anna May (Vanmeter) BECHDOLDT *
Theodore Wesley BECHDOLDT *

Cloud County, KS: Mt Hope Cemetery, Clyde (8)

Alexander QUEARY *
Edward Mason BURKDALL *
Ida Belle (Queary) Shutters, GRAY *
John A GRAY * 
Lizzie Belle BURKDALL *
Sarah A (Henderson) QUEARY (cemetery has no record of her)

Coffey County, KS: Gridley Cemetery, Gridley (2)

Dorthy M (Sellers) LINGENFELTER *
Edward Clinton "Fat" LINGENFELTER *

Coffey County, KS: Graceland Cemetery, Burlington (5)

Elmer Lee KIRKHAM *
James Darwin MEEK *
Mildred Maxine (Kirkham) MEEK *
Ursula March (Carter) KIRKHAM *
William M "Billy" MEEK *

Coffey County, KS: Strawn Cemetery, Strawn (22)

Asa Alvin MEEK *
Bessie May MEEK *
Betty Jo (Meek) REMY *
Charles L MEEK *
Charles W MEEK *
Edith Lavone MEEK *
Edwin T MEEK *
Fern Chester MEEK * 
Franklin WAGAMAN * 
Hazel Esther (Meek) Wagaman, MASTERSON * 
John Albert Jr MEEK
John Archimedes Sr MEEK *
Julana (Fleenor) SMITH *
Kenneth Griffith MEEK *
Kermit W MEEK *
Mary Addeene MEEK *
Mary Anna (Fry) MEEK *
Mary E (Smith) MEEK *
Nellie May (Stubbs) MEEK * 
Stephen John MANOSKI
Susan A (Smith) MEEK *
 Viola Belle (Baxter) MEEK *

Coffey County, KS: Waverly Cemetery, Waverly (2)

Alice Elizabeth "Ella" (___) POCOCK *
Milton J POCOCK *

Comanche County, KS: Crown Hill Cemetery, Coldwater (2)

Dora Laurene Rene (Bowhay) DeARMOND *
Harry Lee DeARMOND *

Crawford County, KS: Girard Cemetery, Girard (3)

Jesse Wallace GHUMM * 
Joyce (____) BECHDOLDT *
Robert Theodore BECHDOLDT *

Crawford County, KS: McCune Cemetery, McCune (2)

James A HUSH *
Mabel May (Miller) HUSH *

Crawford County, KS: Rosebank Cemetery, Mulberry (4)

Charles W McKAY *
Dolly (Kaylor) McKAY *
Laura Emma (Hopper) KAYLOR *
William Martin KAYLOR *

Decatur County, KS: Oberlin Cemetery, Oberlin (1)

Wayne Wendel GROSE *

Dickinson County, KS: Keystone Cemetery, Manchester (1)

Howard Everal CAIRNS *

Douglas County, KS: Memorial Park Cemetery, Lawrence (2)

Harry Maurice Sr BUCHHOLZ *
Sarah Naomi (Mason) BUCHHOLZ *

Douglas County, KS: Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence (1)

Lilbourne L ANDIS (unmarked in Pauper's Field) 

Douglas County, KS: Sutton Cemetery, Baldwin City (1)

Elijah EUBANKS * 

Douglas County, KS: Washington Creek Cemetery, Lone Star (1)

Robert Warren STREET * 

Ellis County, KS: St Joseph Cemetery, Hays (2)

Eleanor (Sander) UBERT *
Roderick UBERT * 

Franklin County, KS: Highland Cemetery, Ottawa (3)

America (Keller) OAKES *
George Washington OAKES *
Isaac Lincoln OAKES *

Graham County, KS: Hill City Cemetery, Hill City (4)

George Michael BENTLEY *
Grace Bertha (Harrison) BENTLEY *
Nadine (Gowdy) BENTLEY *
W H "Bill" BENTLEY *

Graham County, KS: Morlan Township Cemetery (1)

Evaline Grace (Rolland) BOATMAN *



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