Cemeteries: Tennessee (Sumner County - Wayne County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Sumner County, TN: Caldwell Cemetery (2)

Francis Jane (Anderson) CALDWELL *
John Wesley CALDWELL * 

Sumner County, TN: Hendersonville Memory Gardens, Hendersonville (2)

Alice Faye (Galliher) ROE *
James Milton GUMM

Unicoi County, TN: Evergreen Cemetery, Erwin (2)

James Horace "Jack" PIPPIN *
Mary Hazel (Mauk) PIPPIN *

Unicoi County, TN: Fishery Union Church, Erwin (5) 

Charles H PIPPIN *
Florence B (McInturff) PIPPIN *
Harriett (Brown) McINTURFF *

James Wesley PIPPIN * 
John Scott McINTURFF *

Unicoi County, TN: Jobe Cemetery, Erwin (3) 

Griffin Davis "Griff" PIPPIN *
Jesse B ERWIN *
Rebecca D (Erwin) PIPPIN *

Unicoi County, TN: Martins Creek Cemetery, Erwin (3)

Catherine (Andis) PIPPIN *
Laura I PIPPIN *
William Perry PIPPIN *

Union County, TN: Newton Cook Cemetery, Rose Hill (2)

Clennie (Hurst) LORTON *
William M LORTON * 

Washington County, TN: First Baptist Church Cemetery, Fall Branch (2)

Annis Eva (Smith) STRICKLER
Lester Lee STRICKLER  

Washington County, TN: Monte Vista Memorial Park, Johnson City (46)

Anna Lucille A "Lou" (Andis) CLEVELAND *
Betty Jane (Andis) BOY *
Bonnie L PIPPIN *
Carma Y (___) STARR *

Charmie Audrey (Rock) WHITE *
Clifton W PIPPIN *
Cora Lee (Glover) STARR *
Cordia Belle (Pippin) STARR  
Della M (Bellamy) MATSON * 
Edwin A PIPPIN *
Fletcher or Fletchie Emma (Pippin) FORD
George Martin HYDER *
Georgia Mae (Hyder) TORRENCE *
George Ray MOODY *
George Verner PIPPIN
Gladys (Eads) SHIRLEY *
Gladys (South) HOWARD  
Glenn C STARR *
Guy H ANDIS * 
Hannah S (Lewis) ANDIS * 
Hattie (Miller) PIPPIN * 
Helen (Cross) FORD * 
Henry Lee STARR *
James Marion STARR *

James Newton WHITE *
James Shepard "Shep" PIPPIN *
Jesse Alf PIPPIN *
Lola M (Pippin) WEBB *

Margaret Hope (Church) BELLAMY *
Margaret Emma (Andis) HYDER *  
Marion Robert MERCER *
Mae L (Starr) MOODY
Maude D (___) PIPPIN * 
Minnie (Moser) MERCER *
Minnie Scottie (Pippin) MOORE *

Ralph Ernest BOY *
Roy Jennair FEATHERS *
Thomas Cranston BELLAMY *
Thomas E MATSON *
Thomas E Jr MATSON *
Thomas Edmund Jr MATSON *  
unnamed infant FORD (child of William Cecil Ford and Helen (Cross) Ford) * 
Walter Daniel FORD *

William Cecil FORD *

William Lewis "Billy" ANDIS *
Willie Hyatt SHIRLEY *

Washington County, TN: Mount Wesley Cemetery, Jonesborough (2)

Aster McKEE *
Ruby Mae (Head) McKEE *

Washington County, TN: Mountain Home National Cemetery, Johnson City (9)

Dorothy Mae (____) AYERS *
Edwin William FEATHERS

Fred Ellis MANESS *
Harold Lee CLARK * 
Thomas Henry AYERS *

Jack Edward JONES *
Larry Wayne HOCKETT *
Walter Lafayette VANHOOK
William Envin PIPPIN *

Washington County, TN: Oak Hill Cemetery, Johnson City (2)

Andrew Jackson SHIPLEY *
Emma C (Andis) SHIPLEY *

Washington County, TN: Onks Cemetery, Jonesborough (2)

Evelyn Bernice WHITE *
Fred Samuel WHITE * 

Washington County, TN: Pleasant View Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Jonesborough (1)

Mamie Sue (Fleenor) GRIFFIN *

      Washington County, TN: Roselawn Memory Gardens, Johnson City (1)
(a.k.a. Roselawn Memorial Park)

Frederick Norris KEGLEY

Washington County, TN: unknown Cemetery (1)

Cecil Dale PADGETT  

Wayne County, TN: McGlamery Cemetery, Collinwood (3)

Louise (Hensley) BREWER *
Margrete Ellen (Brewer) ANDIS *

Percy BREWER * 



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