Cemeteries: Virginia (Washington County part 6)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Washington County, VA: Tate Cemetery (5) 

Drury or Drewey TATE *
George Fleenor TOWNSEND * 
John Rolston M TOWNSEND

Mary Adeline (Tate) TOWNSEND * 
Nettie Lou Ellen (Herndon) TOWNSEND

Washington County, VA: unknown cemetery, Wallace (1)

Sneed Roberts FLEENOR  

Washington County, VA: Valley View Cemetery (95)

Albert King WILLIAMS *
Amanda Belle (Ewing) TOWNSEND
Anne Lee (Marsh) WORLEY *
Annie Ruth GARRETT *
Artys Jewel WORLEY *
Berry W VEST * 
Bertie F (Cox) GILL *
Bessie (Gill) KAYLOR *
Carl E LONG *
Carry M GARRETT * 
Cordelia "Delia" (Fleenor) LONG *
Delilah Ann (Goins) VEST *
Dennis Ray KETCHUM

Dewey Lee "D L" GARRETT * 
Donald Lee KETCHUM
Edith Loraine (Ferguson) GARRETT *
Edward Charles TOWNSEND
Edwin Conrad "E C" WITHERS *  
Eleanor Lena (Hoss) FLEENOR * 

Elizabeth Jane (Brewer) KILBY *
Ellen Campbell (Kingsolving) HARLEY *
Ellen E (Garland) HOSS  

Emma Zeta "Sis" (Marsh) GARRETT *
Esther (Bordwine) HALL *
Esther (Withers) FLEENOR * 
Garnett H (Fleenor) WITHERS *   
George Washington GOINS

Grace May (Fleenor) LONG * 
Hazel Ruth (Nunley) KETCHUM *
Henry Lafayette "Buddy" GARRETT *
Henry Paulson WHITE *
Hettie Belle (Clifton) GARRETT *
Howard Edward GARRETT
Hugh Melvin HOSS *
Ida (Worley) JACKSON

Isabelle C (Vest) GARRETT *
Ivory Melissa (Garrett) NUNLEY *
Joanna (Kaylor) WORLEY *
John David Tilson KILBY
John Griffith "Griff" FLEENOR * 
John R LONG *
Julia Cornelia (Hoss) McCROSKEY *
Lacy Ella (Brown) HOSS *
Lala Rebecca (Fleenor) McCROSKEY *
Lucien Lee KAYLOR *
Lucy E (Townsend) PIPPIN *

Maggie E (Garrett) CUNNINGHAM *
Maggie Frances (McGuire) BORDWINE
Margaret Withers FLEENOR *
Marie Willie (Fleenor) McCROSKEY * 
Martin Luther McCROSKEY *
Marvin Monroe NUNLEY *

Marvin Roscoe WORLEY *
Mary Catherine (Ratliff) GOINS

Mary Elizabeth (Goodson) LEONARD *
Mary (Tate) GARRETT *
Mary Lena (Hoss) PIPPIN
Mary W (Gobble) WILLIAMS *
Maude Melissa (Harley) WHITE *
Michael W GOBBLE *
Mildred Virginia (White) McCROSKEY *
Monta Ann "Minnie" (Farris) Garrett, NUNLEY (unmarked)
Monroe WORLEY *
Morris Long JACKSON
Nancy Cosby "Nannie" (Dixon) Pippin, FLEENOR * 
Nashlegrand "Lee" GARRETT *
Otis Cleason GARRETT *
Peter Shannon GARRETT *
Phyllis Jane McCROSKEY
Ralph Maynard McCROSKEY * 
Reta E "Rittie" (Davison) Nunley,
Rhoda (Worley) PIPPIN *

Rhoda Elizabeth (Kaylor) GARRETT
Robert Houston FLEENOR *  
Rosa Lee (Smith) NUNLEY
Sallie T (___) WITHERS *
Samuel A NUNLEY *  
Samuel Daniel GILL *
Samuel Edmond HOSS * 
Samuel Houston FLEENOR * 
Samuel L LEONARD *
Sarah (Fleenor) Pippin, HOSS *
Shirley Ellen EADES *
Spencer White TATE (possibly buried here)

unnamed infant male GARRETT (child of Otis Cleason and Emma Zeta "Sis" Garrett) *
Victoria (___) GOBBLE * 
William C NUNLEY

William David GARRETT *
William David HARLEY *
William Thornton PIPPIN

Washington County, VA: Walnut Grove Cemetery, Mendota (39) 

Archibald A VANHOOK * 
Caldonia L "Donia" (Dye) LEONARD *
Charles Benjamin HOBBS *
Charles Lafayette VANHOOK *  
Charles Ruben KAYLOR *
Charles Washington VANHOOK *
Clinton William or Wood SPROLES

Edmond Hallie BARKER *
Eliza Ann (Vanhook) BARKER * 
Eliza Nannie Jane (Barker) STROUP *
Elizabeth (Kaylor) VANHOOK *
English VANHOOK * 
Flora Virgil (Kegley) HOBBS * 
Francis M HOBBS *
Helogene (Roe) FLEENOR * 
Huldah Virginia (Leonard) HOBBS *
James H LEWIS * 
James L SPROLES * 
Jesse Berry BARKER * 
John Franklin KEGLEY *
Martha L (Collins) VANHOOK * 
Martha Virginia "Jennie" (Sproles) BARKER * 
Martha Washington (Stephens) KAYLOR *
Mary E (Lithcoe) VANHOOK * 
Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" (Gobble) SPROLES * 
Mary Maria (Moore) WOOTEN
Rachel Elizabeth "Lizzie" BARKER *
Rebecca Annis (Vanhook) KEGLEY *
Richard Fane STROUP *
Robert Thurman "Jack" KAYLOR
Sarah Kate (Sproles) KAYLOR

Sophia Jane (Vanhook) LEWIS * 
Steven Michael KEGLEY *
Virginia (Wooten) Barker, MARRS
William David VANHOOK * 
William Edward LEONARD *
William Robert KEGLEY
Willie Archie VANHOOK *

Washington County, VA: Walnut Springs Cemetery (7) 
(Valerie and Debra transcribed this entire cemetery.  
It can be found at

Laura A (Pippin) HENDERSON *
Mary Catherine "Kate" (Pippin) WILLIAMS *
Mary "Polly" (Andis) PIPPIN *
Maud Lea (Cumbow) WILLIAMS *
Thomas Edward WILLIAMS *
Thomas PIPPIN *
William H WILLIAMS *

Washington County, VA: Willis Cemetery, Mendota (2)

Arie Smith "Ira" DIXON
James Howard DIXON

Washington County, VA: Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery, Damascus (2)

James Walter McCANN *
Jettie Mary (Fleenor) McCANN *


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