Cemeteries: Virginia (Wise County - Wythe County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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Wise County, VA: American Legion Cemetery, Big Stone Gap (10)

Bessie Golden (Andis) DEAN *
Brandel L FLEENOR *

Charles "Charlie" DEAN *
Edna L (Andis) FLEENOR *
Jack Wallace DEAN *
Jewel (Fleenor) Bartlett, McCRACKEN *
John Conley "Con" McCRACKEN *
Montague G "Monta" FLEENOR *

Veda Lois DEAN *
Viola Kay (Thacker) SHUBERT

Wise County, VA: Beverly Cemetery, Hurricane (1)

Frederick Wilson DALE * 

Wise County, VA: Beverly Cemetery, Wise (1)

Maggie S (Jessee) DALE *

Wise County, VA: Edwards Cemetery, Coeburn (1)

James William HOBBS  

Wise County, VA: Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap (10)

Ada Lee (Botts) ANDES *
Adrian Eugene "Andy" ANDES * 
Carrie Mabel (Davis) HILL *
Daniel Calvin HILL *
Helen Stone (Wharton) ANDES * 
James Edward GARRISON
James Martin ANDES *
James Spurgeon VANHOOK (unmarked)
James Odell GOOD *
Sturme Wesley BROOKS *

Wise County, VA: Greenwood Acres Memorial Gardens, Coeburn (2)

Charles Edward SANDERS
Thelma Louise (Bonham) SANDERS

Wise County, VA: Hamilton Family Cemetery, Pound (1)

Minnie Sue (Anders) BOGGS  

Wise County, VA: Laurel Grove Cemetery, Norton (1)

Mary Elizabeth (Hall) SHEPHERD  

Wise County, VA: Powell Valley Memorial Gardens, Big Stone Gap (20)

Alpha Morgan (Russell) BONHAM *
Bevie Irene (Dale) STURGILL *
Booker Edward BLACK *
Charlie Elmer BUSH
Daniel Elisha "D E" McGEE *

Elsie (Fleenor) JARRETT

Harold E Jr STURGILL   
Jerry D BUSH
Jessie R JARRETT *
Joshua Heath BUSH *
Julia (Willis) JARRETT *

Lawrence Clemmons BONHAM *
Margaret Eleanor (Hobbs) WRIGHT *
Mary Belle (Kegley) BLACK * 
Mary Fae (Vanhook) McGEE *
Michael William WRIGHT *

Minnie (Potter) CRESS *
Patrick Clay CRESS *

Ralph Edward BLACK *

Wise County, VA: Powers Cemetery (1)

Richard Douglas SANDERS

Wise County, VA: Riverview Cemetery, East Stone Gap (6)

Arnold Joseph SHEPHERD
Feba Jane (Shepherd) BLEDSOE
Henry Carson MAHAN
James Allen Sr BLEDSOE
Walter James SHEPHERD
William Holley SHEPHERD *

Wise County, VA: Wells Family Cemetery, Esserville (4)

Bessie Beatrice "Bea" (Hamilton) CARTER *
Sherman W CARTER * 
unknown male CARTER (child of Sherman W Carter and Bessie Beatrice (Hamilton) Carter) *
unknown male CARTER (child of Sherman W Carter and Bessie Beatrice (Hamilton) Carter) *

Wythe County, VA: Groseclose Chapel (1)

Mildred Juanita (Jennings) WINGATE  

Wythe County, VA: Keesling Cemetery, Graham's Forge (2)

Matilda (Cassell) KEESLING *



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