Cemeteries: Washington (Lewis County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
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Washington (Lewis County) 


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Lewis County, WA: Claquato Cemetery (those dying after 1973)
see: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Chehalis (those dying before 1973)

Lewis County, WA: Fern Hill Cemetery, Chehalis (2)

Maria S (Eaton) WISNER *
Silas Wales WISNER * 

Lewis County, WA: Glenwood Memorial Park, Centralia (2)

Alfred Debard SAULSBERRY *
Martha Belle (Blizzard) SAULSBERRY * 

Lewis County, WA: Lone Hill Cemetery, Toledo (1)

Charles Austin BALDWIN * 

Lewis County, WA: Mountain View Cemetery, Centralia (3)

Ethelyn (Rouse) HAIGHT *
Naomi Faye (Duncan) LARSON *
Stanley William LARSON * 

Lewis County, WA: Mountain View Cemetery, Napavine (4)

Ethelyn (Rouse) HAIGHT *
Gladys (Eaton) CURTIS * 
Joseph G HAIGHT *

Virgil CURTIS *

Lewis County, WA: Napavine Cemetery, Napavine (36)

Arthur Frederick SCHMIT *
Charles Orrin SMITH * 
Clifton Harvey MATHEWS *

Dale Lee SCHMIT *
Donald Wesley PACSMAG *
Edna Adelia (Young) SCHMIT *
Francis Virgil "Frank" SCHMIT *
Frederick Gottlieb SCHMIT *
Gaynell Alice HANSON * 
Gilbert Virgil CURTIS *

Gladys Christina SCHMIT * 
Glennys Irene (Schmit) PACSMAG *

Harriet Mae "Hattie" (Haight) SCHMIT * 
Ida Ethel (Nail) HARPER *
James Andrew (Rev) NAIL
James Arthur "Jim" SCHMIT * 
Joyce Irvinna (Schmit) CURTIS *
Kristine Marie SCHMIT *

Lafayette Frank "Lafe" (Dr) NAIL * 
Lafayette Valentine "Lafe" SCHMIT * 
Lucinda Melvina (Phillips) HAWKINS

Lura Helen (Nail) SCHMIT *
Mattie (Miller) SMITH *
Rachel (Westhafer) NAIL *
Raleigh Wilmet "Bill" SCHMIT *
Ralph HANSON *
Robert Nuten PHILLIPS *
Roma Ailleen (Smith) SCHMIT *
Teanie Ella (Carrigan) SCHMIT 
Teanie Mae (Selph) SCHMIT *

Tina Jane (Nail) HANSON *
unnamed female SCHMIT (infant of Raleigh Wilmet Schmit and Roma Ailleen (Smith) Schmit
Vivian Annette (Schmit) ELZNER *
Wanda Irene (Nail) MULLINIX *
Wilbur O SCHMIT *
William Garrett HAWKINS *

Lewis County, WA: Sticklin Cemetery, Centralia (2)
(a.k.a. Greenwood Memorial Park)

Clebert Jess DUNCAN *
Leona Veda (McKinley) DUNCAN *

Lewis County, WA: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Chehalis (21)
(a.k.a. Claquato Cemetery)

Alena M "Lena" (Jones) HENSEL *
Alvin Marvil AMONDSON *
Anna Katharina (Spotz) YOUNG *
Arthur K YOUNG *

Betty Fern (Van Kleek) Amondson, ALLEN *
Cary Hubble FISCUS *
Eliza Jane (Rockwood) FISCUS * 
Esther May (Griffith) HARPER *
George John HENSEL *
Harold Baker WISNER *
Harold Harry ALLEN *
Hartzell Sherman HARPER * 
Hazel Katherine (Young) WISNER *
John W YOUNG *

Julia (Harris) SKIDMORE *
Margaret D (Liner) YOUNG *

Orpha Evelyn (Baker) WISNER *
Robert T WISNER 
Solomon ANGST *

Warner B (Rev) KELLER *

Lewis County, WA: Winlock Cemetery, Winlock (3)

Alice Irene "Allie" (McFadden) BAKER *
Florence (Talley) McFADDEN *
Theodore F McFADDEN *



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