Emmett Lee Maness


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1) Emmett Lee Maness:
   born 18 Aug 1878 Lee Co, VA; photo including Emmett
   died 15 Jul 1953 near Hayden, Jennings, IN; death notice; card of thanks;
   death certificate; cause of death: diabetes mellitus with contributing arteriosclerosis;
   buried Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Geneva Twp, Jennings, IN; tombstone photo;
   WWI and WWII draft registration cards;


   Emmett married (1) Lucinda Florence Crusenberry on 15 Mar 1900 Lee Co, VA
           (born 10 Mar 1880 Lee Co, VA; photos including Lucinda;
           died 28 Apr 1942 St Charles, Lee, VA;
           death certificate; cause of death: starvation due to pnuemonia; contributing cause was arthritis;
           buried Maness Cemetery, Lee Co, VA; tombstone photo;  
           daughter of William Leo Crusenberry (17 Oct 1852 Lee Co, VA-27 Jul 1915 Lee Co, VA;
           buried Cooper Family Cemetery, tombstone photo) and
           Sarah Elizabeth Smith (01 or 13 Jan 1859 Lee Co, VA-30 May 1948 Pennington Gap,Lee, VA; death certificate;
           buried Pennington Cemetery, Stone Creek, Lee, VA; tombstone photo

                  *  Lucinda Crusenberry is a sister of Mary Jane Crusenberry, found here under (3) William Leslie Carter and
                      Maggie Crusenberry, found here under (2) George Clement Maness

     divorced by Apr 1942;
       1) Ida Cleo Maness - see separate personal page

        2) Minnie Ethel Maness - born 15 Nov 1904 Lee Co, VA; photos including Minnie;
               died 10 Dec 1992 likely DelRay Beach, Palm Beach, FL (resident of Laurel Co, KY);
               buried Locust Grove Cemetery, Keavy, Laurel, KY; tombstone photo
               married Chesley Lewis Brock on 28 Apr 1924 likely Keavy, Laurel, KY
                         (born 10 Aug 1902 Laurel Co, KY; 
                         died 31 Aug 1974 London, Laurel, KY; hospital admittance; card of thanks;
                         no obituary found in Laurel Co, KY;
                         buried Locust Grove Cemetery, Keavy, Laurel, KY; tombstone photo;
                         son of James Shanklin Brock (04 Sep 1860 Knox Co, KY-21 Nov 1923 Newcomb, Laurel, KY) and 
                         Margaret Vina Jones (04 Sep 1866 Laurel Co, KY-01 Jun 1943 London, Laurel, KY);
                         James and Margaret buried Locust Grove Cemetery, Keavy, Laurel, KY; tombstone photos
                   1) Lorene Iris Brock - born 10 Mar 1925 Keavy, Laurel, KY; 
                            died 25 Sep 1964 Brandenburg, Meade, KY; obituary;
                            buried Cap Anderson Cemetery, Brandenburg, Meade, KY; tombstone photo;
                            married Roy Archie Peace on 27 Oct 1944 IN
                                       (born 27 Dec 1918 Corbin, Whitley, KY;
                                       died 20 Aug 1981 Elizabethton, Hardin, KY; 
                                       buried Cap Anderson Cemetery, Brandenburg, Meade, KY; tombstone photo;
                                        U.S. Army - WWII (03 Jan 1942-24 Jun 1942); Social Security record)
                                  1) Barbara Jean Peace - living?; married Lynn Hardin Thompson on 27 Aug 1963 (living?);
                                                1) Iris Lynette Thompson - born 28 Sep 1964;
                                                           died 13 Oct 1981 Memphis, Shelby, TN (St Jude's Hospital); cause of death: leukemia;
                                                2) Leslie Ann Thompson - living?; married Glen Casey Wilson in June 1991 (living?);
                                                                1) Luke Major Wilson - living?; married?; children?
                                                                2) Mack Allen Wilson - living?; married?; children?
                                                                3) Brock Strother Wilson - living?; married?; children?
                                                3) Brent Hardin Thompson - living?; married Lisa Claude in Oct 2001 (living?);
                                                                1) Gabrielle Lynette Thompson - living?; married?; children?
                                                4) Allen Peace Thompson - living?; married Heather Kyner in Jul 2009 (living?);
                                                                1) Roman Michael Thompson - living?; married?; children
                                  2) Roberta Carolyn Peace - living?; married Ronald O Hockman on 29 May 1966 (living?);
                                                1) Sarabeth Kristen Hockman - living?;
                                                          married David A Bollinger (living?);
                                                                1) Lauryn Bollinger - living?; married?; children?
                                                                2) Andrew Bollinger - living?; married?; children?
                                                                3) Shelby Bollinger - living?; married?; children?
                                                                4) Reagan Bollinger - living?; married?; children?
                                                                5) Alexis Bollinger - living?; married?; children?
                                                2) Ashley Carolyn Hockman - living?;
                                                          married Albert M Russo (living?);
                                                                1) Brooke Russo - living?; married?; children?
                                                                2) Owen Russo - living?; married?; children?
                                  3) Peggy June Peace - living?; married Louis D Darnall on 25 Apr 1969 (living?);       
                                           1) Meredith Dean Darnall - living?; married?; children?           
                   2) Clarence R (Rev) Brock - living?; photo including Clarence
                             U.S. Army - WWII; enlistment record
                            married Alena E Bill on 26 Aug 1950
                                        (born 30 Oct 1930;
                                        died 02 Oct 1993 possibly Yorktown, Delaware, IN;
                                        buried Dunn Cemetery, London, Laurel, KY; tombstone photo)
                                1) Danny Russell Brock - living?; married Darlene ____ (living?); children?
                                2) Margaret Carolyn Brock - living?; married Phillip ____ (living?); children?
                   3) Kenneth Foster Brock - born 06 Jul 1929 Grays Knob, Harlan, KY;
                            died 31 May 2011 Dearborn, Lawrence, IN; obituary - includes photo;
                            buried Dale Cemetery, Connersville, Fayette, IN; tombstone photo;
                             U.S. Army - Korea;
                            Kenneth married (1) Vivian Tuggle (living?);
                                 1) Kenneth Wayne Brock - born 16 Apr 1950 IN;
                                          died 27 Dec 201 likely Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA;
                                               1) Reagan Mackenzie Brock - living?;
                                                         married Elizabeth _____ (living?); children?
                                               2) Brandon N Brock - living?; married?; children?      
                                               3) Dakota Kenneth Brock - living?; married?; children?
                            Kenneth married (2) Beatrice "Bea" Burch on 12 May 1956
                                          (born 01 Jan 1929 Brookville, Franklin, IN;
                                          died 17 Dec 2013 Batesville, Ripley, IN; obituary;
                                          buried Dale Cemetery, Connersville, Fayette, IN; tombstone photo;
                                          son of Walter Burch (27 Jan 1892 Owsley Co, KY-17 Dec 1973 Greensburg, Decatur, IN) and
                                          Lillie Sandlin (22 Nov 1892-13 Jan 1974 Connersville, Fayette, IN); Walter and Lillie buried
                                          Maple Grove Cemetery, Brookville, Franklin, IN; tombstone photo
                                 2) Rhonda Gail Brock - born 10 Jul 1959 IN; 
                                          died 25 Nov 1970 Rushville, Rush, IN;
                                          death certificate; cause of death: cerebral spinal meningitis;   
                                          buried Dale Cemetery, Connersville, Fayette, IN; tombstone photo
                   4) Archie C (Rev) Brock - living?; 
                            Archie married (1) Sallie Ada Lewis (living?)
                                 1) Mark Anthony Brock - living?; married Debbie Miller (living?); children?
                                 2) Timothy Evan Brock - living?; married Laura Motto (living?); children?
                            Archie married (2) Ada ____ (living?); children? 
                   5) Dorothy Jewell Brock - born 03 Feb 1934 Harlan Co, KY;
                            died 16 Jun 1961 Asheville, Buncombe, NC; 
                            death certificate; cause of death: crushed chest; hemorrhage due to car accident;
                            buried Locust Grove Cemetery, Keavy, Laurel, KY; tombstone photo;
                            married William H Wooten (born (___); died (___));
                                1) Penny Candiace Wooten - born 06 Sep 1960; 
                                         died 02 or 03 May 1969 Columbus, Franklin, OH; death record;
                                         buried Locust Grove Cemetery, Keavy, Laurel, KY; tombstone photo
                   6) Norma Eileen Brock - born 08 June 1937 Harlan Co, KY;   
                            died 05 Sep 2005 Alexandria, Campbell, KY; obituary;
                            buried Alexandria Cemetery, Alexandria, Campbell, KY; tombstone photo;
                            Norma married (1) Enoch Wooton (living?)
                                1) Gordon Bruce Wooton - living?; married Sherry ____ (living?)
                                               1) Lewis Wooton - living?; married?; children?      
                                               2) Jill Wooton - living?; married?; children?
                                2) Lucinda Lee "Cindy" Wooton - living?;
                                        married Edward O Martin on 25 Sep 1987 Campbell Co, KY (living?)
                                        no children
                            Norma married (2) Enoch Wooton (living?); (see marrage #1)
                            Norma married (3) Charlie Woolum (living?)

                            Norma married (4) Shoat Gregory (living?); children?    
                   7) Alvin Leonard Brock - born 27 Apr 1939 Harlan Co, KY; 
                            died 09 Jan 2000 Cadiz, Trigg, KY; 
                            buried Locust Grove Cemetery, Keavey, Laurel, KY; tombstone photos;
                             U.S. Army;
                            married?; children?     
                   8) Lacy Willard Brock - born 10 Aug 1941 Harlan Co, KY; 
                            died 16 Mar 2001 Jacksonville, Duval, FL; death notice;
                            buried H Warren Smith Cemetery, Jacksonville Beach, Duval, FL; tombstone photo;   
                             U.S. Air Force - Vietnam;
                            Lacy married (1) Shirley Boggs (living?)
                            no children;  
                            Lacy married (2) Elaine Craycroft (living?)
                            divorced 08 Dec 1980 Duval Co, FL;  
                                1) Erin Brock - living?; married?; children?
                            Lacy married (3) Donna Marlow/Stier on 22 May 1982  Duval Co, FL;   
                            divorced 11 Jun 1984 Duval Co, FL;
                            no children 
                            Lacy married (4) Martha Helen Escobar on 01 Aug 1986 Miami-Dade Co, FL (living?)
                            divorced 20 Feb 1989 Columbia Co, FL;
                            no children

       3) Claude Lee Maness - born 04 Feb 1907 St Charles, Lee, VA; photos including Claude;
               died 06 Nov 1970 Pikeville, Pike, KY; obituary;
               buried Maness Cemetery, St Charles, Lee, VA; grave marker;
               Claude married (1) Edith Little on unknown date in Wheelwright, Floyd, KY
                       (born 14 Feb 1913 Wheelwright, Floyd, KY; 
                       died 07 Aug 1943 Wheelwright, Floyd, KY; obituary;
                       death certificate; cause of death : toxemia of pregnancy;
                       buried Melvin Grove Cemetery, Paintsville, Johnson, KY; 
                       daughter of Joseph Little and
                       Evaline Hall (1893 Floyd Co, KY-19 Oct 1941 West Liberty, Morgan, KY;
                       cause of death: injuries as a result of a car accident; buried Melvin Cemetery, Paintsville, Johnson, KY)
                   1) Jeanette Lois Maness - born 30 Jul 1933 Floyd Co, KY; 
                           died 07 Dec 1994 Sylvania, Lucas, OH; obituary; cremated Whitehouse, Lucas, OH; 
                           Jeanette married (1) ____ Rupp (died of MS when young)
                                1) Brent Rupp - living?; married?; children?
                                2) Mary Rupp - living?; married?; children?
                                3) Joshua Rupp - living?; married?; children?
                           Jeanette married (2) Robert Alfred "Bob" Brown on 28 Jun 1980 Carson City, Ormsby, NV (living?)
                   2) Joseph Claude "J C" Maness - born 07 Apr 1940 Martin, Floyd, KY; 
                           died 09 Jun 2009 Knoxville, Knox, TN; obituary
                           buried East Carter County Memory Gardens, Grayson, Carter, KY; tombstone photo
                            U.S. Army;
                           married Thelma June Adams (born 01 Aug 1935; 
                                           died 29 Jun 1995 Knoxville, Knox, TN;
                                           buried East Carter County Memory Gardens, Grayson, Carter, KY; tombstone photo)
                                1) Gregory Scott Maness - living?; married?; children?
                                2) Joseph Lee Maness - living?; 
                                        married Angela Dawn Klukas (living?);
                                             1) Madison Raine Maness - living?; married?; children?
                                             2) Eva Brooke Maness - living?; married?; children?
                                             3) Benjamin Lee Maness - living?; married?; children? 
                                3) Adam Cole Maness - living?; 
                                        married Mary Suzzane Osborne on 10 May 2007 (living?)
                                            1) Bettie Paige Maness - living?; married?; children? 
                                            2) Maddox Roderick Maness - living?; married?; children? 
                                4) Rita Maness - living?; 
                                        married ____ Eddy (living?); children?
                   3) unknown Maness - born 07 Aug 1943; died 07 Aug 1943; cause of death: stillborn
               Claude married (2) Gusta Branham on 01 Sep 1951 Wise Co, VA
                       (born c. 1913 Penny, Pike, KY;
                       died (___);
                       daughter of Elizha Branham and Rissie Roberts)
               marriage record for Claude and Gusta;

        4) Clifford E (possibly Elbert) Maness - born 25 Jan 1910 VA; photos including Clifford
               died 28 Dec 1976 Cheverly, Prince George's, MD; obituary;
               buried Resthaven Memorial Park, Louisville, Jefferson, KY; tombstone photo
               married Phoebe Little on 17 Jan 1934 (born 28 Jul 1914; 
                        died 12 Nov 1996; 
                        buried Resthaven Memorial Park, Louisville, Jefferson, KY; tombstone photo)
                   1) Clyde Maness - born 14 Jan 1935 Floyd Co, KY; 
                            died 29 Mar 1999 possibly Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; obituary
                            buried Gardens of Faith Cemetery, Rosedale, Baltimore, MD; tombstone photo
                            married Kathryn A Furst (living?; 
                                    daughter of Robert J Furst (16 Aug 1914 ND-Jan 1975;  U.S. Army - WWII) and 
                                    Catherine B Horner (16 Jan 1918-21 Sep 2004 Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; obituary); 
                                    Robert and Catherine buried Gardens of Faith Cemetery, Rosedale, Baltimore, MD - tombstone photos)
                                1) David W Maness - living?; married?; children? 
                                2) Deborah A Maness - living?; 
                                          married ____ Leary (living?); children?         
                   2) Georgene Maness - living?; 
                            Georgene married (1) Patrick Collins (living?); children?   
                            Georgene married (2) Lanny D Schooler (living?); children?   
                   3) Burnice Maness - born 28 Feb 1938 Floyd Co, KY; 
                            died 18 Jun 2012 likely Louisville, Jefferson, KY; obituary
                            buried Resthaven Memorial Park, Louisville, Jefferson, KY; crypt photo;
                            married Kenneth W Graham (living?)
                               1) Gregory Clint Graham - living?; married?; children?
                               2) Kenneth Jr Graham - living?; married Tory ____ (living?); children? 

    Emmett married (2) Laura Ellen Lewis
                (born 02 Feb 1883 Leslie Co, KY;
                died 17 Nov 1965 North Vernon, Jennings, IN;
                death certificate; cause of death: cerebral vascular accident due to generalized arteriosclerosis; ; 
                buried Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Geneva Twp, Jennings, IN; tombstone photo;
                daughter of John M "Jack" Lewis and Louisa Garrison;
                Laura also married to ____ (possibly James) Pennington; Laura possibly also married John Cooper)
        5) Harvey Reed Maness - born 21 Mar 1918 Lee Co, VA; birth record;
                died 17 Dec 1979 Paramount, Los Angeles, CA;
                death certificate; cause of death: cardiopulmonary arrest due to acute myelomoncytic leukemia;
                buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA; tombstone photo
                Harvey married (1) Shirley ____ (living?)
                Harvey married (2) Jean Delores Bray on 06 Jul 1943
n 11 Apr 1926 Independence, Kenton, KY;
                         died 01 Jul 1977 P
aramount, Los Angeles, CA;
                         buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA; tombstone photo
aughter of Clifford Stanley Bray (14 Jul 1899 KY-1969;  U.S. Army - WWI) and
                         Effie Mae Kyle (20 Jun 1900 KY-18 Feb 1980);
                         Clifford and Effie buried Saint Mary's Cemetery, Morning View, Kenton, KY; tombstone photo);
                     1) Barbara May Maness - living?; married Ja
mes Prince (living?)
                                   1) Carolyn Prince - living?; married?; children? 
                                   2) James Prince - living?; married?; children? 
                                   3) David Prince - living?; married?; children? 
                                   4) Jennifer Prince - living?; married?; children? 
                     2) Connie Lee Maness - living?; married ____
Getman (living?)
                                   1) Robert Moore - living?; married?; children? 
                                   2) Christina Moore - living?; married?; children? 
                     3) Elbert Ray Maness - living?; married Valeria Jean Dair on 20 May 1977 Kenton Co, KY
                                      (born 25 May 1956; died 02 Feb 2005);
                                   1) Rebecca Lee Maness - living?; married ____ Seligman  (living?); children? 
                     4) Clifford Reed Maness - living?;
                                U.S. Air Force;
                               married Sh
aron Kay Lafollette (living?)
                                   1) Heather E Maness - living?; married ____ Guerrero  (living?); children? 
                                   2) Christina L Maness - living?; married ____ Pimentel  (living?); children? 
                                   3) Leland Reed Maness - living?; married?; children? 

        6) Edward Alan Maness - living?; married?; children?

        7) Herman Edsel Maness - born 22 Nov 1922 VA;
                 died 05 Jan 1988 Covington, Kenton, KY; obituary
                 buried Mother of God Cemetery, Kenton Vale, Kenton, KY; tombstone photo;
                  U.S. Navy - WWII;
                 Herman married (1) Dorothy E Radmer (living?); children? 
                 Herman married (2) Jean Catherine Haubner on 28 Apr 1973 Campbell Co, KY
                           (born 05 Jan 1927 Kenton Co, KY; died 08 Dec 2004 Covington, Kenton, KY;
                           Jean married (1) ____ Reeves;
                           Jean married (2) Denver Clayton Smith, Jr (11 Jun 1928 Nitro, WV-08 Apr 1984 Covington, Kenton, KY));
                    1) Gina M Maness - living?; married Steve E Wash on 10 Dec 1983 Campbell Co, KY (living?)
                                     1) Douglas Anthony Wash - living?; married?; children?