Our 10 "Most Wanted"


These are some of the "most wanted" items in our research.  
They may be big "brick wall" items or just something that bugs us.  
 No monetary reward for finding them... just the satisfaction that you helped 
put one more piece of the puzzle together!

1. Who are the parents of William H Bowman?

2. Where did Abraham Andis die, and where is he buried?
Update: One of Abraham's descendants said he is buried in Maness Cemetery, Lee Co, VA. He states he saw a tombstone c. 1995.

3. Where is Andrew Andis buried? (Died in Washington Co, IN)

4. What are the exact birth and death dates for Matthias Andis?

5. When and where did Survetus Webster die, and where is he buried? (Last found living with daughter in Parsons, KS in 1915.)

6. What is the exact birth date for Emily Jane Andis? *

7. When and where did Rachel (Andis) Nail die, and where is she buried?

8. When and where did William S Andis die, and where is he buried?

9. When and where did James C Andis die, and where is he buried?

10. Where is John Martin Andis buried?


* Note: Emily's death certificate notes her birth date as 29 Jan 1870.  We find this suspect for two reasons. First, her parents were married January 29, 1871 in Ironton, MO.  Secondly,  we find it highly suspicious that she was born EXACTLY one year EARLIER than their marriage.  We believe she was born sometime in 1871 and there was confusion as to actual dates. 
Records that support our conclusion are the census records only:
1870 census (not found)
1880 census, Emily's age supports birth in 1871.
1900 census (not found)
1910, taken 21 Apr 1910 - supports birth in 1870
1920, taken 9 January 1920 - supports birth in 1871
1930, taken 21 Apr 1930 - supports birth in 1870