James and Mary Andis's Children


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1) Martha Ann Andis:
   see separate personal page 

2) Henry N Andis:
   born c. 1872 IL; 
   died after 1882; married?; children?

3) Emily Miriar Andis:
   see separate personal page

4) Charles Andis: 
   born c. 1877 IL; 
   died by 1882; married?; children?

5) Amy Alice Andis:
   see separate personal page

6) Christena "Teeny" Andis:
   born possibly 01 Mar or May 1881 Clark Co, IL; 
   died 1961; 
   buried Keen's Chapel Cemetery, Iola, Clay, IL; tombstone photo
   Christena married (1) Henry P Bedford on 23 Jul 1894 Edgewood, Effingham, IL 
              (born Dec 1866 MS;
              died possibly by 1910 census in possibly Effingham Co, IL; 
              son of Henry Bedford (born c. 1845) and Charlotte Johnson (born c. 1845))
   marriage record for Christena and Henry
        1) Bert Bellmore Bedford - born 19 Mar 1895 Clay Co, IL; 
               died 15 Jun 1974 Terre Haute, Vigo, IN; obituary
               buried Grandview Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo, IN; tombstone photo
               WWI and WWII draft registration cards;
               married Sarah E Beasley
                       (born 1900 Marshall, Clark, IL; 
                       died 17 Aug 1975; obituary
                       buried Grandview Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo, IN; tombstone photo)
               City Directory listings for Bert and Sarah;

               * Bert and Sarah can also be found here under (2) John Beasley.

                   1) Stella Bedford - living?;   
                           married ____ Wilke (living?); children?
                   2) Mildred Bedford - living?; 
                           Mildred married (1) Charles Rosa?*
(living?; son of Charles Edward Rosa);

                           Mildred married (2) ____ Reagin (living?); children?

                    * note: marriage application for Mildred Bedford and Charles Rosa, son of Charles Edward Rosa found in 
                      Terre Haute, Vigo, IN, but no date for marriage. 

                   3) Joann Bedford - living?;
                            Joann married (1) ____ Killion (living?); children? 
                            Joann married (2) ____ Robbins (living?); children?
                   4) Gladys Irene Bedford - born 26 Sep 1929 LaClede, Fayette, IL; photo including Gladys;
                            died 30 Dec 1993 West Terre Haute, Vigo, IN; obituary
                            buried Dunlap Cemetery, Dennison, Clark, IL; tombstone photo;
                            married Delmar Heyen on 27 Feb 1948 Vigo Co, IL 
                                    (born 16 Nov 1923 Terre Haute, Vigo, IN; 
                                    died 11 Dec 1973 Terre Haute, Vigo, IN; obituary
                                    buried Dunlap Cemetery, Dennison, Clark, IL; tombstone photo;
                                    son of Fred Heyen (1888 IN-1961) and Cecile Harrington (1898 IL-1974); 
                                    Fred and Cecile buried Dunlap Cemetery, Dennison, Clark, IL - tombstone photo)
                            marriage record for Gladys and Delmar;
                               1) Sheila Heyen - living?; 
                                        Sheila married (1) ____ Gilman (living?)
                                             1) Lisa Gilman - living?; married?; children? 
                                        Sheila married (2) ____ Harper (living?)
                                             2) Heather Harper - living?; married?; children? 
                                             3) Heidi Harper - living?; married?; children?   
                               2) Mary Heyen - living?;  
                                        Mary married (1) ____ Crucik (living?)
                                             1) Autumn Crucik - living?; married?; children?  
                                             2) Shelby Crucik - living?; married?; children? 
                                        Mary married (2) ____ Roberts (living?)
                                             3) Derrick Roberts - living?; married?; children?    
                               3) Jeffrey Delmar Heyen - living?; married?; children? 
                               4) Michael A Heyen - living?; married?; children? 
                   5) John Bedford - living?; married?; children? 
                   6) Virginia Agnes Bedford - born 29 Oct 1932 Edgewood, Clay, IL; 
                            died 29 Oct 1932 Larkinsburg, Clay, IL; death record
                            buried unknown cemetery, Edgewood, Clay, IL   
                   7) Catherine Bedford - living?; married?; children? 

        2) unknown Bedford - born 1894-1900; died 1894-1900

        3) Olitha May Bedford - born 19 Aug 1900 IL; 
                died Oct 1976 possibly Rockford, Winnebago, IL; 
                buried Roscoe Cemetery, Roscoe, Winnebago, IL; tombstone photo;
                married James Edward McFarland c. 1918 
                              (born 02 Apr 1890 Ramsey, Fayette, IL; 
                              died Mar 1964 likely IL;
                              buried Roscoe Cemetery, Roscoe, Winnebago, IL; tombstone photo;
                              WWI and WWII draft registration cards


                              son of William McFarland (born Apr 1869 IN) and Jane ____ (born Jun 1877 IL))
                    1) Ivy May McFarland - living?; married?; children?
                    2) Illena McFarland - living?; married?; children?
                    3) Mary Irene McFarland - born 10 Sep 1921 Edgewood, Effingham, IL;
                                died 25 Sep 2010 Decatur, Macon, IL; obituary;
                                buried Graceland Cemetery, Decatur, Macon, IL;
                                Mary married (1) Hughbert James Dunn
                                             (born 16 Dec 1921 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH;
                                             died 19 Sep 1990 Westlake, Cuyahoga, OH;
                                             buried Evergreen Cemetery, Westlake, Cuyahoga, OH; tombstone photo;
                                             U.S. Army - WWII (11 Aug 1942-01 Dec 1945);
                                       1) Hughbert John Dunn - born 02 Nov 1944 Lake Charles, LA;
                                                    died 09 Oct 1989 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH;
                                                    unknown branch - Vietnam (18 Jun 1962-30 Sep 1966);
                                                    married?; children?
                                       2) Marilyn Dunn - born (___); died by Sep 2010; married?; children?
                                       3) Cheryl Ann Dunn - born 23 Jul 1949 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH;
                                                     died 12 Dec 1982 Middleburg Heights, Cuyahoga, OH;
                                                     buried Riverside Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH;
                                                     married Michael Knight (living?);
                                       4) Margaret E Dunn - DNA match - living?; married Steve Stolle (living?); children?
                                       5) Michael William Dunn - living?; married Peggy ____ (living?); children?  
                                       6) Robert Dunn - living?; married?; children?
                                Mary married (2) Melvin Clyde Losier on 07 Oct 1967 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
                                               (born 25 Jan 1926 Decatur, Macon, IL;
                                               died 28 Oct 2015 Decatur, Macon, IL; obituary - includes photo;
                                               buried Graceland Cemetery, Decatur, Macon, IL);
                    4) James McFarland - living?; married?; children?
                    5) Russell McFarland - living?; married?; children?
                    6) Eugene McFarland - living?; married?; children?

        4) Herschel Owen Bedford* - born 15 Oct 1903 IL; 
                died May 1982 in possibly Centralia, Marion, IL; 

          * We are unsure if we have Herschel's wives and children correctly placed.

                 Herschel married (1) Kathryn ____ c. 1929
                            (born c. 1906; died (___))
                Herschel married (2) Minnie Ethel Long
                                (born c. 1906 possibly Ramsey, Fayette, IL; 
                                died 1986 possibly Ramsey, Fayette, IL)
                   1) Earl Elsworth Bedford - born 10 Apr 1938 in possibly Ramsey, Fayette, IL; 
                           died 22 Jun 2002 in possibly Ramsey, Fayette, IL; death notice;  
                           buried Ramsey Cemetery, Ramsey, Fayette, IL; tombstone photo
                           married Bessie ____ (living?; Bessie possibly married (1) ____ Cole)
                    2) Richard Bedford - living?; married?; children? 
                    3) Georgia Bedford - living?; married ____ White (living?); children? 
                    4) Gloria Bedford - living?; married ____ Kernan (living?); children?

        5) Mary or Maggie Bedford - born 07 Feb 1905 Larkinsburg, Clay, IL; 
                died 26 Jul 1970 in possibly Pico Rivera, Los Angeles, CA; 
                married Edward J Long
                        (born 1908 Larkinsburg, Clay, IL; died ___));

               Note: There is a good bit of confusion regarding Maggie's line. Her birth and death dates match a death certificate we have, but the parents are listed as Edward Bailey and Anna Foster. The certificate does state born Illinois, Negro, which does match this Maggie. We also find a Maggie and Edward Long in the 1930 census in Fayette Co, IL (they state they lived in Clay Co, IL in 1930) that appear to be a match. They have daughters Ollie (born c. 1933 and Susan Ellie Marie with them. If anyone can help clear up any confusion, we welcome the assistance.

                    1) Edith Mary Long - born c. Jun 1929 Larkinsburg, Clay, IL;
                              died 31 May 1930 Larkinsburg Twp, Clay, IL
; death record
                              buried Keens Chapel Cemetery, Larkinsburg Twp, Clay, IL; tombstone photo
                    2) Oliver Henry David Long - born 23 Apr 1935 Larkinsburg, Clay, IL;
                              died 15 Jan 1939 Iola, Clay, IL
; death record
                              buried Keens Chapel Cemetery, Larkinsburg Twp, Clay, IL; tombstone photo
                    3) Jesse Edward Long - born 30 Jan 1938 Larkinsburg, Clay, IL;
                              died 01 Feb 1938 Larkinsburg Twp, Clay, IL
; death record;   
                              buried Keens Chapel Cemetery, Larkinsburg Twp, Clay, IL; tombstone photo 
   Christena married (2) William E Clark on 28 May 1909 Edgewood, Effingham, IL - by Oscar Hoffman, PM
               (born c. 1868 Olney, Richland, IL; 
               died after 1910;
               son of Francis Clark; William married once prior);
   marriage record for Christina and William
   Christena married (3) Sylvester Shaw
               (born 16 Dec 1860 OH, Mar 1862 or 1870 IL; 
               died 26 Apr 1935 Larkinburg, Clay, IL - no obituary found in Clay Co, IL; death index;
               buried Keen's Chapel Cemetery, Iola, Clay, IL - unmarked (cemetery index);  
               possibly son of Warren Shaw (May 1828 IL-possibly 25 Mar 1917 Clay Co, IL) and 
               Catherine Casebear (born Mar 1839 IL or OH-01 Sep 1919 Clay Co, IL));
   Christena married (4) ____ (possibly Jesse) Fields
               (born possibly c. 1869; 
               died possibly 24 Sep 1954; death notice
               buried Worden City Cemetery, Worden, Madison, IL)  

7) Harmon O Andis:
   born c. 1881; 
   died after 1882; married?; children?