Cemeteries: Illinois (Logan County - Winnebago County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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 Illinois   (Logan County - Will County)


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Logan County, IL: Steenbergen Cemetery, Mt Pulaski (2)

Jeremiah Birks BUCKLES *
Mary (Copeland) BUCKLES *

Macon County, IL: Boiling Springs Cemetery, Decatur (3)

Claude Anthony Jr "Tony" HOLMES * 
Estella Emma (Kenne) MAYBERRY *
Samuel Isaac MAYBERRY *

Macon County, IL: Fairlawn Cemetery, Decatur (3)

Claude Anthony III HOLMES (unmarked as of 2022)
Rosa Etta (Woltz) LANGLEY *
Sherrick Antonio KNOTTS

Macon County, IL: Friends Creek Cemetery, Argenta (2)

Mildred M (___) REED *
Roy J REED *

Macon County, IL: Graceland Cemetery, Decatur (29)

Alberta Ellen (Huddleston) CRUM *
Bertha May (Huddleston) WEATHERFORD *
Betty Eileen (Smith) REED *

Charles Howard LANGLEY *
Edward Nelson NOTTINGHAM *
Elizabeth Jewell "Lil" (Mayberry) Nottingham, CARLSON *
Ethel E (Dorsey) LANGLEY *
Erma M (Pujol) DORSEY *

Hugh David MAJOR *
Irene Catherine (Fitzgerald) OVERHEUL *
Irvin Alfred Jr REED
Irvin Alfred "Senator" Sr REED *
Jacob Newton "Bud" HUDDLESTON *
John Elisha REED * 

Lawrence E COLBURN * 
Lilly Mae REED *
Marie Alma (Reed) MAJOR *
Mary Irene (McFarland) LOSIER *

Mary Lucinda (Colburn) REED *
Melvin Clyde LOSIER *
Menno Francis OVERHEUL *

Moses Adna COLBURN *
Richard Henry MAYBERRY * (cenotaph) 
Robert Dale REED *
Russell J CRUM *
Sarah Jane (Andis) HUDDLESTON *   
William E COLBURN *

Macon County, IL: Macon County Memorial Park, Harristown (2)

Gladys Ruth (Smull) EKISS *
Otis Lloyd EKISS * 

Macon County, IL: Maroa Cemetery, Maroa (7)

Cora Estella (Andis) WAHLQUIST (unmarked as of 2022)
Dora Olive (Andis) VAUGHN *
Henry ANDIS *
Joseph Campbell VAUGHN *
Millie J (Luallen) Andis, GORDEN *
Rhonda (Nunley) LUALLEN 

Macon County, IL: Point Pleasant Cemetery, Long Creek (1)

Cathy Mae (Cox) GRITTON *

Macon County, IL: Salem Cemetery, Decatur (2)

Alma Florence (Siehr) SMITH *
Melvin Ridgeway SMITH *

Macon County, IL: South Macon Township Cemetery, Macon (2)

J Howard HIGHLY *
Minnie B (Wise) HIGHLY *

Macon County, IL: Wheeler Cemetery, Decatur (3)

John Theodore "Teddy" WEATHERFORD *
Margaret "Maggie" (___) WEATHERFORD *

Madison County, IL: Highland Cemetery, Highland (3)

Frieda (Iberg) HUNZIKER *
Harvey John HUNZIKER *
John Arnold HUNZIKER *

Madison County, IL: Oakwood Cemetery, Upper Alton (1)

Roscoe "Ross" FORAKER *

Madison County, IL: Salem Cemetery, Alhambra (2)

Carol Jean (Ramsey) HEDIGER *
Edward Louis Jacob (Dr) HEDIGER * 

Madison County, IL: St Joseph Cemetery, Highland (3)

Alvina M (Frey) LUBER *
George Henry LUBER *
Mildred Ann (Luber) COX * 

Madison County, IL: Valley View Cemetery, Edwardsville (2)

Wanda (Hancock) SCHOENLEBER *

Madison County, IL: Woodland Hill, East Alton (1)

Harmon WHITE * 

Madison County, IL: Worden City Cemetery, Worden (21)

Amy "Alice" (Andis) OOTON (unmarked as of 2022)
Ardelia Dorris (Albrecht) OOTON *
Betty Jane (Ooton) BEST *
Betty Lee (Thompson) OOTON *
Edna Ione (Ooton) COX *
Ellanora "Clara" (Heinemeier) ALBRECHT *

Hampton BEST *
James OOTON *
John Jr "Bud" OOTON *
John Edward LOUGHRAN *

John Verne OOTON * 
Loren H "Hank" BEST *
Mary Alice OOTON *
Mary Ellen OOTON   
Mary Louise "Molly" (Dubree) OOTON *
Maude I (Loughran) OOTON * 
Ora Ellen (DuBree) BEST *
Patricia Lou "Patty" (Ooton) BURGETTE *
Robert George "Bob" HASSE *
Robert Levi OOTON (unmarked as of 2022)

Madison County, IL: Worden Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Worden (4)

Amielie (Schmidt) BLOTEVOGEL *
Emma M (Blotevogel) OOTON *
Stephen Arthur OOTON *

Marion County, IL: Dunkard Cemetery (1)

Henry SIPES *

Marion County, IL: unknown cemetery (possibly Cubbage Chapel Cemetery) (1)

John BEASLEY (cannot find as of 2022)

Mason County, IL: Meadow Lawn Cemetery, Manito (1)

Roscoe Eugene McFARLAND  

Menard County, IL: Old West Cemetery, Athens (1)

Lincoln Vern "Hookey" Sr NICHOLS *

Moultrie County, IL: Greenhill Cemetery, Sullivan (2)

Mary C (Cooley) SHUTTERS *
Joseph William GIBESON (unmarked as of 2022)

Moultrie County, IL: Hewitt Cemetery, Lovington (8)

Carrie Etta GIBESON *
Hannah (Shutters) Gibeson, BAILEY *
Susanna (Shutters) MURPHY *
William SHUTTERS *

Moultrie County, IL: Keller Cemetery, Lovington (2)

Margaret (Hostetler) BOGGS *
Samuel S BOGGS * 

Moultrie County, IL: Marrowbone Township Cemetery, Bethany (2)

Barbara Jean (Reed) PERRY * 
Marvin R PERRY * 

Moultrie County, IL: unknown cemetery, Sullivan (1)

Hannah (Ray) COOLEY  

Ogle County, IL: Trinity Memory Gardens, Hillcrest (3)

Basil E BECK *
Dorothy Joan (McFarland) BECK *
Roscoe Earl BECK *

Piatt County, IL: LaPlace Cemetery, LaPlace (2)

Alexander DOWERS *
Keziah (Laycock) DOWERS * 

Piatt County, IL: Mackville Cemetery (1)

Thomas Jefferson BUSKIRK * 

Piatt County, IL: Monticello Cemetery, Monticello (5)

Florence Adeline (Dupree) ALLEN *
Herbert Wilson ALLEN *
Mary Anna (Hart) JOHNSON * (no tombstone, but we have a photo of the burial site) 
Nannie (Holden) HART *
Orville HART * 

Pike County, IL: Dorsey-Browning Cemetery, Perry (4)

Alexander DORSEY *
Jane (Fox) DORSEY *
Susan Frances (Hudelson) DORSEY *
William Alpheus DORSEY *

Richland County, IL: Crest Haven Memorial Park, Claremont (5)

Betty Ann (Walls) HOOPINGARNER *

Leslie Vernon WALLS *
Vera Vincent (Barnes) WALLS * 

Richland County, IL: Haven Hill Cemetery, Richland (2)

Elmira (Davis) HAMMOND *
Oran Russell HAMMOND * 

Richland County, IL: North Freedom Cemetery, Noble (2)

Amanda Elizabeth (Patterson) Trowbridge, FUSON *

Saline County, IL: Wolf Creek Cemetery, Eldorado (1)

Franklin Leroy BYBEE * 

Sangamon County, IL: Calvary Cemetery, Springfield (10)

Gustav F OBERT * 

Sangamon County, IL: Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield (9) 

Anna Mae (Corday) PRIOR *
Calvin A SMITH *
Carl Gene SMITH *
Elizabeth (Drake) HEDRICK *
Eva L (Colburn) SMITH *
George H HEDRICK *
Lincoln V Jr NICHOLS *
Virgil Lee Jr PRIOR *
Wiley C KcKEE *

Sangamon County, IL: Oak Hill Cemetery, Buckhart (21) 
(a.k.a. Buckhart Cemetery; a.k.a. Cooper Cemetery)

Cecile Alta BUSH (unmarked as of 2015)
Clara Belle (___) LANGLEY (unmarked as of 2015)
Clarence COLBURN (unmarked as of 2015)
 (unmarked as of 2015)
Eva Pearl (McKee) DOTY *
Frances Marira "Frankie" (Langley) COLBURN *
John Avery LANGLEY *
Joner Adna COLBURN *
Kittie Lola (Langley) BUSH * 
Lena E (Miller) ANDIS (unmarked as of 2022)
Manuel J Sr NUNES *
Mary (Shutters) ANDIS
(unmarked as of 2022, but we have photo of area)
Mary Susan (Langley) Dobson, JORDAN *
Nathan Albert LANGLEY (unmarked as of 2015, but we have a photo of the site) *
Ora Albert BUSH *
Priscilla Belle (Huddleston) Powers, ANDIS *
Velma Edna (Colburn) NUNES *
Wiley Parker (Rev) ANDIS *
William Andrew ANDIS (unmarked as of 2022)
William Perry BUSH (unmarked as of 2015)
Winfield Scott JORDAN (unmarked as of 2022)

Sangamon County, IL: Oak Hill Cemetery, Springfield (2) 

Beatrice M (Paschon) NORMAN *
Raymond W NORMAN *

Sangamon County, IL: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield (6)

Betty Louise (Reed) NANCE *
James Robert DOBSON (unmarked as of 2022, but we have photo of area)
Lena (___) HEDERICH *
Martha L (Warbingdon) CAIN *

Robert CAIN *

Sangamon County, IL: Rochester Cemetery (1)

Russell M NANCE *

Sangamon County, IL: Roselawn Memorial Park, Springfield (6)

August George HEDRICK *
Gladys M (Colburn) SPARKS *
Lillian Mae (Hedrick) VOWELS *
Nora May (Colburn) HEDRICK * 
William Lewis SPARKS *

Sangamon County, IL: St Johns Lutheran Cemetery, New Berlin (1)

August L GRANKEY (unmarked as of 2022)

Shelby County, IL: Price Cemetery, Oconee (1)

Ida Elizabeth (Duvall) BECK * 

Tazewell County, IL: Glendale Cemetery, Washington (1)

Melba Gene (Holly) SLATER *

Tazewell County, IL: Glendale Memorial Gardens, Pekin (4) 

Clarence Frank SHUTTERS *
Mildred Addie (Young) SHUTTERS *
Mildred Marie (Shutters) FABRY *
Thomas Frederick FABRY *

Tazewell County, IL: Lakeside Cemetery, Pekin (4) 

Alphonse Joseph FABRY *
Dolly Faye (Prior) WAGGONER (unmarked as of 2022)
Ida Ellen (Keena) FABRY *
Russell B WAGGONER *

Vermilion County, IL: Davis Cemetery, Fairmount (20)

Alfred Donald BUSH *
Charles Joseph COPELAND *
Clifford R TURPIN *
Clifton Marcus TURPIN *
Darlene Josephine (Ferber) TURPIN *
Doyle Harold WEAVER *
Effie Mary (Elliott) HANCOCK *
Frederick D HANCOCK
George Edward FERBER *
George Elliott HANCOCK *
Georgia Beatrice (Turpin) HANCOCK
Gertrude Maria (Dewitt) FERBER
Harry WEAVER *
Inez Gertrude (Turpin) WEAVER *
Randall Joe "Randy" TURPIN
Roland Clifford TURPIN *
Roy Frederick HANCOCK *
Sarah Cletta (Andis) Turpin, COPELAND
Vernal Louise (Copeland) BUSH *

Vernon Dean TURPIN *

Vermilion County, IL: Floral Hill Cemetery, Hoopeston (2)

Ralph Thomas ANDIS (unmarked as of 2022)
Richard Edwin ANDIS

Vermilion County, IL: Greenview Cemetery, Fairmount (1)

Ruth TURPIN (unmarked as of 2021)

Vermilion County, IL: Lutheran Cemetery, Danville (1)

James Robert BOND * 

Vermilion County, IL: Oakwood Cemetery, Oakwood (2)

Donald Joseph TURPIN *
Frances Ann (McPherson) TURPIN *

Vermilion County, IL: Potomac Cemetery, Danville (2)

Inez (Vickers) ARFORD *
Wilbur J ARFORD *

Vermillion County, IL: Sunset Memorial Park, Danville (8)

Anna Genevieve (Weaver) BOND *
Barbara J (Bond) HEMBREY *
(unmarked, but we have a photo of the plot)
Margaret Edith (Denbo) MATZ (unmarked as of 2022)
Marshall Lester BOND *
Robert R HEMBREY *
William Abraham WEAVER (unmarked, but we have a photo of the plot)
William Henry WEAVER (unmarked, but we have a photo of the plot)

Wayne County, IL: Salem Cemetery, Keenes (4)

Floyd Harland WOLLITZ *
Herman Moses BEASLEY *
Nettie Mae (Dove) WOLLITZ *
Ruby G (Wollitz) BEASLEY *

White County, IL: Maple Ridge Cemetery, Carmi (2)

David O MANLEY *
Elizabeth Ann (Osborn) MANLEY *

White County, IL:  West Union Cemetery, Carmi (9)

Charles Frederick WEIRAUCH * 
Cheerful Maxine WEIRAUCH *

David Delmer BOWMAN *
Emily Caroline (Brockett) WEIRAUCH *
Jacob Wilson BOWMAN * 
Lee GRIESEL (likely buried here)
Maurice V WEIRAUCH *

Nackey Ann (Manley) BOWMAN *

Will County, IL:  Beecher Cemetery, Beecher (2)

Carl Edward ANDIS * 
Mary L (Pelky) ANDIS * 

Will County, IL:  Stateville Prison Cemetery, Joliet (1)

Edward Nolan JOHNSTON * 

Winnebago County, IL:  Roscoe Cemetery, Roscoe (3)

James Edward McFARLAND *
James Everett McFARLAND *

May Olitha (Bedford) McFARLAND *

Winnebago County, IL:  Sunset Memorial Gardens, Machesney Park (4)

Donald Woodrow McFARLAND *
Illean Nancy (McFarland) BECK
Jerry Martin NIETZ
Lizzie Mae (Daniels) McFARLAND *




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