Cemeteries: Indiana (Knox County - LaPorte County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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  Indiana   (Knox County - LaPorte County)


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Knox County, IN: Bethel Cemetery, Freelandville (4)

Ernest A WEBSTER *
Dorothy M (Krueger) WEBSTER *
Mildred (Stoelting) WEBSTER * 
Willis "Bill" WEBSTER *

Knox County, IN: Bicknell Memorial Cemetery, Bicknell (2)

Clyde Paul JOHNSON *
Leona Mae (Sampson) JOHNSON *

Knox County, IN: Bicknell IOOF Cemetery, Bicknell (8)

Belle F (Moyers) TROTTER *
Edith Blanche (Courter) HARDWICK *
Freeda Irene (Mitchell) JOHNSON *
Herbert J HARDWICK *
Iva (Hamilton) COURTER *
Leonard Ivan JOHNSON *
Russell Ray "Pete" TROTTER *
Walter Ray TROTTER *

Knox County, IN: Bruceville Cemetery, Bruceville (2)

James Junior THOMPSON *
Mildred Laverne (Bline) Andis, THOMPSON * 

Knox County, IN: Edwardsport Town Cemetery, Edwardsport (4)

Daniel Sampson PRUETT *
Hannah (Hoover) McLIN *
John Henry McLIN * 
Mary Louise (McLin) PRUETT *

Knox County, IN: Fairview Cemetery, Vincennes (2)

William Austin "Bob" DILLON * 
Zehan Berlew BUSCHING *

Knox County, IN: Highland Cemetery, Vincennes (2)

Europe M LANE *
Mary Magdeline "Maggie" (Ritcheson) ANDIS *

Knox County, IN: Memorial Park Cemetery, Vincennes (3)

Dorothy Louise (Flori) ANDIS *
Samuel Dwane ANDIS *
Sherron Kay (Andis) BRASSEUR *

Knox County, IN: Mt Olive Cemetery, Edwardsport (1)

Maude Mary (White) PRUETT  

Knox County, IN: Oaktown Cemetery, Oaktown (4)

Everett Noble WEBSTER *
Cora (Gardner) WEBSTER *
Sylvia I (Chipman) WEBSTER *
Thomas Alvin WEBSTER *

Knox County, IN: Sandborn Cemetery, Sandborn (24)

Albert T ALLEN *
Amos ROARK *
Bertha Louise (Ireland) ROARK *
Carrie Emerson (Allen) BRAY *

Cora Fannie (Canady) SHANKS *
David Miller ROWE *
Delia (Allman) BAKER *

Francis Marion FARLEY *
Helen (Stalcup) SHANKS *  
Isaac Delmar ANDIS *
Isabelle (Gillespie/Gillaspy) ALLEN *
James Ray SHANKS *  
James Wesley SHANKS *
Katherine Louise (Farley) ANDIS *
Loyal Graham ANDIS *
Lulu Edna (Cain) FARLEY
Mary Agnes (Anderson) BOWMAN *
Mary Lucinda (Rowe) ANDIS * 
Sarah "Sadie" (Lankford) ROWE
Wayne "Ike" SHANKS * 
Wesley Jefferson BRAY *
William Milton BOWMAN *
William W ALLEN
Wilsie C BAKER *

Knox County, IN: Trenton Cemetery (1)

James Earl LASWELL * 

Knox County, IN: United Brethren Memorial Cemetery, Freelandville (1)

Edward Fred KLUTE *

Knox County, IN: Vincennes City Cemetery, Vincennes (9)
a.k.a Fairview Cemetery

Bobbie Jo (Roach) JONES *
Eliza J (Whittenmeyer) KOLEHOUSE *
Oral Lee HARRIS *
Raymond Earl KOLHOUSE *
Susan Elizabeth (DesLauriers) MURRAY
Wilbert Fiscus MURRAY  
William Austin "Bob" DILLON *
Zene/Zehan Berlew BUSCHING *

Knox County, IN: Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland (4)

Arthur SMALL *

Lula (Enley) SMALL * 
Omema E "Oma" (Smith) PENNINGTON *

Knox County, IN: Wilson Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Monroe City (5)

Adelia Elvina "Dee" (Jones) CANNADY *
Dezzie M (Rice) JONES *
James Leland CANNADY *
James William JONES *
Robert Dale CANNADY *

Lake County, IN: Calumet Park Cemetery, Merrillville (4)

Alice Kathryn "Kitty" (Mooney) TROWBRIDGE *
Angela (Stojanovic-Lara) TROWBRIDGE *
Christopher Nicolaus TROWBRIDGE (no tombstone, but we have a photo of the site)
John Calvin TROWBRIDGE *

Lake County, IN: Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens, Schererville (4)

Clarence N FISHER *
Evelyn L (Nugent) FISHER * 
Lisa Anne SMILEY *

William Dale LANGLEY *

Lake County, IN: Lake Prairie Cemetery, Lowell (2)

Frank Lewis RUDOLPH *
Sophia (Guritz) RUDOLPH *

Lake County, IN: Ridgelawn Cemetery, Gary (2)

Rex Ivan HARPER  
Richard Allen HARPER *

Lake County, IN: St Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Hammond (1)

Alexander John ACSBOK *  

Lake County, IN: St Joseph/St John Cemetery, Hammond (2)

Glenna Lee (Langley) KEILMAN *
Herbert P KEILMAN * 

LaPorte County, IN: Greenwood Cemetery, Michigan City (2)

Harvey William SUTHERLAND *
Willis Sylvester DeVAUX *

LaPorte County, IN: Rolling Prairie Cemetery, Rolling Prairie (6)

Elizabeth Ann "Betty" (Osborn) CORBIN *
Haskell Belmont OSBORN *
Leslie Boyd WARREN *  
Lillie Bradie (Girdley) OSBORN
Louise Maribelle (Andis) WARREN *
William Wesley CORBIN *



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