Cemeteries: Indiana (Wabash County - White County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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 Indiana   (Warrick County - White County)


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Wabash County, IN: Center Grove Cemetery, Lincolnville (2)

Elizabeth Daisy (Poston) KNIGHT *
John William KNIGHT * 

Wabash County, IN: Falls Cemetery, Wabash (1)

Carrie (Miller) OWEN * 

Wabash County, IN: Fairview Cemetery, Servia (2)

 Herbert Lee WERKING *
 Virginia Lovella (Richardson) WERKING *

Wabash County, IN: Friends Cemetery, Wabash (1)

Clarence Bruner OWEN * 

Wabash County, IN: Greenwood Cemetery, Liberty Mills (1)

Ivory WILLIAMS * (funeral home marker)

Wabash County, IN: Matlock Cemetery, Wabash (2)

Homer Samuel HIGGS *
Zola Pearl (Kirby) HIGGS * 

Wabash County, IN: Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester (1)

Harold Emmett YOUNG * 

Wabash County, IN: St Peter's Cemetery, Urbana (2)

Jack Warren BRAMLETT *
Jeannette Mae "Nettie" (Andis) STIVER *

Warrick County, IN: Garrison Chapel Cemetery, Tennyson (4)

Edward N MORRIS *
Minnie Mae (Black) MORRIS *   
Rachel (Crowder) McDONALD *


Warrick County, IN: Lynnville Cemetery, Lynnville (3)

Ethel Lavon (Simpson) HUXHOLD *
Lea Beth (Huxhold) PADGETT *
Russell Gerald HUXHOLD *

Warrick County, IN: St John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery, Newburgh (2)

Joseph Denver KAYLOR *
Thomas Richard KAYLOR *

Washington County, IN: Blue River Baptist Cemetery, Blue River (4)

Charles Edward SKELTON *
Harley Crawford McCLELLAN *
Harriett Elizabeth (Mahuron) SKELTON *
Stella Mae (Skelton) McCLELLAN *

Washington County, IN: Bunker Hill Cemetery, Salem (2)

David Francis MULL *
Lorenza Etta (Wyatt) MULL *

Washington County, IN: Conway Cemetery, Franklin Twp (4)

Alice E (Marshall) McCLELLAN *
Annie G (Casey) McCLELLAN *
Joel Christopher McCLELLAN *
Milbern Joel McCLELLAN *

Washington County, IN: Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem (10)

Anna Alvenna (Saylor) HOBBS *
Bernice Samantha (Wolfe) McKNIGHT

Ernest T Jr HOBBS *
Ernest Theodore HOBBS *
Frank WADE *
Grace May (McClellan) WADE *
Laura A (Overshiner) CURRY  
Lawrence Oral McCLELLAN *
Nora L (McClellan) CURRY *

Washington County, IN: Hayley Cemetery, Salem (2)

Luke W HALEY *
Sarah J (McKnight) HALEY * 

Washington County, IN: Mt Carmel Cemetery, Little York (3)

James Joseph DENNEY *
Louisa H (Smith) DENNEY *

Washington County, IN: Olive Branch Cemetery, Pekin (7)

Charles Frederick HUNT *
Essie Merrita (Mull) McClellan, SMALL *
Louise Estelle (McClellan) HUNT *
Mildred L "Millie" (McWilliams) ELROD * 
Rosa Elizabeth (Short) HUNT * 
Warner Franklin HUNT *

Willard W "Wiley" ELROD *

Wayne County, IN: Crown Hill Cemetery, Centerville (2)

Dale Lewis HOLBERT *
Gaylene (O'Bayley) HOLBERT * 

Wayne County, IN: Greens Fork Cemetery, Greens Fork (2)

Thelma Ruth (Kistler) GREINER * 

White County, IN: Idaville Cemetery, Idaville (2)

Cynthia R (Durham) MARVIN *
Henry Delaney MARVIN * 

White County, IN: IOOF Riverside Cemetery, Monticello (1)

Judith Louise (Trowbridge) BRANDT *



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