Cemeteries: Kansas (Ottawa County - Wyandotte County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
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  Kansas (Ottawa County - Wilson County)


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Ottawa County, KS: Franklin Cemetery, Tescott (2)

Harry William BRUMBAUGH * 
Julia Margaret (King) BRUMBAUGH *

Phillips County, KS: Fairview Cemetery, Phillipsburg (5)

Charles Edward GITCHEL *
Ivan Lee GITCHEL *
Margaret (Gipe) GITCHEL *
Marvel G (Kauffman) GITCHEL *
Wilma Maxine (Satter/Beins) ROBINSON *

Phillips County, KS: Pleasant View Cemetery, Logan (2)

Lawrence Walter SATTER *
Matha M (Jackson) SATTER *

Reno County, KS: Fairlawn Burial Park, Hutchinson (1)

Andrew Jackson CROSS * 

Republic County, KS: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Belleview (1)

Jacob F K MURPHY * 

Rush County, KS: Lone Star Cemetery, Bison (2)

Herman Jacob TIMKEN *
Susan Rebecca (Sparks) TIMKEN * 

Saline County, KS: Roselawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Salina (2)

Alice Gertrude (Brumbaugh) NAIL *
Gary Dean NAIL *

Sedgwick County, KS: Greenwood Cemetery, Oatville (1)

Sylvia Alice (Boman) Jonas, THOMAS *

Seward County, KS: Liberal Cemetery, Liberal (2)

Alice L (Sewards) McCARTER *
Herman Alfred McCARTER *

Sedgwick County, KS: Maple Grove Cemetery, Wichita (2)

Harry Bernard FAWBUSH *
Lillian Emma (Harvey) FAWBUSH *

Sedgwick County, KS: Old Mission Cemetery, Wichita (5)

Alice Laura (Johnson) BOWMAN *

Harold Raymond "Plez" BOWMAN *
Lillian BOWMAN *
Ruth "Pat" (Bowman) FAWBUSH *

Sedgwick County, KS: Resthaven Gardens of Memory, Wichita (1)

Wilfred Dale QUINN * 

Sedgwick County, KS: White Chapel Memorial Gardens, Wichita (3)

Frances Irene (Morain) BOMAN *
Glen L BOMAN *
Marion King DAVENPORT *

Sedgwick County, KS: Wichita Park Cemetery, Wichita (2)

Charles R McGREW *
Ora Oda (McMahan) McGREW * 

Shawnee County, KS: Auburn Cemetery, Auburn (5)

Elizabeth R ANDIS *
John ANDIS *
John Jr ANDIS *
Sarah A (Stone) Andis, CAVENDER *
Washington F CAVENDER *

Shawnee County, KS: Topeka Cemetery, Topeka (4)

Harvey Herbert ANDIS *
Joseph Melville "Willie" ALLEN (unmarked as of 2022; section 31, lot G, space 11)

Julia Ann (Simpson) ANDIS (no record of Julia in this cemetery)
Mary S "Mollie" ANDIS

Sheridan County, KS: Bethel Christian Cemetery, Studley (3)

Floetta (Bunton DANIELS *
Frank Williams DANIELS * 
Zella Fay DANIELS *

Sheridan County, KS: Hoxie Cemetery, Sheridan (6)

Danny Loyd TIMKEN
Estella Mae (Daniels) TIMKEN
Sharon Sue TIMKEN
Walter Jacob TIMKEN  

Thomas County, KS: Fairview Cemetery (2)

Lisette (___) BUNDY (unmarked as of 2022) 
Loren David BUNDY

Trego County, KS: Wakeeney Cemetery, Wakeeney (1)

Rebecca Alena (Schneider) BARBER *

Washington County, KS: Evergreen Cemetery (2)

Lester Teeter SCHOLFIELD *
Lydia Ann (Secor) SCHOLFIELD *

Washington County, KS: IOOF Cemetery, Clifton (2)

Beulah (Wixson) BUNTON *
Ziba Earl BUNTON *

Washington County, KS: Pleasant View Cemetery, Clifton (2)

Clifford Justin Mitchell *
Oleta Irene (Jackson) MITCHELL * 

Washington County, KS: Vining Cemetery, Vining (27)
(now known as Pleasant View Cemetery)

Alvin BROOKS *
Charles Edison BROOKS * 
Cleo Lawrence JACKSON *  
Delila (Robbins) BUNTON *
Delmont BUNTON *
Elizabeth "Betsey" (Shutters) BUNTON * 
Eva Jane (Jackson) FAUVER
Florence Hattie (___) BROOKS *
Ida Belle (Brooks) JACKSON *
Jacob H "Jake" BUNTON *
John Clark JACKSON *
Larry John JACKSON *

Malinda (Bunton) BROOKS * 
May Stella (Dotson) WALTERS *
Pheba (Freer) BROOKS *
Rachel H (Glasson) BUNTON * 
Ralph Leroy BROWN * 
Rosetta BROWN *
Ruth Mae (Jackson) WALTERS *
Sarah Elizabeth (Faris) JACKSON *
Stella (Dotson) WALTERS

Susannah Vivian "Susan" (Cantonwine) BALDWIN *
Tennessee BUNTON * 
Wallace M WALTERS *
Warren Wirt WALTERS *

Wilson County, KS: Fredonia City Cemetery, Fredonia (2)

Ardell Lee (Culbertson) BANNON *
Blanche Lillian (Nattier) MURRAY

Wilson County, KS: Jackson Cemetery, New Albany (1)

Nancy Jane (Spalding) BOWMAN (unmarked)

Wilson County, KS: Neodesha Cemetery, Neodesha (12)

Alice (McBride) NORMAN *
Archie John HUSH 
Clara Pearl (Bair) HUSH *
Grace (Norman) ROOMES *
John Will ROOMES *
Levy Howard MURRAY
Mary (Norman) Laswell, HUSH * 
Millie Ann (Garriott) MURRAY *
Minnie Belle (Norman) MURRAY
Samuel Wayne (Rev) MURRAY *
Norma (Laswell) BARRETT *

William C NORMAN

Wilson County, KS: Varner Cemetery (2)

Benjamin McBRIDE *
Catherine (Hawkins) McBRIDE *

Wilson County, KS: Weakley Cemetery, New Albany (2)

Danny Ray BOWMAN 
Raymond Floyd BOWMAN *

Woodson County, KS: Cedarvale Cemetery, Neosho (2)

Mary E (____) SAFERITE *

Wyandotte County, KS: Chapel Hills Memorial Cemetery, Kansas City (1)

Starling Boyd WEST * 

Wyandotte County, KS: Maple Hill Cemetery, Kansas City (5)

Charles R BUMP * 
Elizabeth Ann DeSEURE *
Joseph W DeSEURE * 
Kate Lee (Collins) BUMP *
Pauline Louise (Snyder) DOCKENDORF *




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