Cemeteries: Kentucky, Louisiana


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Kentucky (49)    Louisiana (19)

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Bell County, KY: Green Hills Memorial Garden, Middlesboro (2)

Bobbie J (Evans) ESTEP *
Dale Willis (Rev) ESTEP * 

Bell County, KY: Hurst Cemetery, Middlesboro (4)

Florena E "Flora" (Maness) CRIDER *
Henry E EVANS *
Mary Ruth (Evans) WOLFE
Willia Pansie (Evans) EVANS *

Bell County, KY: Middlesboro Cemetery, Middlesboro (2)

Austin Bishop CLIFTON *
Lucy Catherine (Howard) CLIFTON * 

Bell County, KY: Pineville Cemetery, Pineville (2)

Doyle Matt HUGHES *
Ella (Hodge) HUGHES * 

Bell County, KY: Turner Cemetery, Middlesboro (2)

Catherine (Richards) EVANS *
Henry EVANS *

Bell County, KY: Yeary Cemetery, Middlesboro (1)

Robert H EVANS *

Bullitt County, KY: Lebanon Junction Cemetery, Lebanon Junction (2)

Mollie (McIntosh) GRAY *
Thomas GRAY * 

Bullitt County, KY: Mt Washington Cemetery, Mt Washington (1)

Harold Wayne FLEENOR * 

Campbell County, KY: Alexandria Cemetery, Alexandria (1)

Norma E (Brock) GREGORY *

Campbell County, KY: Saint Stephen Cemetery, Fort Thomas (2)

Mildred Lucille (Kaylor) KAPPES *
William F KAPPES * 

Carter County, KY: East Carter County Memory Gardens, Grayson (2)

Joseph Claude "J C" MANESS *
Thelma June (Adams) MANESS *

Clark County, KY: Winchester Cemetery, Winchester (1)

Susan M (Eades) GRANKEY *

Clay County, KY: Bethany Chapel Cemetery, Sidell (1)
(a.k.a. Potters Chapel Cemetery)


Clay County, KY: Hensley Holiness Church Cemetery, Oneida (1)


Cumberland County, KY: Dutch Creek Cemetery, Waterview (1)

Novella (Humphrey) CAPPS * 

Cumberland County, KY: Mud Camp Cemetery, Marrowbone (2)

Jessie K GEARLDS * 
Malinda Ellen (White) GEARLDS *

Daviess County, KY: Nickel Ridge Cemetery, Panther (1)

Wendell R C GREEN * 

Daviess County, KY: Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro (2)

Margaret "Peggy" (Cannady) DUCKWORTH *

Fayette County, KY: Calvary Cemetery, Lexington (1)

Paul Vern OSGOOD * 

Graves County, KY: Little Obion Cemetery, Wingo (2)

Berthold Ray OWEN *
Irma Allyne (Laughlin) OWEN * 

Green County, KY: Green County Memory Gardens, Summersville (2)

Evelyn (Milby) SIMMONS *
Morris Robert "Doc" SIMMONS *

Harlan County, KY: Britton Cemetery, Smith (1)

Louise (Carter) NOE *

Harlan County, KY: Cranks Creek (1)

Grant NOE * 

Harlan County, KY: Day-Jackson Cemetery, Cranks (1)

Linda Gail (Vandergriff) NOE

Harlan County, KY: Middleton Cemetery, Redbud (1)

Reynolds KING *

Harlan County, KY: Resthaven Cemetery, Keith (1)

Lillie (Carter) HUGHES *

Harlan County, KY: Saylor Cemetery, Pathfork (1)

Stokeley Bascom SAYLOR * 

Harlan County, KY: Tways Cemetery, Tway (1)

Anna Farmer (Branson or Bramson) CRIDER   

Harlan County, KY: unknown cemetery, Benham (1)

Rickey Everette BARR  

Harlan County, KY: unknown cemetery, Cumberland (2)

Billy Ray KING
Mary Belle (Pinson) KING

Hart County, KY: Old Cub Run Cemetery, Winesap (2)

Abraham MERIDETH *
Minisa Jane (Crouch) MERIDETH *

Henderson County, KY: Fairmont Cemetery, Henderson, Henderson, KY (1)

Thomas Edward "Tommy" SUGG * 

Jefferson County, KY: Louisville Memorial Gardens, Louisville (5)

Alva Francis McCLELLAN
Bessie (Elrod) McCLELLAN  
Glendon Harold HELTON *
Norma Jean (McClellan) FLOOD
Ralph Edwin FLOOD

Jefferson County, KY: Resthaven Memorial Park, Louisville (3)

Burnice (Maness) GRAHAM *
Clifford E MANESS * 
Phoebe (Little) MANESS *

Jefferson County, KY: unknown cemetery, Louisville (1)

George Henry August GRIESEL * 

Johnson County, KY: Melvin Grove Cemetery, Paintsville (2)

Edith (Little) MANESS 
Evaline (Hall) LITTLE

Kenton County, KY: Highland Cemetery, Fort Mitchell (2)

Alberta Birdia "Birdie" (Stapleton) COOPER *
John Clifford COOPER * 

Kenton County, KY: Mother of God Cemetery, Kenton Vale (1)

Herman Edsel MANESS * 

Kenton County, KY: Saint Mary's Cemetery, Morning View (2)

Clifford Stanley BRAY *
Effie Mae (Kyle) BRAY *

Laurel County, KY: Bentley Cemetery, Cane Creek (1)

Claude Jr BENTLEY  

Laurel County, KY: Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Lily (4)

Claude S Sr BENTLEY * 
Della (Craig) HIGGINS *

Ruth (Higgins) BENTLEY * 

Laurel County, KY: Dunn Cemetery, London (1)

Alena E (Bill) BROCK *

Laurel County, KY: Locust Grove Cemetery, Keavy (9) 

Alvin Leonard BROCK * 
Chesley Lewis BROCK *

Dorothy (Brock) WOOTEN * 
James Shanklin BROCK *

Margaret Vina (Jones) SHANKLIN *
Minnie Ethel (Maness) BROCK *
Molly E (Witt) MANESS * 
Penny Candiace WOOTEN * 
William Bradley MANESS *

Letcher County, KY: Hall Cemetery, Mayking (2)

George Washington HALL *
Lorena (Brummett) HALL *

Letcher County, KY: McRoberts Cemetery, McRoberts (2)

John Erwin "Bud" FLEENOR 
Minnie Belle (Banks) FLEENOR

Letcher County, KY: Meade and Collier Cemetery, Millstone (1)

Joseph Henry SMITH  

Letcher County, KY: Upper Campbell Branch Cemetery, Hallie (2)

Joseph WATTS
Pearl WATTS  

Letcher County, KY: Wyatts Cemetery, Hallie (1)

Bobby Joe "Billy" WATTS  

Lincoln County, KY: Hustonville Cemetery, Hustonville (1)

Janet Ruth (Catron) ROUSEY * 

Meade County, KY: Cap Anderson Cemetery, Brandenburg (2)

Lorene Iris (Brock) PEACE * 
Roy Archie PEACE *

Metcalfe County, KY: Casey Fork Cemetery (1)

James A GARMON * 

Perry County, KY: Ben Cornett Memorial Cemetery (5)

Cinda Edith (Smith) WATTS *
Drucilla (Williams) STURGILL
Raleigh M SMITH

Perry County, KY: Hurley Cemetery, Vicco (2)

Luther HURLEY  
Shirley Mae (Sturgill) HURLEY

Perry County, KY: unknown cemetery (1)

David Elbert "E P" SMITH  

Pulaski County, KY: Buncombe Church Cemetery, Eubank (2)

Lissie (Jones) KIDD *
Walter KIDD * 

Pulaski County, KY: Old Tateville Cemetery, Tateville (1)

William Jackson KINLEY *

Wayne County, KY: Silas Morrow Cemetery (3)

Jason Parker MORROW * 
Monroe MORROW *
Rosa Jane (Kidd) MORROW *

Whitley County, KY: Corinth Cemetery, Corbin (5)

Fraisure Quincy WARD *
Frank A HARMON * 
Lloyd/Loyd Samuel Ketron/CATRON *
Oda (Ward) CATRON * 
Stella D (Alsip) WARD *

Whitley County, KY: Old Corinth Cemetery, Corbin (4)

Arthur Luther KETRON *
James Andrew KETRON *
John Lewis KETRON *
Lillie Frances (Carter) KETRON *

Whitley County, KY: Ryan Cemetery, Williamsburg (3)

James Mattison "Matt" BARNETT *
Mossie Lee (Rowland) BARNETT *
unnamed infant male BARNETT (son of Hagon Onard Barnett and Zater Beatrice (Ketron) Barnett) *

Wolfe County, KY: Murphy Cemetery, Landsaw (2)

Hobert L GIBBS *
Stella (Edwards) GIBBS *



Ascension Parish, LA: Lusk Cemetery, Gonzales (2)

Bonnie Mae (Rhymer) SMILEY *
Cecil Maynard SMILEY *

Bossier Parish, LA: Rocky Mount East Cemetery, Rocky Mount (1)

Elizabeth Ann (White) MAYFIELD * 

Caddo Parish, LA: Forest Park East Cemetery, Shreveport (2)

Donald Edward BOOGAERTS *
Juanita (McCarty) BOOGAERTS *

Calcasieu Parish, LA: Big Woods Cemetery, Edgerly (2)

Anais (____) CHIASSON

Calcasieu Parish, LA: Mimosa-Pines South Cemetery, Carlyss (1)

Rufus C WHALEY *

Calcasieu Parish, LA: Orange Grove Cemetery, Lake Charles (2)

Shirley Mae (Castete) WOODWARD *

Claiborne Parish, LA: Old Town Cemetery, Haynesville (4)

Albion Spencer BARKER *
Alice Rosie (M____) BARKER * 
Mary Kate (Barker) SHEPHERD *

Claiborne Parish, LA: Shady Grove Cemetery, Haynesville (7)

Dorothy Lillian KAYLOR *
Guy Raymond "Runt" KAYLOR * 
Kenneth Edward JOHNSON * 
Mamie Winoah "Mae" (Barker) KAYLOR * 
Ralph H KAYLOR *  
Rex Byron KAYLOR * 
William B Milton KAYLOR * 

East Baton Rouge Parish, LA: Azalea Rest Cemetery, Zachary (2)

Alice Orleans (Willis) HEARD *
Jefferson Ezell Jr "Jeff" HEARD *

East Baton Rouge Parish, LA: Resthaven Gardens of Memory, Baton Rouge (2)

Johnnie Bertha (Estep) CALLAHAN * 

Jefferson Davis Parish, LA: Bertrand Cemetery, Jennings (1)

Clint Brandon LeBLANC * 

Jefferson Davis Parish, LA: Greenwood Cemetery, Jennings (6)

Alta Viola (Griffith) NEAL *
Bernice (Chiasson) NEAL *
Ira NEAL *
Robert Otis NEAL *
Troy Neal *

Jefferson Davis Parish, LA: Oaklawn Cemetery, Wells (1)

Paul Lenear SLOANE * 

Lafayette Parish, LA: Fountain Memorial Gardens, Lafayette (3)

Joyce Marie (Neal) COOPER *
Lee Andrew GALLASPY *

William Howard COOPER * 

Lafayette Parish, LA: Saint Basil Catholic Church Cemetery, Lafayette (2)

Edith Lodis (Worley) DRONET *
Etienne "Chine" DRONET *

Lafayette Parish, LA: Saint John Cemetery, Lafayette (1)

Melissa Ann (Hoffpauir) FLEMING * 

Rapides Parish, LA: Alexandria National Cemetery, Pineville (4) 

Louella Catherine (Evans) SEXTON *
Robert Lee (Rev) SEXTON * 
Ronald SEXTON * 
unknown female SEXTON
 (daughter of Robert Lee and Louella Catherine (Evans) Sexton) *

Rapides Parish, LA: Rapides Cemetery, Pineville (2)

Della M (Babin) BOOGAERTS * 
Thomas Francis BOOGAERTS *

  Vermilion Parish, LA: Abshire Cemetery (2)

Francis Deville LAPOINTE *
Ursule (Faulk) LAPOINTE *

Vermilion Parish, LA: Gueydan Cemetery, Gueydan (9)

Albert B WORLEY *
Albert Gayle WORLEY *
Audrey (Lamaire) WORLEY *
Flora Mae WORLEY *
Jefferson Ezell Sr HEARD *
Mary Adeline "Mollie" (Ezell) HEARD *
Nolia (Lapoint) WORLEY
Theresa (Leleux) WORLEY *
William Robert WORLEY *



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