Cemeteries: Missouri (Adair County - Miller County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
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Missouri  (Adair County - Linn County)   


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Note: Cemeteries located in unincorporated towns such as St Louis are 
 alphabetically listed before the alphabetical list of Missouri counties.

Calvary Cemetery, St Louis (2)

Helen Louville (Diamond) CUSIMANO *

St Peter's Cemetery, St Louis (1)

Ervin Eugene HUDELSON * 

Adair County, MO:  Maple Hills Cemetery, Kirksville (2)

Mabel Catherine (Young) FOGERSTROM * 

Adair County, MO:  Sabbath Home Cemetery (4)

Bryce Patrick COLYER *
Dorva Fay (Colyer) TAYLOR *
Eugene H "Gene" TAYLOR *
Minnie Ellen (Forbes) COLYER *

Barry County, MO:  Oakhill Cemetery, Cassville (1)
(a.k.a. Cassville Cemetery)

Bradley Edward HERRIN *

Bates County, MO:  Benjamin Cemetery, Amoret (2)

Leonard Milton KNAPP (a.k.a. THOMAS) *
William Irl STREET *

Bates County, MO:  Green Lawn Cemetery, Rich Hill (1)

Isaac KAYLOR *

Boone County, MO: Memorial Park Cemetery, Boone (2)

Carl Wayne MURRAY *
Clara Alberta (Grankey) MURRAY *

Boone County, MO: Memorial Park Cemetery, Columbia (3)

Robert Dean STRADER *
Rosa Katherine (Cook) JONES *
Rosita Pearl (Carter) STRADER *

Buchanan County, MO: Agency Cemetery, Agency (1)

Daniel Mark KLEPEES * 

Buchanan County, MO: Ashland Cemetery, St Joseph (3)

Forrest E APPLEBY *
Jessie May (Kegin) APPLEBY *
Ralph Ernest APPLEBY *

Buchanan County, MO: Mt Auburn Cemetery (8)

Allen Wayne KLEPEES *
Charles M "Stumpy" DAVIS
Earl Clarence HOCKADAY *
Forrestina D (Appleby) KLEPEES *
John Wesley COOK *
Leland Alfred HUGHES *
Mabel E (Minnick) HUGHES
Susan Florence (Roberts) COOK *

Buchanan County, MO: Mt Olivet Cemetery, St Joseph (7)

Andrew J BROWN *
Catherine "Katie" (Braniff) BROWN *
Cora Mae (Brown) SWEARINGEN *

Daniel Alfred COOK * 
Rose (____) COOK * 
William H BROWN *

Buchanan County, MO: St Joseph Memorial Park Cemetery, St Joseph (10)

Barbara Rose (Atkins) KLEPEES *
Carl Everett STEINKE * 
Francis Lee "Frank" APPLEBY *
Gertrude L (Cook) PETTET *

Grace Olive (Harrison) APPLEBY *

Martha Mildred (Appleby) STEINKE *
Mary Margaret (Ebrecht) SIMS
Ollie (Jones) AKERS *
Roland Dewayne SIMS *
William C AKERS *

Butler Co, MO: Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Poplar Bluff (2)

Green Aspley PROFFER *
Margaret Belle (Pryor) PROFFER * 

Butler Co, MO: Poplar Bluff Cemetery (1)


Butler Co, MO: Woodlawn Cemetery, Poplar Bluff (2)

Alvada Blanch (Risinger) BROOKS *
Francis Jr "Buddy" KEGIN * 

Christian County, MO:  Hopedale Cemetery, Ozark (2)

Elizabeth Ann (Stenberg) COX *

Christian County, MO:  McCoy Cemetery, Ozark (2)

Jeanne Rena (Toates) FULLER *

Christian County, MO:  Rose Hill Cemetery, Billings (2)

Martha Jane "Mattie" (Davis) SHUTTER *
Samuel SHUTTER *

Christian County, MO:  St Joseph Cemetery, Polk (1)

Gerald Jerome SHUTTER (unmarked as of 2022)

Clark County, MO:  Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, Fairmont (1)

James Franklin LASWELL *

Clay County, MO:  Mt Olivet Christian Church Cemetery, Smithville (2)

Hollis E SEVERNS * 
Marjorie (Hill) SEVERNS *

Clay County, MO:  Providence Church Graveyard, Liberty (1)

Ronald Lee MAJERS *

Clay County, MO:  White Chapel Cemetery, North Kansas City (4)

Clarence Preston MAJERS *
Donna Jean (Erickson) MAJERS *
Larry Wayne MAJERS *

Marjorie Iola (Kegin) MAJERS * 

Clay County, MO:  White Chapel Memorial Gardens, Gladstone (6)

Alice "Mossie" (Collins) SADLER *
Clertis E DEXTER *
Ethel Nora (Collins) DEXTER *
Vernie Estelle (Maness) COLLINS * 

Virgil Dale SADLER *

Clinton County, MO:  Osborn Evergreen Cemetery, Osborn (1)

Francis Lee Jr APPLEBY *

 Cole County, MO:  New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Marion (1)

Columbus E "Lafe" or Lafayette MURPHY * 

 Cole County, MO:  Riverview Cemetery, Jefferson City (1)

Benjamin Weyland FINLEY *

Cooper County, MO:  St Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Boonville (1)  


 Daviess County, MO:  Greenwood Cemetery, Gallatin (1)

Nellie Alice (Franklin) BLYTHE * 

 Daviess County, MO:  Lock Springs Cemetery, Lock Springs (1)

William Leander MINNICK * 

 Denton County, MO:  Boss Cemetery, Boss (4)

James Allen SHORT *
Lula Belle (Anderson) SHORT *
Mable Lucy (Hughes) SHORT *
Willard Adolph SHORT *

Franklin County, MO:  Sullivan IOOF Cemetery, Sullivan (2)

Maxwell Elmer PURCELL
Wanda Lee (Snow) PURCELL *

Greene County, MO:  East Lawn Cemetery, Springfield (5)

Alfred Hall EDELEN *
Jane Mary (Hitchcock) FLUMMERFELT *
Quelo Anjeline (Webster) FLUMMERFELT *

Greene County, MO:  Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Springfield (5)

Dora Vaskey (Cross) KAYLOR * 
Georgia Ethel "Georgie" (Kaylor) CROSS * 
Gerald Dixon STEELE *

Grace L (___) KAYLOR *
James Wright KAYLOR *

Greene County, MO:  Hazelwood Cemetery, Springfield (3)

Bessie M (Allen) KAYLOR *
Carrie Isabelle (Wright) KAYLOR *
John A "Johnnie" PERRY *

Greene County, MO:  Maple Park Cemetery, Springfield (1)

Kenneth Henry MEGOWN *

Greene County, MO:  Missouri Veterans Cemetery, Springfield (3)

Helen (McNeely) HENLEY *
John Dalton HENLEY *
Joseph Dee CRISWELL * 

Greene County, MO:  White Chapel Memorial Gardens, Springfield (2)

Esther Naomi (Jeffries) McNEELY *
Forest Edgar McNEELY * 

Grundy County, MO:  Galt West Cemetery, Galt (2)

Poe Ellwood SEVERNS *
Veda Linn (McCall) SEVERNS *

Jackson County, MO:  Blue Springs Cemetery, Blue Springs (1)

Jeremiah Dawson NAIL *

Jackson County, MO:  Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City (1)

John W KEGIN *

Jackson County, MO:  Floral Hills Cemetery, Kansas City (2)

Dorothy L (___) PULLEY *
Lawrence Opie PULLEY *

Jackson County, MO:  Mt Moriah Cemetery, Kansas City (3)

Guy Richard STREET *
Marie Arthalene (Clemons) STREET * 
William Harrison Jr FREEMAN *

Jasper County, MO:  Carl Junction Cemetery, Carl Junction (2)

Alberta Jean (Baker) SELFRIDGE *
Carl Dennis (Dr) SELFRIDGE *

Jasper County, MO:  Carterville Cemetery, Carterville (17)

Alberta May Lucille (Smith) CARTWRIGHT *
Charles Oliver CARTWRIGHT *

Dorthia Deane SMITH (unmarked as of 2022)
Fontella Nadine "Fawn" (Smith) ABRAMS *
Jason Earl SOUTER *
Jimmie Dale JAMES *

John F ANDIS (unmarked, but we have photo of area)
Julana Belle "Lana" (Smith) SOUTER *
Laura Jane (Glascock) SMITH *
Marcella Imogene (Smith) JOHNSON *
Melvin Nelson SMITH *

Opal Lorene (Smith) JAMES *
Otto Melvin "Oddie" SMITH

Otto Murl SOUTER *
Robert Marion ANDIS (unmarked, but we have photo of area)
Roy Davis JOHNSON *

Jasper County, MO:  Forest Park Cemetery, Joplin (1)

Martha Jane (Murphy) SMITH * 

Jasper County, MO:  Mitchell Cemetery (2)

Elmer Ellsworth COPELAND *
Ada Florence "Flora" (Follmer) COPELAND *

Jasper County, MO:  Mount Hope Cemetery, Webb City (2)

LaVaughn Berl (Souter) BURRIS *
Lewis Ingram BURRIS *

Jasper County, MO:  Sarcoxie Cemetery, Sarcoxie (1)

John Henry HARNESS (unmarked as of 2022)  

Jasper County, MO:  Wild Rose Cemetery, Webb City (2)

Faye Elizabeth (Flummerfelt) CUMMINS *
Marvin D CUMMINS *

Johnson County, MO:  Liberty Cemetery, Warrensburg (2)

Mary Elizabeth (McClain) BURRISS *
William D BURRISS *

Lawrence County, MO:  Morris Family Cemetery, near Mt Vernon (1)

Henry Michael MORRIS * 

Linn County, MO:  Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Purdin (1)
(a.k.a. United Brethren Cemetery)

Roy Paul HOBBS *

Livingston County, MO:  Ricket Cemetery, Chula (1)

Edward Jenkins (Dr) BOORN * 

McDonald County, MO:  Pineville Cemetery, Pineville (2)

Helen Louise (Street) Weir, WILLIAMS *
Robert C WEIR *

McDonald County, MO:  unknown cemetery, Anderson (1)

Hattie Mary (Jeffords) DIAL  

Miller County, MO:  Spring Garden Cemetery, Spring Garden (1)

Emma Faye (Bell) FINLEY




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