Cemeteries: Tennessee (Anderson County - Rutherford County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
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Tennessee (Anderson County - Rutherford County)


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Anderson County, TN: Leach Cemetery, Lake City (4)

Carolyn Sue (Carter) MASSEY *
Edward Glade CARTER * 
Eugene CARTER *
Gladys Mae (Hedgecoth) CARTER *

Anderson County, TN: Oak Ridge Memorial Park, Oak Ridge (2)

Ernest Ray "Ernie" CARTER *
Ruth J (Hamilton) CARTER * 

Bledsoe County, TN: Howard Walker Cemetery, Pikeville (1)

Hallie S (Peas) SKILES * 

Campbell County, TN: Woodlawn Cemetery, La Follette (7)

Billie Pauline (Evans) COOK *
Eddress EVANS *
Foncy (Brewer) Turner, QUEENER *
Minnie (Braden) Evans, HAYNES * 
Paul Ray EVANS * 
Ruth G (Medley) EVANS * 

Carter County, TN: Colbaugh Cemetery (2)

Alice E (Blevins) DANIELS *
Samuel J DANIELS * 

Carter County, TN: Happy Valley Cemetery, Elizabethton (17)

Arley Edward "Bud" PARSONS *
Arthur Sherman PARSONS *
Elbert CARTER *
Eunice (Edmond) CARTER *
Fred Arthur ELLIS *
Grace M (Parsons) ELLIS * 
Irene D (Linebaugh) PARSONS *

Lola Alma (Young) Remine, CARTER *
Mary Lee "Mollie" (Carter) PARSONS
Paul Vernon (Dr) BROWER
Pearl M (Parsons) STEFFEY * 
Ralph F STEFFEY * 
Ray Charles PARSONS *
Raymond Jones HAGIE  *
Ruby Irene (Parsons) HAGIE * 
Thomas E ELLIS *

Carter County, TN: Highland Cemetery, Elizabethton (2)

Clemmie Mae (Newman) LINEBAUGH *
John Mann LINEBAUGH * 

Carter County, TN: Patton-Simmons Cemetery (2)

George Thomas YOUNG *
Lottie Malinda (Brummett) YOUNG * 

Carter County, TN: Roselawn Memorial Park (1)

Frederick Norris KEGLEY * 

Claiborne County, TN: Fairview Memorial Cemetery, New Tazewell (1)

Roger Lynn HILL  

Claiborne County, TN: Greer's Chapel Cemetery, Harrogate (3)

Elmer Laymon SKAGGS *
Hazel (Burke) SKAGGS *
Lillie Margaret (Laymon) SKAGGS  

Claiborne County, TN: Leach Cemetery, Speedwell (2)

Treacie (Leach) MEDLEY * 
William McKinley MEDLEY *

Claiborne County, TN: Phillip Keck Cemetery (2)

Edward HALL *
Ida Marie (Smith) HALL *

Claiborne County, TN: Scott Cemetery, Harrogate (5)

Charles Alfred RAMSEY *
Jesse Stanley CARTER * 
Julia (Brooks) RAMSEY *
Maurine Annie (Ramsey) CARTER *
Pryor Lillard JOHNSON *

Claiborne County, TN: unknown cemetery, Shawnee (1)

Pryor Lillard JOHNSON * 

Coffee County, TN: Concord Cemetery, Tullahoma (1)

Anna Marie HARDWICK *

Greene County, TN: Gethsemane Cemetery, Gethsemene (1)

Mildred Frances (Kegley) FILLERS * 

Greene County, TN: Gethsemane Cemetery, Greeneville (2)

Bonnie (White) FILLERS *
Jay Arnold FILLERS * 

Greene County, TN: GreeneLawn Memory Gardens, Greeneville (2)

Nelle M (Ware) STARR *

Greene County, TN: Oakdale Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery (2)

Cornelius WARE *
Margaret Emily "Maggie" (Pierce?, Good?) WARE * 

Greene County, TN: Sinking Spring Cemetery (1)

Margaret Ruth (McDaniel) BELLAMY *

Hamblen County, TN: Catherine Nenney Cemetery, Dover (1)

Rebecca Emiline (Mize) MOORE * 

Hamblen County, TN: Emma Jarnagin Cemetery, Morristown (8) 

Anderson Brownlee JOHNSON *
Ralph Emerson SMITH *
Dana Harmon JOHNSON *

Ethel B (Johnson) SMITH *
Grace B (Johnson) BLOUNT  
James Henry JOHNSON *
Mattie Elizabeth (Andis) JOHNSON *
William T "Willie" JOHNSON *

Hancock County, TN: Don Greene Cemetery (1)

Berletta or Berleeta Sue (Greene) ROYSTON  (possibly here)

Hancock County, TN: Greene Cemetery (4) 

Berletta or Berleeta Sue (Greene) ROYSTON  (possibly here)
Charles Jessie GREENE *
Charles Kermit GREENE
Fannie Lee (Fugate) GREENE * 

Hancock County, TN: Greene-Minor Cemetery, Sneedville (6) 

Audra Lorraine (Carter) GREENE *
Donald James GREENE * 
James Mitchel "Jake" TRENT *

Nettie Mae (Hurd) Carter, TRENT * 
Ralph Ernest GREER *

Stella Louise (Carter) GREER *

Hancock County, TN: Holt Cemetery (3)

Alley (Cope) JOHNSON *
Mollie D JOHNSON *
Pleasant Miller JOHNSON * 

Hancock County, TN: Joseph Roysten Cemetery (2)

Audrey Grace ROYSTON
Bruce ROYSTON   

Hancock County, TN: Mahan Cemetery, District #10 (2)

Susan (Fleenor) MAHAN

Hardin County, TN: Mount Hermon Cemetery, Savannah (2)

Roy Marie (Anders) Hilton, SHUTT  

Hawkins County, TN: Church Hill Memory Gardens, Church Hill (5)

Dove (Turner) HEAD *
Garnie Lee KETRON
Roy Hubert HEAD * 
Stella Blanche (Smith) KETRON

Hawkins County, TN: Elm Springs United Methodist CHurch, CHurch Hill (2)

Julia Namoia (Sensabaugh) BRAY *
Samuel Edward BRAY * 

Hawkins County, TN: Highland Cemetery, Rogersville (4)

Clarence Olen HEAD *
Lois Marie HEAD *
Loette Eula (Hungerford) HEAD * 
Walter Franklin "Frank" CHESSER *

Hawkins County, TN: James M Bellamy Cemetery (3)

Clyde McClellan BELLAMY *
Eliza Virginia (Andis) BELLAMY *
James Merideth BELLAMY *

Hawkins County, TN: Liberty Hill Cemetery, Mt Carmel (13)

Albert C MANIS
Charles Franklin "Frank" CARTER *
Deborah Ann CARTER * 
Evelyn (Carter) SALYERS
Hattie Rebecca (Hobbs) HEAD *
Hazel Martha (Derrick) MANIS
Hazel Cora (Lark) CARTER
Herbert Odell CARTER *
Ida V (Osborne) CARTER *
Jerry Haskel CARTER *
Leslie Millard CARTER *
Ralph Edward "Ed" HEAD *
Tony Morgan CARTER *

Hawkins County, TN: Liberty Presbyterian Church Cemetery (1)

Walter Emmitt MOORE  

Hawkins County, TN: McKinney Cemetery, Rogersville (3)

Annie Mae (Stewart) CARTER *
Pearl A "P A" CARTER *
Wanda Sue CARTER *

Hawkins County, TN: Morning Star Cemetery, Carter's Valley (17)

Bobby Ray HEAD *
Cornie Alice "Corna" (Maness) HEAD *
Georgia Ruth "Georgie" (Byington) HEAD *
Guy Holbert HERRON *
Guy Jr HERRON * 
Jacob A "Jake" MELLONS *
Katherine E "Kate" (Vaughn) MELLONS *
Mack Everett Sr HERRON *
Martha E (___) HERRON * 
Mose Andrew HERRON *
Pearl Francis HERRON
Richard William HERRON *
Rosa Ethel (Head) KLEMM * 
Sarah Louvenia "Sallie" (Davis) HERRON *
Vernie E (___) HERRON *
William Thomas HEAD *

Johnson County, TN: Butler Memorial Cemetery, Butler (4)

Charles Lee TUCKER *
Claudia H (Harmon) HARMON
Eudine Franklin (Harmon) Parsons, TUCKER
John Franklin HARMON *

Johnson County, TN: Roark Cemetery, Trade (1)

Roby Alvin ROARK  

Knox County, TN: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Cedar Grove (2)

Cora Mae (Stafford) ARNOLD *
Walter ARNOLD * 

Knox County, TN: East Tennessee State Veteran's Cemetery, Knoxville (1)

Kenneth Ray ANDIS * 

Knox County, TN: Lynnhurst Cemetery, Knoxville (1)

James Thomas ADDINGTON  

Knox County, TN: Rocky Hill Cemetery, Knoxville (2)

Charles Franklin COKER *
Margaret (Campbell) COKER *

Knox County, TN: Woodlawn Cemetery, Knoxville (6)

James Edward "Ed" CARTER * 
Margaret L (___) CARTER * 
Millard D COKER *
Minnie L (Johnson) SPIRES * 
Viola Maggie (Cadle) JOHNSON *

Wilma Jeanette "Sis" (Carter) COKER *

Lauderdale County, TN: Maplewood Cemetery, Ripley (2)

Charles Bryant Sr BOYDSTUN *
Jettee Gianinni (Carter) BOYDSTUN *

Loudon County, TN: Roberson Cemetery, Loudon (1)

James Freeman BLOUNT * 

Madison County, TN: Ridgecrest Cemetery, Jackson (1)

Jessie (McCulley) DUCKSWORTH * 

Monroe County, TN: Hopewell Springs Baptist Cemetery, Madisonville (2)

Joseph Bartley BARR * 
Mary Emeline (Swiney) BARR * 

Knox County, TN: East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery New, Knoxville (1)

Susan Elizabeth (Collins) BAKER  

Putnam County, TN: Crest Lawn Cemetery, Cookeville (3) 

Clifford D STOUT *
Lonnie James STOUT *

Sallie B (Huff) STOUT *

Putnam County, TN: Sand Springs Memoral Gardens, Sand Springs (2) 

Henrietta (Welch) CARTER *
Jerry Kinvard Sr CARTER *

Putnam County, TN: Smellage Cemetery, Boma (2)

 Effie L (Prentice) CRONK *
Joseph F CRONK * 

Rhea County, TN: Ogden Baptist Church Cemetery, Ogden (1)

Curtis Howard CARTER  

Robertson County, TN: Robertson County Memorial Gardens, Springfield (1)

Gary Lynn CARTER * 

Rutherford County, TN: Youree Cemetery, Kittrell (3)

David Stephen YOUREE * 
Henry Hardeman YOUREE *
Mattie Bell (Smith) YOUREE (no marker found in 2011)

Sequatchie County, TN: unknown cemetery (1)

Thomas David Sr SKILES  



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