Cemeteries: Texas (Archer County - Henderson County)


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Archer County, TX: St Boniface Cemetery, Scotland (2)

Mary Theresa (Richter) KOEHLER *
William Joseph KOEHLER *

Archer County, TX: St Marys Cemetery, Windthorst (1)

Lena Cecelia (Gremminger) WIESMANN * 

Bailey County, TX: Muleshoe Memorial Cemetry, Muleshoe (2)

Johnnie (___) KIMBROUGH * 

Baylor County, TX: Henson Cemetery, Red Springs (4)

unknown female Arthur (child of James Henry Arhur and Lou Verna (Edwards) Arthur)
unknown female Edwards (child of Ballard Melton Edwards and Maude Myrtle (Andis) Edwards) *
unknown male Edwards (child of Ballard Melton Edwards and Maude Myrtle (Andis) Edwards) *
unknown male Edwards (child of Ballard Melton Edwards and Maude Myrtle (Andis) Edwards) *

Baylor County, TX: Seymour Catholic Cemetery, Seymour (1)

Wesley Anton HOSTAS *

Bexar County, TX: Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio (6)

Barbara Louise (Lindusky) OAKES *
Edgar Fisher SAVERANCE 
Edwin Starkey NAIL *
Helen Modeane (Andis) SAVERANCE *
Millis Henry "Bud" OAKES *

Bexar County, TX: Mission Burial Park, San Antonio (3)

Helen Isaacs (Moore) APPLEWHITE *
Loyde Clarence WALLS *
Scott Carpenter (Dr) APPLEWHITE *

Bexar County, TX: Our Lady of the Lake Convent Center (Annunciation Chapel), San Antonio (1)

Sister Mary Ermelinda CANNADY *

Bexar County, TX: San Fernando Cemetery, San Antonio (2)

Lela Ima (Wallace) WALLS * 
Raymond Abraham WALLS *

Bowie County, TX: Center Ridge Cemetery, Maud (2)

Elizabeth "Bette" (Campbell) LUTES *
William Avery LUTES *

Brazoria County, TX: South Park Cemetery, Pearland (2)

Carolyn Sue (Romine) KLOTZ *
Susan Kay (Klotz) WINGET * 

Brazos County, TX: College Station Cemetery, College Station (3)

Calvin Fred GREINERT *
Joyce Ann (Mikus) GREINERT *
Ronnie Lee (Dr) EDWARDS *

Burnet County, TX: Bear Creek Cemetery, Bertram (1)

Ross Eugene CURRIER * 

Cameron County, TX: Buena Vista Cemetery, Brownsville (2)

Joseph Ray SIMS *
Maria Dolores "Lola" (Jimenez) SIMS *

Cameron County, TX: Combes Cemetery, Combes (2)

Hazel D (Andis) MORRISON *
Thomas James MORRISON *

Cameron County, TX: Mont Meta Memorial Park, San Benito (3)

Ida Jane Mahalia (Rainwater) ARTHUR *
James Henry ARTHUR *
William Henry ARTHUR *

Cameron County, TX: Restlawn Memorial Park, La Feria (1)

William Love CLARK * 

Cameron County, TX: Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens, Brownsville (1)

Raymond Howard CALLOWAY *

Cass County, TX: Pinecrest Cemetery, Atlanta (2)

Edwin Lloyd Jr MEARS *
Gladys (Gunn) MEARS *

Chambers County, TX: Anahuac Cemetery, Anahuac (1)

Ruthie Pearl (Wallace) BAGWELL *

Coleman County, TX: Coleman Cemetery, Coleman (18)

Agnes Copeland (Welch) DRISKILL *
Annie Lee (Hughen) SAVERANCE *
Billie Dale SEWELL *
Cecil Elmer "Soupy" ANDIS * 
Della L (Littlepage) SEWELL *

Eddie Z Sr ORR * 
Eugene Littleton Jr SPIVEY
Harry McDonald THOMSON *
Jessie Alice (Melton) THOMSON *
Joy Marie (Driskill) SPIVEY *
Lindsey L SEWELL *
Melvina Elizabeth "Dedie" (Andis) SEWELL *
Maggie May (Curry) ANDIS *
Otus Dale SEWELL *
Parilee M (Andis) ORR *
Susan Sophia (McDermett) ANDIS *
William Thelbert "Bud" ANDIS *

Coleman County, TX: Santa Anna Cemetery, Coleman (4)

Alexander Cromwell THOMSON *
Benjamin Harrison MELTON *
Mary Isabella (Harvey) MELTON *
Sarah Ann BRAY *

Coleman County, TX: Talpa Cemetery, near Coleman (2)

Mabel N (Atkins) BYERS *
William Robert BYERS *

Collin County, TX: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Farmersville (1)

Marvin Estel ENGLAND * 

Collin County, TX: Millwood Cemetery, Lavon (2)

Hollis Wayne FLOWERS * 

Collin County, TX: Ridgeview West Memorial Park, Frisco (1)

Patric Gary TURNER (unmarked as of 2022) 

Collin County, TX: Snow Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Farmersville (2)

Martha J (Vickers) BREWER *
Ulysses Harmon BREWER * 

Collingsworth County, TX: Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Wellington (2)

Della Lou (Kelley) KUTCH *
William Horton KUTCH * 

Collingsworth County, TX: Plymouth Cemetery, Wellington (1)

Joseph Cecil SNEAD * 

Cottle County, TX: Garden of Memories Cemetery, Paducah (2)

Albert Carl MARSHALL *
LaWanda (Moss) MARSHALL *

Dallam County, TX: Memorial Park Cemetery, Dalhart (2)

Andrew Jackson MAYFIELD *
Ida Florence (Ritter) MAYFIELD *

Dallas County, TX: Edgewood Cemetery, Lancaster (2)

Jerome DYER *
Nola Icie (Bennett) DYER *

Dallas County, TX: Hillcrest Mausoleum and Memorial Park (1)

Leslie Irving VARNER  

Dallas County, TX: Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas (1)

Malcolm Lyn SUMMERS  

Dallas County, TX: Laurel Oaks Memorial Park, Mesquite (1)

Donnie Ed JAMES *

Dallas County, TX: Oak Grove Memorial Gardens, Irving (6)

Barney L MALOY *
Bettie Louise (Walker) QUEEN *
Charles Robin Jr EDWARDS *
James Boyd QUEEN *
James Boyd Jr QUEEN *
Linda Lee (Green) EDWARDS *

Dallas County, TX: Restland Memorial Park, Dallas (7)

Billie Joe "B J" (Pyron) ANDIS *
Lewis Clarence EDWARDS *
Michael Dea (Dr) ANDIS * 
Norman Lee "Bud" MURRAY *
Susan Sally Jane "Susie" (Wright) EDWARDS *

Vida May (Keesling) KEMP *
Wendell Gail KEMP *

Dallas County, TX: Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Seagoville (2)

Raymond Harry APPLEBY - (unmarked as of 2022)  
Rickey G APPLEBY *

Dallas County, TX: Sowers Cemetery, Irving (2)

Georgia Ann (Frashier) WALKER *
Thomas James WALKER *

Dallas County, TX: Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park, Dallas (1)

Rebekah Jean (Levingston) JAMES * 

Dallas County, TX: St Anne Episcopal Church Columbarium, DeSoto (1)

William Wood McCRACKEN * 

Deaf Smith County, TX: Rest Lawn Memorial Park, Hereford (3)

James Luther Jr McFARLING *
James Luther Sr McFARLING *
Mary Willie (Andis) McFARLING *

Donley County, TX: Citizen's Cemetery, Clarendon (7)

Bernice Lee (Andis) O'NEAL *
James Leroy "Boots" O'NEAL *
Jennie Lee (Wilson) ANDIS  *
John Allen O'NEAL *
Marshall Wilford "Snooks" ANDIS *
Mary Suzanne (McPherson) ANDIS *
Milton White ANDIS *

El Paso County, TX: Evergreen East Cemetery, El Paso (1)

Timothy Michael "Tim" FEEHLEY * 

El Paso County, TX: Fort Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso (4)

Cristina Margarita (Marrufo) ANDIS *
Doris Louise (Kutch) VINSON *
Marion Earl VINSON *
Richard Lee ANDIS *

El Paso County, TX: Restlawn Memorial Park, El Paso (1)

Leland Brian COWLING * 

Falls County, TX: Powers Chapel Cemetery, Rosebud (1)

John Francis ARCHER  

Fort Bend County, TX: Needville Cemetery, Needville (1)

Ida ANDIS (no marker found in 2022)

Galveston County, TX: Hayes Grace Memorial Park (1)

Alesa Ann (Little) JAMES * 

Gray County, TX: Fairview Cemetery, Pampa (5)

Clifford Bryan BOND * 
Edna Ada (Rawlins) BOND *

Guy Clarendon ANDIS *
James Robert McFARLING *

Maude Mae (Couch) ANDIS *

Gray County, TX: Lefors Memorial Heights Cemetery, Lefors (2)

Marshall Edwin ANDIS *
Mary Ann (Watson) ANDIS *

Grayson County, TX: Fairview Cemetery, Denison (3)

Billie Jean (Andis) EVANS *
Glen Houston "Jack" EVANS *
Rosa Belle "Rosie" (Andis) Robinson *

Gregg County, TX: White Oak Cemetery, White Oak (2)

Herman HOPKINS *
Lennie "Lena" (Carter) HOPKINS *

Grimes County, TX: Shiro Cemetery, Shiro (2)

Eolan May (Heath) AMICK *
Lawrence Adolphus AMICK *

Hale County, TX: Plainview Cemetery, Plainview (4)

Cheston Leroy BAYLEY *
Christine Essie (Reeves) BAYLEY *
Kenneth Leonard BAYLEY *
Vannie Lee (Matsler) BAYLEY *

Hale County, TX: Plainview Memorial Park, Plainview (2)

Cora Marie (Bennett) BOWMAN * 
David Dell BOWMAN *

Hall County, TX: Fairview Cemetery, Memphis (2)

Eva (Howard) WOMACK *
William Andrew WOMACK * 

Hamilton County, TX: IOOF Cemetery, Hamilton (2)

Mildred Estelle (Higdon) GOSDIN *
Noah Marcus "Dick" GOSDIN *

Hardin County, TX: Guedry Cemetery, Batson (7)

Fern Marie (Thomas) TULLEY *
Leonard Mitchell BAGWELL 
Martha Caroline (Howell) BAGWELL *
Mary Louise (Bagwell) TULLEY *
Mitchell Hughes BAGWELL *
Opal Estelle (McFarling) BAGWELL *
Thomas Walter TULLEY *

Hardin County, TX: Pine Ridge Cemetery, Sour Lake (3)

Betty Jo (Bagwell) McCLUSKY
Ethel Mildred (Abshire) McCLUSKY *
Grover Elmer McCLUSKY *

Harris County, TX: Brookside Memorial Park, Houston (3)

Esther Bell (Phelps) ARCHER *
Martha Viola (King) CARTER *
Worley Allen CARTER *

Harris County, TX: Forest Park East Cemetery, Webster (1)

Katelyn Dawn SHAFER *

Harris County, TX: Forest Park Cemetery, Houston (5)
(a.k.a. Lawndale Cemetery or Garden of Gethsemane)

Angus Hayden ANDIS *
Charles Washburn WAHLQUIST (unmarked, but we have a photo of the burial site)
Darrell Wayne HAZEL *
Mary Blanche (Kaylor) BROOKS *
Monte (Robinson) WAHLQUIST (unmarked as of 2022)

Harris County, TX: Hollywood Cemetery, Houston (2)

Ethel Lynn (Walker) Pippin, PATTERSON *
Harry Kyle PIPPIN *

Harris County, TX: Houston National Cemetery, Houston (3)

Edward Antone KLOTZ *
Marjorie Edith (White) SHUTTERS *
William Donald SHUTTERS *

Harris County, TX: Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Houston (1)

Alvin Wendell LEEDY *

Harris County, TX: Sterling-White Cemetery, Highlands (4)

Brian Lee (Newman) THULIS *
Mary Madeline (Andis) THULIS *
William Jess "Sammie Jo" VAUGHN *
William Charles "Bill" THULIS *

Harris County, TX: Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston (2)
(a.k.a. Sterling White Chapel and Cemetery)

Gloria Dianne (Clark) ORR *
Reggie "Buddy" CLARK *

Hartley County, TX: Channing Cemetery, Dalhart (1)

Beverly "Priss" (O'Neal) SHEPHERD *

Henderson County, TX: Allen Cemetery, Athens (2)

Della Ann (Sewell) BRADFORD *
Jonathan Murray "Buddy" BRADFORD * 

Henderson County, TX: Oaklawn Memorial Park, Athens (1)

Lloyd Herbert (Rev) JAQUAY *



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