Kenneth William Andis


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6) Kenneth William Andis:
               born 13 Dec 1921 Jonesville, Lee, VA; 
                U S Army - WWII; WWII Army enlistment record;
               died 12 Oct 1983 Bristol, VA; obituary;
               buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA; tombstone photo
               Kenneth married (1) Betty Lucille Burks
                         (born 18 May 1930 Browns Creek, McDowell, WV; 
                         died 13 May 1972; news article regarding Betty's death
                         cause of death: injuries resulting from a car accident;
                         buried Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Princeton, Mercer, WV; tombstone photo;
                         daughter of William Lewis Burks (born 1898 Browns Creek, McDowell, WV) and
                         Nancy L "Nannie" Green (born c. 1902 WV))
                   1) Carol Ann Andis - born 18 Aug 1947 WV; died Jan 2000; 
                           buried unknown cemetery, Beckley, Raleigh, WV;
                           Carol married (1) ____ Roseberry (living?); divorced;
                                1) Betty Anita Roseberry - living?; 
                                        married Bryan K Browning (living?); children?
                                2) Christine L Roseberry - living?; 
                                        married ____ Lukach (living?); children?
                                3) Julie B Roseberry - living?;  
                                        married Philip Stancil (living?); children?
                           Carol married (2) Larry Eugene Derringer Sr (living?); children? 
                                4) Drew Derringer - living?; married?; children?
                   2) Peggy Elaine Andis - living?; 
                           married Leeroy Joseph Roseberry (living?)
                                1) Laura Lee Andis-Roseberry
                                         born 14 Sep 1968 Welch, McDowell, WV; 
                                         died 18 May 2008 Lawton, Comanche, OK; obituary - includes photo
                                         buried Highland Cemetery, Lawton, Comanche, OK; tombstone photo;
                                         Laura married (1) Gordon C Nolen (living?)
                                             1) Ashley Nolen - living?; married?; children?
                                             2) Blake Nolen - living?; married?; children? 
                                         Laura married (2) ____ Davis (living?); children?
                                2) Janet Lee Roseberry - living?; married?; 
                                             1) Kenneth Roseberry - living?; married?; children?
                                             2) JaShawyn Baird - living?; married?; children? 
                   3) Kerry Louise Andis - living?; 
                           Kerry married (1) James Gilbert Wilson (living?); children?
                                1) Rebekah Lynn Wilson - living?; married ____ Ramsey (living?);
                                2) Cheri Wilson - living?; married ____ Roberts (living?);
                                3) Barbara Wilson - living?; married; divorced; no children
                                4) James Wilson - living?; 
                                         married Tonya Brinkman (living?)
                                             1) Keenan Wilson - living?; married?; children?
                                5) Michael Paul Wilson - living?; birth announcement;
                                         married; divorced; children?
                           Kerry married (2) Van Kelsay (living?); children? 
                   4) Kenneth William "Dickie" Jr Andis - living?; 
                           married Shirley Darlene Wyatt on 03 Mar 1972 Thorpe, McDowell, WV
                                 (living?; daughter of Louis Kenneth Wyatt (12 Aug 1923 Hinton, Summers, WV-
                                 30 Oct 2009 Princeton, Mercer, WV; obituary- includes photo;  U.S. Army - WWII; buried
                                 Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Princeton, Mercer, WV; tombstone photo)
                                 Gladys Doris Newsome; Louis and Gladys married 26 Feb 1946 McDowell Co, WV; marriage license)
                           marriage announcement for Kenneth and Shirley;
                                1) Deah Darlene Andis - living?; married Robert Paul Medlin (living?);
                                           1) Savannah Medlin - living?; married?; children?
                                2) Daedra Doris Andis - living?; married Glen W Hamann (living?); children? 
                   5) Patricia Sue Andis - living?; 
                            married Paul Luther Updyke Smith (living?;
                                    son of Gov Hulett Carlson Smith (21 Oct 1918 Beckley, Raleigh, WV-15 Jan 2012 Scottsdale, Maricopa, AZ;
                                     U.S. Navy - WWII)
and Mary Alice Tieche (25 Jun 1918-12 Apr 1987); Hulett and Mary 
                                    buried Sunset Memorial Park, Beckley, Raleigh, WV; crypt photos
                                1) Seth C A Smith - living?; married?; 
                                           1) Madeline Grayce Smith - living?; married?; children? 
                                           2) Alice Olivia Smith - living?; married?; children?  
                                2) Tobiaz C A "Toby" Smith - living?; married?; children? 
                   6) Neva Jean Andis - living?; married Roland T Tolliver (living?)
                                1) Richard Tolliver - living?; married?; children?
                                2) Tara Tolliver - living?; married?; children? 
                   7) Paul Anthony Andis - living?;
                            Paul married (1) Kay Ann Warner
                                         (born 16 Oct 1952;
                                         died 03 May 2011 Beckley, Raleigh, WV; death notice - includes photo;
                                         daughter of Billy Warner and
                                         Mary Belle Hicks (18 Apr 1926-20 Jul 2006 Hillsville, Carroll, VA))
                                1) Tiffany N Andis - living?;
                                           Tiffany married (1) Matthew D  Hylton (living?); children? 
                                           Tiffany married (2) Christopher Lee Calvert (living?); children? 
                                2) Matthew Andis - living?; married?; children? 
                            Paul married (2) Tammy Stover (living?); children?
                            Paul married (3) Vicki Lynn Fleming on 10 Nov 1994 Giles Co, VA (living?)
                            marriage record for Paul and Vicki
                   8) David Kevin Andis - living?; news article regarding David; married?; children? 

               Kenneth married (2) Delores June Corlett (living?);
                   9) Elizabeth Andis - born c. 1950; died c. 1950; 
                           cause of death: stillborn  
                 10) Krystal Collette Andis - born 28 Apr 1967 Welch, McDowell, WV; 
                           died 28 Apr 1967 Welch, McDowell, WV; death record;  
                           cause of death: premature separation of placenta;
                           buried Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery, Bluewell, Mercer, WV

               Kenneth married (3) Peggy J Wilson - (born 04 Nov 1938 Abingdon, Washington, VA;
                              died 01 Mar 2011 Bristol, Sullivan, TN; obituary;
                              buried Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol, VA; 
                              Peggy married (1) ____ Delp; daughter of 
                              Earl E Wilson * (22 Mar 1917-19 Nov 1998 Bristol, Sullivan, TN; obituary) and
                              Lora Kate Large (01 Dec 1912 Washington Co, VA-05 Sep 2004 Bristol, VA; obituary;
                              daughter of Walter C Large
* (27 Oct 1882-08 Sep 1969) and Lucy Woods* (1885-1961);
                              Earl and Lora married 11 Dec 1935; Earl and Lora buried 
                              Forest Hills Memory Gardens, Abingdon, Washington, VA - tombstone photo);

                         * Earl E Wilson is a brother of Jennings H Wilson, found here under (8) Judge Paul Fleenor.
                         * Walter and Lucy can also be found here under Dora May Fleenor.