Cemeteries: California


Below you will find a list of various cemeteries.  
They are the final resting place for ancestors featured on this website. 
If we know where they are buried, they are on this page.
(if they have a * there is a tombstone photo)
If you want more information on any of the people listed below, 
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Alameda County, CA: Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland (4)

Carl Albert HEDRICK *
Cecelia Hannah (Harris) ANDIS *
Hugh Powers ANDIS *
Nadine K (Sparks) HEDRICK *

Amador County, CA: Plymouth Memorial Cemetery, Plymouth (1)

Robert Lyle "Bobby" MAYBERRY *  

Butte County, CA: Glen Oaks Memorial Park Cemetery, Chico (3)

James Franklin STREET *
James Franklin Jr STREET *
Josephine Rose (Hansen) STREET * 

Butte County, CA: Memorial Park Cemetery, Oroville (3)

Evelyn (Silveria or Utterbach) ELAM *
James Nelson SMITH *

Kenneth Lee ELAM * 

Calaveras County, CA: Murphy's Catholic Cemetery, Murphy's (3)

Gwen (___) BOLLI *
Judith Estelle (Bolli) ANDIS * 
Louis Frank BOLLI *

Contra Costa County, CA: Memory Gardens Cemetery, Concord (1)

Franklyn Stephen KEGLEY * 

Contra Costa County, CA: Queen of Hearts Cemetery, Lafayette (3)

Calvania Mae "Callie" (Andis) OLSON *
John Daniel O'NEILL
Olive Mae (Singer) O'NEILL *

Contra Costa County, CA: Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito (3)

Antone Ferdandes NEVES * 
Helen (Neves) MANESS * 
Walter Dixie MANESS * 

Fresno County, CA: Belmont Memorial Park, Fresno (3)

Celia Lavina (Hawn) BENEFIELD *
Marvin Ralph HOLLY *

Fresno County, CA: Chapel of the Light Columbarium, Fresno (1)

Walter Irving STUMPF * 

Fresno County, CA: Clovis Cemetery, Clovis (5)

Alfred Lee BENEFIELD *
Louis Earl McALLISTER (possibly buried here)
Mary W (Eubanks) BENEFIELD * 
Perline June (Ramsey) RAYMOND *

Stacy Leroy RAYMOND *

Fresno County, CA: Floral Memorial Park, Selma (7)

Billie Virgil MORRIS *
Florence M (Bock) BENEFIELD *
Forrest Duelle BENEFIELD *
Geraldine "Gerry" (Benefield) MORRIS *
Nora Lee (Kaylor) BENEFIELD *

Fresno County, CA: Mountain View Cemetery, Fresno (3)

Curtis Ray HANEY *
Jewel Clyde HANEY *
Ruby Jewel (Andis) HANEY *

Fresno County, CA: Reedley Cemetery, Reedley (1)

Vera Marie (Moncrief) KILLION * 

Fresno County, CA: Sanger Cemetery, Sanger (1)

David Paul THOMASON * 

Fresno County, CA: West Selma Cemetery, Selma (1)

Sarah Ann (Fletcher) BENEFIELD *

Imperial County, CA: unknown cemetery, Calipatria (1)

Robert STORY  

Kern County, CA: Desert Memorial Park, Ridgecrest (2)

Martin Patrick KILLIAN * 
Minerva Grace (Raymond) KILLIAN *

Kern County, CA: Greenlawn Memorial Park, Bakersfield (5)
(a.k.a. Greenlawn Mortuary and Cemetery)

Effie (Turner) ANDIS *
James Cleo ANDIS *
Lynn M REED *
Richard R WHITE (unmarked as of 2022)
Samuel Newton FLEENOR (unmarked as of 2022)

Kern County, CA: Union Cemetery, Bakersfield (2)

Charles E FLEENOR (unmarked as of 2022)
Opal FLEENOR (unmarked as of 2022)

Kern County, CA: West Side District Cemetery, Taft (2)

Betty Lee (Fleenor) O'NEILL (unmarked as of 2022)   
Maudie Sharlotte (Snow) RICHISON *

Kings County, CA: Hanford Cemetery, Hanford (2)

Antoinette Frances (Fernandez) SILVA *
Chris A SILVA * 

Lake County, CA: Kelseyville Cemetery, Kelseyville (2)

Harry Melton THOMPSON *
Mary Alene (Orr) THOMPSON *

Los Angeles County, CA: All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach (1)

Margaret Elizabeth (Baker) BALSLEY * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Angeles Abbey Memorial Park, Compton (2)

Lillian Mae "Cora" (Wahlquist) MAYBERRY
Samuel Logan MAYBERRY  

Los Angeles County, CA: Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, Los Angeles (1)

Cecil Wayne "Jack" SINGER *

Los Angeles County, CA: Chapel of the Pines Crematory, Los Angeles (1)

John Calvin MONTEITH  

Los Angeles County, CA: Forest Lawn Cemetery, Long Beach (2)

Harvey Reed MANESS *
Jean Delores (Bray) MANESS *

Los Angeles County, CA: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Covina (7)

Charlene Laverne (Collins) GIBBY *
Evelyn Frances (Griffin) TYLER (unmarked but we have a photo of the burial site)

George Allen COLLINS *
Larry Ray GIBBY *
Martin Arthur TYLER *

Melvin Harold "Stu" STEWART *
Nina Marie (Brown) COLLINS *

Los Angeles County, CA: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale (1)

Joseph Elwood MONTGOMERY * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Los Angeles (Hollywood Hills) (5)

Anna Marie (Collins) ANDIS *
Clara Marie (Engleking) COOK *
John Milton CANFIELD *

Paul Leon COOK * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Glen Haven Memorial Park, Sylmar (2)

Ardath Elaine (Blake) FLUMMERFELT *
Harry Webster FLUMMERFELT * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Grandview Cemetery, Burbank (2)

Chloe Ethelyn (Halsey) GOWDY *
Guy Edward GOWDY *

Los Angeles County, CA: Grand View Memorial Park, Glendale (4)

Leona Pearl (Anderson) BEVERS *
Leonard Benjamin "Leo" BEVERS *
unknown female BEVERS (child of Bruce Elvon Bevers and Evelyn Ruth (Anderson) Bevers) * (unmarked, but site photo) 
unknown male BEVERS (child of Bruce Elvon Bevers and Evelyn Ruth (Anderson) Bevers) * (unmarked, but site photo)

Los Angeles County, CA: Green Hills Memorial Park, Rancho Palos Verdes (6)

Addison "Zone" (Dr) STREET *
Floyd E WELCH *

John Vincent MEISTRELL
Lois Helen (Huskey) WELCH *

Margaret Elizabeth "Peg" (Street) MIESTRELL *
Thomas Negus SCHOBACK *

Los Angeles County, CA: Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City (2)

John Saverio SCIORTINO *
Margaret Agnes Italia (Selepegno) HENDRIX * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Culver City (1)
(a.k.a. Hollywood Memorial Cemetery)

Kermit Earl CARTER *

Los Angeles County, CA: Inglewood Cemetery, Inglewood (12)

Edna Mae (Raquet) NEASE *
Edna Ozella (Hendrix) ROSE *
Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" (Brooks) BROWN *
Francis Marion BROWN * 
Gertrude M (possibly Duncan) Andis, FLEXNER * 
Helen Frieda (Bowers) WELLS *
Jenny Lind (Garrett) KEELING *

Letitia Mae DORN *
Mildred Blanche (Boman) DORN * 
Ossie Olie "Ode" KEELING * 
Robert Athol WELLS
Robert Clifton (Rev) DORN *

Los Angeles County, CA: Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster (1)

Herbert William Jr SIPES (unmarked as of 2022) 

Los Angeles County, CA: LaVerne Cemetery, LaVerne (11)

Albert N BROOKS *
Betty Jean (Cocke) BROOKS *
Eliza C (Deshaser) ROYSTER *

Everett Earl BROOKS *
Fern Dora (Brooks) ROYSTER *
Frederick Franklin "Fred" BROOKS *
Harold D ROYSTER *
Lillian Irene (Soule) BROOKS *
Mildred Odessa (McAfee) BROOKS *
Samuel F ROYSTER *
Wesley Earl BROOKS *

Los Angeles County, CA: Live Oak Cemetery, Monrovia (3)

Catherine Ann GREGG *
David Paul MINK *
Gene Edwin GREGG * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Los Angeles County Crematorium Cemetery, Boyle Heights (1)

Lillian Ann (Lester) STREET * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles (3)

Irmel BROWN *
Samuel Josephus MAYBERRY *
William Charles HARPER *

Los Angeles County, CA: Mountain View Cemetery, Altadena (1)

Avery Oscar BLACK *

Los Angeles County, CA: Oakwood Memorial Park, Chatsworth (3)

Arthur Edgar YOUNG
Don Robert TAYLOR *
Edna May (Allis) YOUNG *

Los Angeles County, CA: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Los Angeles (2)

Earl Peter ANDIS *
William Jennings Bryan NAIL (unmarked as of 2015, but we have a photo of the area) *

Los Angeles County, CA: Pacific Crest Cemetery, Redondo Beach (2)

Hettie A (Balsley) HUGHES * 
Laura Alice (Adams) BALSLEY *

Los Angeles County, CA: Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood (6)

Ada Leola (Mooman) SCOTT *
Albert Levi MITCHELL * 
Edward Moser SCOTT *

Eunice Pearl (Teague) MITCHELL *
Rose Marie (Short) ELAM *
Vesta Ardelee (Scott) FLUMMERFELT *

Los Angeles County, CA: Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park, Westlake Village (1)

Alfred Hall EDELEN *

Los Angeles County, CA: Pomona Cemetery, Pomona (2)

Lucille Victoria (Taylor) SHUTTERS *
Theodore SHUTTERS * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Roosevelt Memorial Park, Gardena (1)

Charles Harvey ETHRIDGE * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier (19)

Betty Jeanne (Hardin) Vanderlas, ANDIS * 
Betty Lou JENNESS *

Betty Louise (Hampton) MINK *  
Casper Newton GRIFFIN *
Dorothy Mae (White) SUMMERS *

Edward George SUDO
Eleanor Jane (Miller) STREET * 
Elmer Richardson GARLAND *
George Edward SUDO
John Peyton ISBELL *
Marshall McKinley SUMMERS *

Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Cannady) ALLEN *
Mary Matilda (Hendrix) SUDO * 
Ralph Reeles HENDRIX *

Robert Wendell MINK * 
Ruth Mae (Hendrix) GRIFFIN * 
Sarah Arminta "Minnie" (Knox) ISBELL *
Verda (Okolzoff) HENDRIX *
Virginia Annabelle (Barrow) Hardin, Powell, BONE *

Los Angeles County, CA: Savannah Memorial Park Cemetery, Rosemead (4)

Glenn Howard MURRAY *  
Lela Edith (Shurtleff) CRUM *
Thomas Austin CRUM *
Wilma Maxine (Crum) MURRAY * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Sunnyside Cemetery, Long Beach (1)

John Wesley MEEK *

Los Angeles County, CA: Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood (2)

Enez I (Fletcher) RAMBERG *
George Edor RAMBERG * 

Los Angeles County, CA: Westwood Park Cemetery, Westwood (1)

Arty Burlee HARRIS *

Los Angeles County, CA: Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica (1)

Wesley Perlin TURNER * 

Merced County, CA: Merced Cemetery, Merced (1)

John Harrison FAUVER * 

Monterey County, CA: Garden of Memories Memorial Park, Salinas (2)

Antoinette Jean (Randazzo) SHELLEY *
Robert Garnet Sr SHELLEY *

Monterey County, CA: Mission Memorial Park, Seaside (1)

Betty Ruth (Short) LARSON *

Nevada County, CA: Old Elm Ridge Cemetery, Grass Valley (2)

Alice Maude (Evans) TAMBLYN *
John Sr TAMBLYN * 

Orange County, CA: Anaheim Cemetery, Anaheim (1)

Orville Delano LLOYD * 

Orange County, CA: Fairhaven Memorial Park, Santa Ana (2)

Darl Ovie LLOYD *
Lorraine Inez (Waggoner) LLOYD *

Orange County, CA: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Cypress (4)

Alice Estella (Davis) BERGLUND *
Charles Francis MORROW *  
Isabelle Emily (Silva) MORROW *
Jack Theodore BERGLUND *

Orange County, CA: Good Shepherd Cemetery, Huntington Beach (2)

Paul Eugene ANDIS (unmarked as of 2015; in section A, grave 3L near his brother Robert)
Robert Eugene ANDIS * 

Orange County, CA: Pacific View Memorial Park (1)

Gary Dee JOHNSON *  

Orange County, CA: Santa Ana Cemetery, Santa Ana (2)

Muriel (Andis) WESTON *
Ray Harold WESTON * 

Orange County, CA: Westminster Memorial Park, Westminster (4)

Elgie Vernon WHITNEY *
Iva May (Street) WHITNEY *
Mary Bell (Waggoner) ROBERSON *

Placer County, CA: New Auburn Cemetery, Auburn (1)

Wayne Fletcher BOWMAN * 

Placer County, CA: Rocklin Cemetery, Rocklin (2)

Mary (Rund) KOBERLEIN *

Riverside County, CA: Crestlawn Memorial Park, Riverside (3)

Clyde Oliver LAWSON *
Clydean Bunna (Lawson) ALLEN *
Nelsa Boyd (Smith) McALLISTER * 

Riverside County, CA: Laurel Cemetery, Murrieta (1)

Wallace James DIXON *

Riverside County, CA: Olivewood Cemetery, Riverside (14)

Alice Ruth (Andis) HAHN *
Charles August ENDEMAN *

Christine Elizabeth (Andis) BROWN *
Clifford A BROWN *
Elijah Sheridan ANDIS *
Frances (___) NADEAU *
Frances Margaret (Brown) PETERS *
Frank Ernest NADEAU *
Ida Florence (Vincent) ANDIS *
Inez Maude (Hibbard) ENDEMAN *
Janie A (Grimes) KILLION *
Marion Enoch KILLION *
Nancy Ruth (Brown) HORTON *
Walter O HAHN *

Riverside County, CA: Pierce Brothers Crestlawn Memorial Park, Riverside (1)

Evelyn Awilda (Johnston) LITTAU *
Leonard LITTAU *
Mary Madeline (Fleenor) PEASLEY (unmarked as of 2015, but we have a photo of the gravesite) *

Riverside County, CA: Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside (7)

Aaron Emerson BRAY *
Dorothea Marie (Borst) DAVIS *
Floyd Parker LANSDON *
Jimmie Lee KEGIN *
Minard DAVIS *
Robert Harris JACKSON *

Velma Dianne (Littau) DAVIS *

Riverside County, CA: San Jacinto Valley Cemetery, San Jacinto (2)

Cora Albia (Hendrix) TROLLINGER *

Sacramento County, CA: Calvary Cemetery, Sacramento (2)

Levitabell Eunice "Pat" (Miner) KOBERLEIN *

Sacramento County, CA: Camellia Memorial Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento (1)

Lloyd George PERKINS * 

Sacramento County, CA: East Lawn Sierra Hills Memorial Park, Sacramento (2) 

Guy Earl Sr MINER *
Harriett Evelyn (Brekke) MINER *

Sacramento County, CA: Fair Oaks District Cemetery, Sacramento (3)

Diane Delores (Rieker) MAYBERRY *
John Arthur "Jack" Jr MAYBERRY *

Sacramento County, CA: Mt Vernon Memorial Park, Fair Oaks (2)

Bernard Cecil "Barney" SHELLEY *
Theresa Frances (Andrajack) SHELLEY *

Sacramento County, CA: Odd Fellows Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum, Sacramento (3)

Arthur Thomas SHANE *
Elmer Elsworth MINER *
Sarah Hannah (Fickle) MINER *

Sacramento County, CA: Sacramento County Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Sacramento (2) 

John Arthur Sr MAYBERRY *
Robert Smith ABRAMS *

Sacramento County, CA: Sunset Lawn Chapel of the Chimes Memorial Park, Sacramento (4) 

Bessie Mae (Kaylor) GIBSON *
Eva Fay (Ramey) KAYLOR *
John Boyd "Johnnie" KAYLOR *
Virginia Bell (Chandler) QUIMING *

Sacramento County, CA: Sunset Lawn Memorial Park, Sacramento (2) 
(a.k.a. Grant Memorial Lawn)

Lucy Ellen (White) FICKLE *
Robert Emmett FICKLE *

Sacramento County, CA: Sylvan Cemetery, Citrus Heights (2)

Gertrude (Skaarhaug) BREKKE * 
Svend Oleson BREKKE * 

San Bernardino County, CA: Bellevue Memorial Park, Ontario (2)

John George REBHAN *
Lester Michael REBHAN * 

San Bernardino County, CA: Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Calimesa (1)

Fred Harold TEETERS *

San Bernardino County, CA: Hermosa Cemetery, Colton (9)

Beulah Lucille (Heyser) FARRIS *
Constance May "Connie" (Oakes) SCHNEIDER *
Holley Evaline (Nail) BAKER
Hubert FARRIS *
Irene (Beeson) OAKES
Marjorie Alice (Oakes) BAKKER *
Maud E (Oakes) VOLANDRI *
Millis Arvene OAKES *
Sarah Alice (Andis) OAKES

San Bernardino County, CA: Hillside Memorial Park, San Bernardino (1)

Alberta (Laraway) WALES * 

San Bernardino County, CA: Montecito Memorial Park, Colton (7)

Benjamin Eli HURD *
Brita Catherina (Selander) HURD *
Leslie Howard BAKER *
Otto Ray KILLION *
Pearl (Hurd) BAKER *
Russell Aden BAKER
Sarah Rachel (Andis) KILLION *

San Bernardino County, CA: Needles Riverview Cemetery, Needles (1)

Myron Arlindo PETTIT * 

San Bernardino County, CA: Searles Valley Cemetery, Trona (3)

Mable Zelma (Street) RAYMOND *
Ned Edmond RAYMOND *
Oscar Eugene "Smitty" SCHMIDGALL *

San Bernardino County, CA: Victor Valley Memorial Park, Victorville (2)

Jay Robinson/JONAS *
Mary Ellen (____) JONAS *  

San Diego County, CA: El Camino Memorial Park, San Diego (5)

Beulah Jane (Kidwiler) AUSTIN *
Delbert Harold BURGER *
Esther May (___) BURGER *

James Darold Sr CARTER *

Norman Street AUSTIN *

San Diego County, CA: Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego (4)

Arthur Edward ANDIS *
Eugene Debs FLEENOR * 
Maria Olga (Luera) FLEENOR *

Raymond Darwin FLEENOR * 

San Diego County, CA: Glen Abbey Memorial Park, Bonita (2)

Floyd William ARNEY *
Geneva May (Hardwick) ARNEY * 

San Diego County, CA: Greenwood Memorial Park, San Diego (3)

Claude AUSTIN *
Esther (Andis) McMAHON *
Mary Jane (Street) AUSTIN *

San Diego County, CA: Greenwood Mausoleum, San Diego (1)

Danford Frank DOCKENDORF *

San Diego County, CA: Holy Cross Cemetery, San Diego (2)

Margaret (Mulkern) HALLAHAN *
Michael HALLAHAN * 

San Diego County, CA: Mt Hope Cemetery, San Diego (2)

Delbert Thomas BURGER * 
Nina Lillian (Mann) BURGER * 

San Diego County, CA: Singing Hills Memorial Park, El Cajon (1)

Norman Street Jr AUSTIN *

San Francisco County, CA: Lone Mountain Cemetery, San Francisco (1)

Jonathan David "Johnie" GARRETT note: 

N. Gray Funeral Records indicate burial in "South Ridge" plot, Grave 27, Tier 50. Nathaniel Gray dedicated Lone Mountain Cemetery 30 May 1854 which added on a new section as Laurel Hill Cemetery in 1867.  In 1941, the city of San Francisco had approximately 35,000 bodies removed to Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma, San Mateo, CA. It is unknown for sure whether Jonathan D. Garrett was removed to this cemetery, another cemetery, or just covered over by whatever was built there.

San Francisco County, CA: San Francisco National Cemetery, San Francisco (1)

Sumner Lloyd WAGGONER * 

San Joaquin County, CA: Cherokee Memorial Park, Lodi (1)

Rhoda Lucretia (Chance) FLEENOR * 

San Joaquin County, CA: Lodi Memorial Cemetery, Lodi (1)

Ida (Rempher) RIEKER * 

San Luis Obispo County, CA: Lawn Memorial Cemetery, San Luis Obispo (4)
(a.k.a. San Luis Cemetery)

Anna Fay (Andis) BURRISS *
Martha Ellen (Morgan) ANDIS * 
William M ANDIS *

San Luis Obispo County, CA: San Luis Cemetery, San Luis Obispo (2)

Josephine (Lee) FORBUSH *
Roland W FORBUSH *

San Mateo County, CA: Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colma (1)

Lee Nicholas CARTER *

San Mateo County, CA: Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno (8)

Charles Benjamin BOYLEN *
Delman Eugene LEEDY *
George Curtiss DOWLEN *
Henry DOWLEN *
James Ray COX *
Michael Louis SHIPLEY *
Martha Dessie (Waggoner) DOWLEN *
Milton W DOWLEN *

San Mateo County, CA: Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma (3)

Alfred Renato VOLANDRI *
Arthur John Jr BARRETT *
Dorothea S (___) BARRETT *

San Mateo County, CA: Olivet Memorial Park, Colma (3)

Fay David BOWMAN *
Louise Wilhelmina (Mueller) BOWMAN *
Margaret Ann (Schwarz) BOWMAN *

San Mateo County, CA: Skylawn Cemetery, San Mateo (4)

Fred Flores Sr GUNDRAN *
Frederick Joseph CARTER (there is a Find a Grave memorial for Frederick, but cemetery has no record of him)
Johanna D "Joan" (Skidmore) Carter, PATCH *
Myrtle Olive (Carter) GUNDRAN  *

Santa Barbara County, CA: Carpinteria Cemetery, Carpinteria (1)

Eldridge Tilmon Jr HUTCHESON * 

Santa Barbara County, CA: Santa Maria Cemetery District, Santa Maria (2)

Dorothy Maxine (Bowers) FORD *
Jack L FORD * 

Santa Clara County, CA: Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto (1)

William Riley MORRISON * 

Santa Clara County, CA: Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery, Los Altos (2)

Gustaf Joseph KUEHN *
Kathryn Margaret (McCarty) KUEHN * 

Santa Clara County, CA: Gavilan Hills Memorial Park, Gilroy (2)

Hildred Ruth (Ethridge) ROOMES *
William Arthur "Bill" ROOMES *

Santa Clara County, CA: Los Gatos Memorial Park, San Jose (1)

Mary Baba (Pearah) BALSLEY * 

Santa Clara County, CA: Mission City Memorial Park, Santa Clara (1)

Susan Lori DYE * 
Deborah Ann (Sears) DYE *

Shasta County, CA: Anderson District Cemetery, Anderson (2)

Amelia Mary (Lawsen) SHORT *
William Benton SHORT * 

Siskiyou County, CA: Dunsmuir Cemetery, Dunsmuir (2)

Mary (Schafer) PACKWOOD *
Nolan Charles "Pete" PACKWOOD * 

Siskiyou County, CA: Evergreen Cemetery, Yreka (2)

Roy Ellis DYE
Ruth Mae (Currier) DYE * 

Siskiyou County, CA: Mt Shasta Memorial Park, Mt Shasta (1)

Charles Harold Fay "Hal" BOWMAN *

Solano County, CA: Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, Dixon (1)


Solano County, CA: Suisan-Fairfield Cemetery, Fairfield (1) 

James Lincoln GOSS *

Solano County, CA: Sunrise Memorial Cemetery, Vallejo (1)

Douglas E WALES * 

Solano County, CA: Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery, Vacaville (5) 

Faye Elberta (Wales) HANNA *
Gertrude Pearl "Trudy" (Brown) Wales, ROBISON *
Robert Burns CRABTREE *
Willard Orval WALES *
William Brady HANNA *

Sonoma County, CA: Santa Rosa Memorial Park, Santa Rosa (1)

Freda M (Hobbs) CARROLL *

Stanislaus County, CA: Acacia Memorial Park, Modesto (2) 

Delbert Ernest APPLEBY *
Deloris APPLEBY *

Stanislaus County, CA: Oakdale Citizn's Cemetery, Oakdale (1)

Mary Kathryn (Powell) ANDERSON * 

Sutter County, CA: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Grove (2)

Florence Hildagard (Coppin) MINER *
Wayne Everett MINER * 

Sutter County, CA: Sutter Cemetery, Sutter (2) 

Helen Elizabeth (Scott) GREGG *
Kenyon Timberlake GREGG *

Tulare County, CA: Smith Mountain Cemetery, Dinatub (2)

Evelyn Marie (Vinson) DAVIS *
Tony Alva DAVIS * 

Tulare County, CA: Visalia Cemetery, Visalia (3)

Bethany Grace BENEFIELD * 
Faith Melody BENEFIELD * 
Howard Eugene BENEFIELD * 

Tuolumne County, CA: Mountain Shadow Cemetery, Sonora (2)

Harry S ADAMS * 
Lottie B (Carmichael) DUNCAN *

Ventura County, CA: Pierce Brothers Santa Paula Cemetery, Santa Paula (1)

Ralph B McNEILLEY * 

Ventura County, CA:  Ivy Lawn Cemetery, Ventura (4)

Curtis Sr REEDY *
Howard Marion REEDY *
Mary Ella (Bowman) GRIESEL *
Willmina (Bowman) REEDY *

Yuba County, CA:  Sierra View Memorial Park, Olivehurst (6)

Carl Norman (Rev) TAMBLYN *
Donald Eugene STORY *
James Estell STORY *
Mary/Marie Etta (Clevenger) JENNINGS *

Sylvia Kenyon (Gregg) TAMBLYN * 
Verna Mae (Gilstrap) STORY *



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