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Matthias Andis
c. 1765 possibly Frederick Co, MD - 
c. 1810 Washington Co, VA

and his descendants


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This website was created by Valerie (Biberdorf) Boman and Debra (Larson) Branigan as a tribute to our Andis ancestors. Our hope is that with everyone's assistance, we can honor our families in a loving and lasting way.

Researchers: When gleaning information from this website, please credit us as your source.  Aside from the research that we are constantly gathering and adding, we continue to grow from contributing visitors.  When people are "steered" to our site, we have the best possible chance of adding more information from which we all benefit.


Debra and Valerie assisted in indexing the 1940 United States Federal Census records (and more)!


Website Awards:

03 Feb 2007:

"This is a cleverly organized and easy to navigate website. As I followed some of the family links "to see what I could see" I was delighted with the extent of documentation, photos, etc. that are available in such a way as to be sure those interested in a particular family name/line will find them. The time and effort required to collect all this information and then to organize it in such a thoughtful and interesting way ... kudos to you!  It truly is out of the ordinary in terms of its organization and the depth of research reflected there. It truly is an outstanding effort!

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04 Feb 2007:


Spreading Branches:

This family Web site focuses on the descendants of Matthias Andis, who lived about 1765-1810 in Maryland and Virginia. See trees, photos, a list of potential relatives and a family history narrative.


06 Jan 2008:


19 Jun 2009:

My review of your site made it easy for me to award the GOLD CROWN. 
You have obviously put a lot of thought and work into the design and in maintaining your pages. 


20 Jun 2009:

Congratulations! Your site has been awarded the Vintage Kin Yellow Ribbon Award. 
This award is granted to sites that contain a very high level of aesthetic appeal; provide quality navigation; and add great value to the genealogical community. Well done. Ric (Vintage Kin Genealogical Design Studio)